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Attachment: A Series

Chapter Two: Ratchet

He found that the humans were a complicated, irrational and sometimes destructive race.

Even still, Ratchet found himself becoming too attached with the humans at Diego Garcia base. At first he believed it was all research, humans were after all, the only sentient organics he had ever come across. As battles became more frequent, death became more eminent and found that no matter what he did, making attachments such as these would cause more of a weakness: Something Autobots can not have during times of war.

He became more distant, not too friendly but not too cold…just enough so he wouldn't bear his spark out to them.

So how in Primus's name did Doctor Rosalee Shannon manage to weld her way into that very same spark?

"You stupid git! One week at this base and you already broke something?"

Oh yes…her supposedly under control temper.


It was all by accident really, the Twins plus Sideswipe had decided in Wheeljack's memory they would blow something up, and that something became the human med-bay. While there wasn't any human casualties…NEST had a budget, a very strict budget and could not up and build a new one.

"So what you mean to tell me is that I have to share, practically 30,000 square feet, with a giant alien robot that might step on me?"

At first, Ratchet believed she was going to be one of those calm doctors that ultimately would leave Diego Garcia base…due to problems. Then as if Lennox's nod was a cue, Dr. Rosalee Shannon newly dubbed Chief Medical Officer, exploded.

Curses were sent, threats were made and a snickering Ironhide had been behind him, laughing at his human partner.

"Good luck handling that one" He had said, before leaving.

The red haired human, after she was done with rant, looked up at him with annoyed expression, tapping her foot impatiently. Ratchet didn't know what it was, whether it was the way her face turned into a smirk or whether it was the way she introduced herself.

"I got one and only one rule…don't mess with my side of the med-bay…understand?"

From the way her voice sounded, laced heavily with a British twang that emphasized her statement… "Of course Doctor Shannon, just as long as you treat my side of my med-bay as off limits" he said, a small smile forming on her lips.

"I hate being called Doctor Shannon…makes me feel older than I already am…just call me Rose"

The saying that once you put a name onto something you immediately start to feel an attachment to it…apparently it also had worked with humans. All the rules he had set himself, and all the limits of friendship were broken after two weeks of the human/Cybertronian med-bay was officially open.

He had tried to keep her distant, professional and so on. Upon seeing her everyday, busily working on paperwork, he the same, Ratchet figured he had little choice but to talk to the human.

After all…what would be the harm?

It began with small questions, nothing special and soon the questions became more personal, something he wasn't entirely comftrable with, talking to this human of his past, his present, his worries, even some of his demons. She had the same qualms, but Rose...seemed to have this strange innocence that he had not encountered with in such a long time.

They helped each other and Ratchet, he felt maybe attaching himself to her, wasn't as bad as he made it out to be.


Fresh blood had splattered over her face and clothes, her silver glasses had broken during the battle, and her face was devoid of any and all emotion. She had chosen to sit inside his alt-form for a few minutes upon request. Ratchet was worried, she was in state of shock, which had surprised him.

"It's my first time…" she said, finally.

"The first time is always the hardest, I'm afraid…but do not let it break you Rose, as hard as you try…you can't save anyone, a lesson all medics learn the hard way" Ratchet said truthfully, and solemnly.

"He died right in front of me…like he hadn't meant anything at all" He let her speak, as she sobbed once or twice before finally getting control of her self and stepping out of his Alt-form and into the med-bay.

Upon finishing transforming, she asked him, "Will I ever get used to it Ratchet?"

Did he get used it? A faint memory filled his processors, before he finally answered her, "No" and soon enough, Ironhide, Sideswipe and Optimus made it into the med-bay followed by more humans rushed in.

Her face had changed, no longer was there that weakness, that fright, she immediately went into "doctor mode" as she loved to called it.

"You idiot! How many times do I have to bloody tell you, don't touch anything without my supervision!!"

She would be fine, Ratchet had hoped whilst working on Optimus, he did not reprimand him for being careless, or yell at Ironhide for being a reckless lugnut…he was quiet, only muttering what he needed.

"She's making you soft…Ratchet, whatever happened to the famous Hatchet?" Ironhide sniggered, patiently waiting his turn.

His spark nearly stopped at that…he's getting soft?


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