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The rest of the family had loaded up in their vehicles and had left just the three of us alone.

Jasper looked incredulous at Alice. "What do you mean that he is saying goodbye?"

Alice sighed. "Edward convinced the rest of the Family it is the best thing for her safety. I disagree but was outvoted." She finishes by looking at her shoes.

Jasper turned and looked at me. "Hawk, would you do me a favor and stay to watch over and protect Bella for a little while."

I looked at jasper and considered for a moment or two true there was nowhere I really had to be and knowing Jazz. He probably wouldn't feel so bad about what happened when I open my mouth to answer though.

Alice looks up at Jasper. "Jasper how did Hawk show up?"

Jasper looked confuse for a moment. "I don't know one minute I was alone and the next he was beside me."

"I just had stumbled across him while traveling" I shrugged" but to answer your question. Yes I will stay for a bit."

All of a sudden I saw a flash of light be fore my eyes. "Jasper you should at least warn somebody before you snap a camera in there face." I growled

Jasper let out a small laugh. "Sorry I need a photo." He sighed "Since we are leaving you can stay here if you like."

I looked around and shook my head. "No I will find my own place."

Jasper reached in and pulled out a credit card and handed it to me. "In case you see anything you need or want and don't worry the card has no limit. And I am not taking no for an answer. Also I will be having something sent here for you in the next couple weeks"

With that he and Alice got in a car and drove off. I quickly turned and walked into the woods and watched as my shadow rose off the ground. I turned and looked at it.

"What do you want." I growled

A voice came from the shadow like a last dying breath "You spared those vampires."

I nodded. "Their destiny hasn't run its course yet. So I am not required to reap them if I chose not to."

The shadow replied "You are always testing me. One day I will get tired of your insolents and then you will be the one that will be reaped."

I shrugged. "You won't break your favorite tool for no reason. So go away and leave me alone."

The shadow starts go back down. "Just remember I am watching you."

I shift into the form of a hawk and took off exploring the town. I came across a mansion that is all by itself near the edge of the woods miles away from the nearest neighbor with a for sale sign on it. I think that will work but I need to get me a form of transportation that doesn't require wings. With that I flew up to Seattle and landed behind a motorcycle shop. I walked around the building and went and purchased a black crotch rocket. Then drove back down to forks by the time I got there it was late. I decided that I could stay for a time at the Cullen's place for a time.

The next morning I flew into town and found out about what Edward had done to Bella the night before. Well it seems that he doesn't know how to treat a lady. I shall teach him some respect. When I tried to go buy the house they wanted an id and i found no way of making them think I had my id so I went back to the house.

I tracked Bella's house down and started to follow her. I watched her go lifelessly from home to school back to home again. I realized after two weeks the only way to get to her would be in school but at the same time to get in school I need paper work.

That's when I heard a mail truck come up the drive come to the house and drop a package at the front door of the house. The mail man turned around and drove back down the drive. Curiously I went and open the package. In it was a birth certificate, social security card and driver licenses with motorcycle endorsement. That had my picture from the last time I saw Jasper

"So that's what he wanted the picture for. He knew I was going to need this." In the bottom of the box was an envelope. That just said Hawk. I opened it immediately.

In Jasper neat penmanship read the following. Hawk I know by now you already have figured out that you need more than just saying your name is something for it to be true. With the documents you have here including a school transcript included in this letter you can do what ever you want including registering your self into high school as a senior.

Ps. Try to at least leave a few virgins intact

I shook my head. "Well at least I should be able to have a good time while I am here."

The next day I went to the local real estate office and bought the house I saw earlier. It was a two story five bed three bath house on 10 acres of land with an indoor pool and a hot tub. The previous owners had tried to out do the Cullen's but had went broke and was broke by the time they were done. By the time I was able to get everything in order knocking down a wall combing two of the rooms for a party spot. I built a gym on the backside to train on. By the time I got myself enrolled in forks high school it was January.

So first day of the new semester I rode my bike in to the parking lot just before school started doing a stoppie. There were hoots and hollers as I dropped it back on to two wheels and then slid sideways in to a parking spot. Instantly I was surrounded by guys and girls wanting to meet the new kid. Not one teacher had seen my entrance but before first period was over everyone knew about my little trick. But I just smiled and winked and accepted the phone numbers from the girls who wanted to show me just how welcoming they could make forks for me.

At lunch I had some girl named Betsy or Liz. No I remember now it was Jessica who had been grinding her self on me a few minutes before to introduce to me to Bella.

Jessica whined "You don't want to meet her. Like all she does all day is sit and stare off into space. I can be much more fun."

I smiled at Jessica. "Don't worry we will have our fun. I am just making sure I introduce myself to all the ladies. It's the polite thing to do.

Jessica huffed but walked me over to the table Bella was at I reached out my hand. "Hi my name is Seth."