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Attachment: A Series

Chapter One: Optimus

He knew it was his own doing.

He had allowed himself to grow so attached to the humans that had aligned themselves with them. Optimus couldn't delay the inevitable, Will Lennox, Epps and other NEST operatives had gotten under his armor. Sam and Mikaela had also found a way in as well; with there strange culture and idioms that he always found amusing. He just couldn't believe that such small beings could make such a large impact on him. Then of course, there was always that one human that seemed to work her way into his very Spark.

Optimus couldn't help but feel so attached.

He really didn't know what it was, to this day even, he didn't know what about Lt. Jessica Gordon, made him feel this way.

It was probably the way she smiled at him, a smile that probably matched that of seven suns. Her hands were on her hips as she introduced herself, he had wondered exactly if she was afraid of what about to transpire to her whole world.

She had told him, in there first meeting, "You know" she said, after seeing him transform, "I've always had a thing for Peterbilts, it runs in the family"

It was then, that Lt. Jessica Gordon had officially become his partner.


It was ideal, for all Autobots under NEST to have one human partner during battle.

At first the relationship had been "strictly business" as she had put it. Then slowly, their conversations grew more personal, more in depth and found that maybe being attached to her, wasn't as bad as he had made it out to be.

Having Jessica during a battle, is like having Ironhide fighting four Decepticons at once. It was, without a doubt, the scariest thing he could witness from a human being. From there conversations in the hangar, Jessica doesn't seem to act that way. She was always helpful and compassionate; she understood when Optimus couldn't understand human culture. Her sense of humor had always lifted his spirits from his darker thoughts.

In battle, Jessica Gordon was calculating and "trigger-happy" as Will Lennox constantly names her. Unlike Ironhide who shot first and asked questions later, Jessica would ask questions first and then shoot. Optimus didn't know which was worse.

Despite her character flaws, Optimus found that having Jessica as partner and as a friend, had certainly changed things.

So that's why he was here, outside the medical wing listening to her rant at Ratchet and the other human chief medical officer.

"I told you guys I'm fine!"

"And I'm telling you, right now, that you have broken your leg in three places!" Ratchet yelled, making Optimus smirk.

"That doesn't mean I have to go home!"

Jessica crossed her arms, mumbling under her breath as she grabbed the crutches roughly.

"You're going home, Miss Gordon, just for a couple of weeks" Dr. Shannon had said, kindly. Then she added, "And that's final!"

Optimus didn't know what to think as he watched Jessica to come out of the med-bay, using her crutches with a huge scowl on her face. Her light brown hair was tied loosely in a bun. Upon seeing Optimus, the scowl vanished and her earth-shattering smile replaced it.

"Hey, big guy!" she called, happily.

Optimus couldn't help but frown as his optics traveled from her face to her leg. Immediately, guilt filled his processor as memories of her dangling from Override's fingers and her screams of pain when she fell.

"You better not be thinking about this leg…or so help me I'll find a way to kill you" She said, poking his leg with on of her crutches.

He had to admit, he did believe her, "You have to leave?" he asked, knowing full well that she, indeed was leaving.

"Yeah, Yeah, I'm leaving" she answered, making a crude "human" gesture with her hand at the doors of the med-bay. Optimus chuckled, knowing that it was his own fault that she had a broken leg in the first place.

"I still feel guilty, Jessica…" He had stopped calling her Miss Gordon a long time ago. "Whatever Optimus… remember what I said, you have to stop blaming yourself for everything and just let everything be" she told him, looking up into his optics.

A smirk lit up her features and added, "Though I have to admit…blasting that Decepticon's spark casing was so worth it"

They shared a laugh, he changed the subject, but Optimus could not remove his optics from her leg wrapped in a "boot" as she called it. He would never wish this war upon anyone, while this wasn't the first time Jessica was hurt, it would be the first time that she would be leaving because of it. While, he felt that he shouldn't be feeling this way, this attached to a creature that would die…in a few short years, or even in a few short minutes, Optimus felt that it wouldn't be right to push her away.

At least…not now.

Optimus watched her board the plane, with a frown "Don't miss me too much, okay, big guy?" she had said before boarding the plane.

"I will try…"

She chuckled softly before mumbling the words "Love ya!" and with that, without even looking at his surprised face, she boarded the plane.


So when he boarded off the liner, he was surprised to find her hobbling her way over to him on one crutch. If it was any other moment in time he would start scolding her for being so irrational when it came to his own life and hers.

At this moment, however, none of it really mattered.

Optimus knew of her life span, he knew it to the exact decimal and to the last intake of breath, he knew no matter how hard he battled; time will always beat him. Knowing all this, knowing that she would die…in a few short years or even in a few short minutes, Optimus let her climb onto his hand and let her cry. This "crying" was something that she never did, at least not in front of him.

"I'm gone for three weeks, and you go ahead and decide to die on me? What the hell is wrong with you?"

For some reason, despite having died and in need of recharge, Optimus found it funny and began laughing, earning wierd looks from the rest of his comrades.

He had figured a long time ago…that this attachment to her would be the death of him.