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Chapter One: Arrogant Jerks and Smirks Irk Me

I'm sick of people who try to understand me all the time. They don't get it the first time, that's it. It's a no-go. And once it's a no-go, it's a no-go. How people can't grasp this concept, I don't know. Nor do I care to know.

Apparently I'm a spoiled brat. That's what they tend to think of me. Sorry if I tell things how they are.

I stared at the teenage boy in the mirror. Wearing a Domino High School uniform, he had lilac eyes and shoulder length blonde hair that contrasted with his sun kissed skin. He knew he would stand out at the school where he's an Egyptian surrounded by Japanese students. His name is Marik Ishtar. Decent if you get to know him.

That is, if you're lucky enough to get to know him. And if you hadn't guessed by now, Marik Ishtar is me. I moved here to Japan from Egypt with my older sister Ishizu. I am starting in the Junior Year; first uh... do they call it a semester? In any case, I'm having my dumb first day at a dumb new school and will be in amongst all the dumb students. Very unable to express the joy toward all this. Too difficult. Won't bother.

Oh yes. I am loaded with opinions on absolutely everything. Do I wish to express them? According to Ishizu, I did. I always went a step too far, which explained why I was labelled a brat, especially back then.

She also told me stuff like how I got the tattoos on my back. She said I demanded to have them and made it clear that I wouldn't take no for an answer. Also, I must never show these tattoos to anyone as the school would get annoyed. Stupid school won't allow students to get decent jobs outside school, barely any jewellery – I'll wear some regardless – and no tattoos... Seems unnecessary to me but this time, I'm thinking of making a little more effort in sticking to the rules. But I'll kick the no jewellery rule and wear it anyway. After all, I look good with jewellery and why can't I wear something I look good in?

Schools seem to like their students as boring and plain as possible, it seems.

Anyway, these tattoos of me confuse me. They don't seem like tattoos, they seemed like something darker, mysterious and painful. It intrigued me, but my sister insisted they were some whacked out tattoos based on some hokey design idea I got from some Egyptian sculptures I saw back in my home country. And nobody must see them. Huh. I'll have to change by myself for gym from this point on. In any case, I took her word for it. Whatever.

"Marik! You need to eat breakfast and head off to school!" ...Eh. Is my sister going to keep acting like my mom? I hoped not. Once you reach age sixteen, you begin to deem the need for a parental figure not so necessary.



I started walking to school, plotting out my tactics at this so-called Domino High. Thinking about lying low: it means less contact with others, which in turn means less irritating people. Nice change from how I used to talk quite a lot and then I'd get people paying attention to me, trying to work me out but I was too much for them to comprehend.

Heh. Work me out. Too much for them. Sounds kinda kinky in a way... Okay, stupid perverted mind. But I guess it's good to look at things from a more fun perspective every now and again. But really, I just want to get through school with decent grades and retreat to somewhere quiet where I can plot world domination or destruction or something like that. I really don't think I care what happens in the meantime.


Eh, I'm getting closer to the school. Freshman students are flocking together like birds though reminding me more of a pack of howler monkeys. Irritating. The lot of them.

I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder but didn't turn. Bet it's just an annoying student trying to either shove me out of the way so they can pass or its one of those goody-good types who wants to introduce themselves and give me a tour of the school. Whichever one it is, I don't care. Neither option sounds appealing.

"Sadly for you, it's more like the latter," a voice behind me spoke. I turned around and found myself seeing double. Oh wait, I can see some differences.

"Bakura! You're going to confuse him!" one of them protested to the other. They both looked to be my age, had long white hair and brown eyes. But I reckon these twins are fraternal. The one who seems to be called Bakura has his hair more spiked and his expression made him come across as an arrogant jerk. The other one had a softer, friendlier expression and his hair wasn't spiked at all.

"Uh... hi?" I decided to cut in with a greeting first chance I get. I got the feeling these two were talkers.

The friendlier looking one smiled at me. "You must be the new student people have been talking about. We've heard about a transfer from Egypt." I stared blankly. Suppose some students have seen me go to the school to register already. "Oh, I'm Ryou, by the way..." he added shyly.

Bakura smirked at Ryou, punching his shoulder lightly. "This brother of mine was almost too shy to talk to you. And I saw you going to the school to register. I'm Bakura, the arrogant jerk twin." He seemed to place more emphasis on the words 'arrogant' and 'jerk'. Hn.

"Arrogant jerk?" I questioned with a slightly innocent tone. Didn't I just think that anyway? I really didn't like the way Bakura was looking at me. Seemed suspicious. The bastard. "You don't seem like one," I lied. His smile grew wider.

"Prepare to be very disappointed then," he grinned, blatantly not believing me. Ryou looked confused, not on the same wavelength. Ugh, whatever.

"Oh, what's your name? I think your oka-san – Ishizu Ishtar – works at the museum!" Ryou asked, obviously trying to stop Bakura from doing something. Bakura glared, muttering something about not being allowed to have his fun.

"Ishizu is my older sister – she takes care of me. My name's Marik," I introduced myself with a fake smile. Here's hoping this will be the most interaction I'll have to do for the day.

"Oh! Maybe you'll be in class with one of us!"

I shrugged. "Maybe both if I'm extra unlucky." Bakura liked this comment, nodding slightly in approval while Ryou did the wise thing and took it as a joke, laughing a bit.

"We're twins so we have to have different classes," Ryou explained as we reached the entrance to the school. Personally, I'd like to just get rid of them ASAP. One seems like a jerk and the other seems too nice. If it weren't for their looks, it'd be hard to believe they're actually twins. "Ah, let's go to the hall! We'll be put in classes soon!"

I followed the twins into the hall and before I knew it, one twin disappeared and I was stuck with the jerk. Bloody hell. "Ryou saw his friends. He'll probably drag you off to meet them sooner or later," Bakura informed me, shoving his hands in his trouser pockets.

"They your friends?"

"...No..." he responded with a frown. "I find them to be too... friendly."

"I don't think I'll like them either then." Sad thing is I probably meant that and will most likely stick by this comment too.

Bakura simply smirked.


For the love of Ra, I just realised that I may have let a little too much of myself be exposed too early in the game. Screw it, I'll just try harder. Don't particularly want to interact with these people; I won't give them much opportunity. I'll be quiet and shoot down conversation starters Excellent.

I have no idea what I'm trying to accomplish in doing all this.

Okay, shut up Marik and pay attention. It seems they're announcing who's in class 2-C. Bakura, who was sitting next to me decided to let me know that Ryou and two of his friends Yugi and Hiroto were in class 2-B and had already left with their student teacher. Well, I'm not with the friendly twin. How many classes are there?

"...Inoue Mayumi, Ishutaru Mariku..." I hate teachers already. Damn Japanese takes on foreign names. There's a lot harder than Ishtar Marik, you know.

In any case, I'm in class 2-C, woohoo, oh joy, whatever. So I followed students up stairs to our classroom. Somehow, I found myself staring at the ass of the student on the steps before me. My eyes climbed the ladder to his white hair – oh frak, I'd just been ogling Bakura's ass. Damn jerks and their ability to make school uniform pants look half-decent. At least Bakura didn't notice.

Speaking of jerks and sweet asses, is someone checking me out? I glanced behind me and made eye contact with some freakshow who had ridiculous hair – all blonde and black and pinky and spikey. What the bloody hell, he seems able to make it look decent.

"Are you from Egypt? I recognise you," he spoke with a serious tone. He doesn't look too friendly but he doesn't seem like an ass either – so he's decent enough I guess. May as well answer him.

"Yeah, I'm from Egypt – but I don't recognise you at all," I replied, almost copying his tone.

"Your earrings and bracelets seemed like they're from Egypt."


"Ah, we're just about in the classroom. Perhaps we'll talk again sometime. I'm Yami Mutou, by the way."

"Marik Ishtar."

Decent person. Yami, I mean. Observant but doesn't feel the need to dig too deep or launch into question asking or anything. The best thing too was that he didn't need to launch into some huge discussion right off the bat – as that can be severely irritating. Nobody needs a life story straight after the first greeting.

As we went into the classroom, Bakura leaned back and whispered, "Careful not to hang out too much with Yami – it comes with a side order of Yugi's and Ryou's and Honda's and Anzu's and Jounouchi's and..."

"Aka Ryou's happy chappy pals?" I interrupted, not wanting Bakura to list every single damned friend. Bakura hesitated before nodding in response. "I'll be fine. I don't intend to hang out with anyone really."

"That's basically what I've been doing too. It's working out so far."

"Nobody wants to hang out with an arrogant jerk anyway!" I blurted out before thinking. Oh bloody hell, I thought I'd planned to keep my thoughts to myself, not cause trouble.

Bakura however, gave me that smirk of his in return for my comment. He seems to like doing that.


And so, days past. Barely talked or anything, even when I got surrounded by Ryou's friends or when Bakura made some asshole-ish comment or when Yami asked a question. He stuck to one question a day. It was pretty random what he'd ask about. One day, he'd quiz me on Egypt's history and another day, he'd ask who some band is because Yugi had mentioned them a lot and Yami has no clue on bands. As if an Egyptian would know a lot about Japanese bands. I suppose Yami didn't fancy talking to someone who would actually know the answer and ramble to him about it. That's the thing. People who know the answers to things go on more than they need to.

I quickly learned that Yami was a thinker rather than a talker and only held proper conversations with Yugi Mutou, some kid who has the same freaky hairstyle that Yami's got and definitely an example of 'too friendly', I reckon. And apparently they're not blood-related! Confusing.

Then there's Katsuya Jounouchi, a blonde who hangs out mostly with a guy called Hiroto Honda. Both seemingly tough guys who like checking girls out. Seems brainless to me, really.

The only girl in their buddy group is Anzu Mazaki. She appears to have a crush on Yami, though Yugi seems to be a bit fond of her too. In truth, I want to see a bitchy love triangle unfold. Maybe it'll happen. Possibly.

Ishizu would ask me how my day at school was and I'd answer the same everytime With a sarcastic tone, I'd say, "Bloody brilliant!" before locking myself in my room. Somehow, I'd gotten kind of antisocial. I'd settled myself into this boring, repetitive lifestyle. Life was more fun when I caused a stir but these days I just don't bother. Hn.

But this was the stage in my life where I felt nothing worthwhile was going to happen. Now I wanted to be proven wrong. I had to be proven wrong.

It is a necessity.


Three weeks into the semester. My boredom's at its peak and work and students are getting on my nerves. Something is bound to come out of this. I'm sure of it.

"You think?" Bakura asked, sitting behind me. Oh yeah, he has this habit of responding to things at random like he knew he had something to answer to before it's been said. It's incredibly irritating. Most of the time, I let it go because well, he's attractive. Stupid reasoning I know, but I couldn't think up anything better really.

It's lunchtime and me, Bakura, Ryou and his friends chose to spend it in classroom 2-C. As usual, Bakura and I sat just a bit away from the rest. We often acted like the other wasn't there or well, I did at least.

But today, he was watching me. A lot more than he normally does. Maybe I'm horrible at acting like he isn't there. It irritated me though. I really despised that look in his dark chocolate eyes. He smirked at me, the flow of arrogance emitting from him was what irked me the most. But there was no way I'd let him see that. I cocked my head to the side and raised an eyebrow. "Is there something you want to say?"

"You've checked me out a lot. Apparently you wouldn't mind me if I weren't such an arrogant jerk," the teenager replied with a look that seemed to say 'I know something you don't.' ...Jerk.

How could he have possibly come to that conclusion? We barely talk; I've never talked to others about him and said those things. I've only ever thought about him.

I looked around, puzzled. Ryou shot me a warning glance. He seemed to want me to stop talking to his brother. His expression was urgent, like I had to get away now. But why on earth would I do that? Now I'm all the more curious! I have to continue talking to Bakura. Yes, he's a stupid asshole but he's obviously an asshole who knows something I don't.

Bakura frowned. "I was hoping you'd think up something more original than a stupid asshole."

"I never said you were one, idiot," I snapped, glaring at him. My reaction only served to amuse him even further. The bastard.

"But you thought it. You called me a stupid asshole in your mind," he pointed out.

"How the hell would you know what I'm thinking?!" I yelled out in frustration, receiving strange looks from other people. Bakura chuckled at my outburst, still not having any consideration for how I felt about this. It's stupid. Why am I getting so wound up over this?

"Not many people know what you're thinking?" Bakura took a guess at the answer to my question. Wait, which question did he try answer? "The one about why you're getting wound up." Okay, now I definitely didn't ask that out loud! "No you didn't, but I heard it anyway. I'm the only one who did."

I wanted to find the words to protest but my mind drew a blank. "How come?" I asked eventually. "Can you hear thoughts or something? Tell me what uh... Jounouchi's thinking," I added as an afterthought.

Bakura shrugged. "Like hell I'd bother with his mind. Nope, not interested in checking to see whether he's thinking about Kujaki-sensei's boobs today or not."

"...Then you're just coincidentally guessing right with me. Bloody brilliant," I sighed. Bakura suddenly leaned towards me – too close, I must add. I tried to back away but his hand shot out and grasped my shoulder. His skin was cold and his sudden touch sent shivers down my spine.

I didn't like this. It's creepy. Normally I'd have shoved the asshole away from me but somehow I was compelled to go with the flow, see where this was headed.

Strands of his white hair brushed against my cheek – okay, now he's too close, too close damn it! Just as I was about to push him away, Bakura spoke in a low whisper.

"I have the power to read minds but one mind only. And that mind is yours, Marik Ishtar."


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