"I'm glad you're here" , Minx said sincerely.

"I'm not." Riot chided. "You're probably contagious and I am not overly fond of getting sick." Minx looked dismayed. She peered down and fumbled awkwardly with her tissue.

"I am kidding of course" He playfully nudged her shoulder. Minx stiffened and shrugged off his hand. "Don't. I'm just very sensitive right now and not in a very humorous mood."

Riot looked at her crossly. "You're certainly in a very cranky mood." He didn't enjoy being rebuffed. By anyone.

Minx felt conflicted. She still felt the need to be on her best behavior for Riot but it seemed to take much too much effort at the moment. She felt her patience start to wean. "I guess I'm just tired." The German explained. She felt the need to defend herself. "I think you should get some rest. Perhaps you will wake up in a better mood" Riot suggested a tad harshly.

Minx tried not to take offense. She really was doing her best. She agreed it was a good idea in a way she hoped would stoke his ever hungry ego. This appeased the lead singer and he tucked her in gently and placed a kiss upon her forehead.

Minx genuinely did begin to feel drowsy as the cold medicine she had taken kicked in. She felt warm and fuzzy in a pleasant way, very much akin to the feeling of being buzzed after a couple of drinks. She soon succumbed to the relaxed coziness of the drug induced haze. She was just blissfully dozing off when she heard a knock at the door. Minx was half asleep so it didn't immediately registrar that she wasn't dreaming. A moan escaped her as she rolled over, still not fully conscious

"Minx darling?" It was a familiar voice. She opened her eyes. Her vision was a tad blurry but if she thought she recognized the voice calling her name she was not going to be pleased. "Yaki?" She croaked out as her eyes adjusted.

"Yes. It's me." He purred. "When Riot called to order your lingerie I couldn't resist delivering it myself. I remember what fun we had last time..." He trailed off leaving remnants of implication hanging thick in the air.

"Yaki we can't" Minx weakly protested in a throaty voice.

Mistaking her tone for one of desire he persisted "Oh don't play coy with me. Why else would you invite me over to fit you for lingerie? I know how that dirty mind of yours works. And you already in bed when I arrive. What else would you have me think?" He question confidently.

Minx was now slowly coming to her senses. She realized her state was not in the least presentable. She wondered how Yaki who was so image conscious failed to notice. Then she remembered he was a man. And though a designer of clothing he may be, she was usually without any during their previous trysts. This, she decided flatly, would not be one another of those times.

"I'm not in the mood."

"Not in the mood?" Yaki scoffed. "How is that even possible? Could you be ill?" He joked.

She looked at him seriously. "I am ill." Minx confessed. " And it wasn't my idea to commission you. It was Riot's."

'Much to my everlasting regret' She mumbled under her breath