I figured that I might as well post it here since I've already posted in on livejournal. Anyway I hope you enjoy it!

He called them by different numbers starting with Secondus, it didn't seem right to assign any of them the number one- Primus drifted through an abyss till he sighted- and so they were two through nine. They don't seem to mind, and they cling to their new names as only one who has forgotten theirs can.

Characters no longer stream in front of his eyes, they are moderated for him and as he writes them in his notebook, there sounds and meanings are whispered into his thoughts and he finds himself translating in his own head - contributed to its creation even though stars shrieked in his grasp- and understanding blooms were uncertainty lurked.

He wasn't able to think in just English anymore there was always something else in the background, characterized by whistles, clicks, churrs, growls, chirps and purrs. Sense and understanding came gradually, unknowingly till Ratchet asked for a scan and in distemper he clicked, his answer was a tirade of sound from the tired medic till his dazed expression was noticed and a apology was issued by Ratchet for switching into Cybertrionian. He didn't know that his befuddlement came from being able to understand the rant rather than being subjected to it.

He types his notebook to a document on the computer when he has the chance. English sprawls across his screen with concept words in italics to retrieve as much of the meaning that English can give. He saves it on a flash drive he carries with him. It was a gift from his mother when he bought his school supplies, 8 gigs and shaped like a space ship. Its name is printed on the side, A.R.C., and he knows that it came from the kid's supplies section, and that it is in the same package as a mermaid one, but for some reason he no longer minds.

One of them likes to sing at night. When the stars are bright and the night is clear and at its peak, a croon will slowly start and swell till it seems that all of the stars are singing in his head. He asked once where the songs came from and only received a response for two, one was a call to a lover to return - dream of you till your return, my dark one, my spark – and the other the expression joy felt reunion – hold you close, you are mine alone till time ends, you bring light – but both were as old and as lost as memory.

Sometimes he reaches for something and is unable to grasp it, his fingers seem to be lacking a 3rd joint his subconscious was certain was there. Some nights he stands up from his desk and finds himself stumbling, his knees bending forward instead of back. He finds himself hunching his back slightly when nervous or anxious, but there are no wings to flair.

They don't realize that he understands what they say, and he feels no need to let them know. If he does Optimus will stop praying when he enters the room because his doubts will be heard, Bee won't talk to himself anymore because it wouldn't fit the image he tries to portray, and Ratchet and Ironhide will watch their words to each other. If they need to know he will let them.

Besides something tells him the time isn't right.