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Hitsugaya let out a much bigger yawn than he did a few minutes ago. Orihime's house wasn't the best place to do work, but he just had to make due until this assignment was over. He had spent the last three days awake getting stronger and fighting off Hollows and now it seemed that all that work had finally caught up to him. He looked over at the other side of the room. That couch was too inviting. And Rangiku wasn't going to be back from shopping for a few hours if her knew anything about her. Maybe a quick nap wouldn't hurt…

He sat down on the couch and before he knew it, he was fast asleep.


"Oh, what a day! The world of the living has so many great stores to choose from! So many cute shops and…" Rangiku stopped in the doorway. She wasn't expecting this.

Her adorable captain was sound asleep on the couch, laying flat on his back and snoring lightly.

Oh, he's so cute! She threw herself onto the floor next to the couch and watched him sleep.

It's about time he took a break. All that hard work seems to have finally caught up to him. He's all tuckered out!

Rangiku crept closer to her captain and peered down at his sleeping form. Damn, he's just so cute! Even the toughest of men's hearts would surely melt at the cuteness of her slumbering captain. With his delicate fluttering eyelashes to his slightly parted lips and his slow deep breaths… who wouldn't coo at the sight of him?

Although, he was looking a bit chilly laying exposed on the couch like that. Rangiku pulled the blanket from the back of the couch and draped it over her captain. He stirred slightly but settled back down and wrapped the covers about himself, never waking up.

AWW! He's so adorable! She sat by the side of the couch and watched him sleep. The poor guy must be exhausted. Why did he always insist on working until he passed out? Unable to resist, Rangiku ran her long fingers threw his snowy white hair. He didn't even twitch. In fact, he seemed to relax at her gentle touch the longer it went on.

That was it. He was being too cute. Rangiku stood up and ran to find a camera. She hurried downstairs and opened random drawers and cupboards until she finally found a camera and scurried back upstairs hopping that he was still in that same position as before.

To her utmost joy, he was. Laying half on his side, his head tilted just so, Hitsugaya was the picture of cuteness.

She held up her camera and took the picture. She got even closer and took another. Then she held her face close to his and took another snapshot.

Hitsugaya moaned and rolled over onto his other side.

Oblivious to the danger, Rangiku clicked the camera again.

As the light flashed, Hitsugaya shifted and began to stir.

Rangiku held her breath, frozen in place.

Her white-haired captain sat up slowly and yawned. He didn't say a word, nor did he even open his eyes.


His lashes fluttered at the familiar title. "Hmm?"

"Are… you awake?"

He gave a sleepy shrug.

Judging from his dangling head and closed eyes, it was a safe bet that he wasn't. Not completely, at least. Perhaps he was sleepwalking? No, then he would be walking around. Sleep-sitting? Was there such a thing? Maybe he was just half asleep? Rangiku wasn't sure, but one thing was for sure: her captain was definitely out of it.

She moved closer and whispered softly, "Cap- I mean… Hitsugaya?" She knew he hated it when people called him by his name instead of his title. That would get his attention for sure.

To her utter surprise, he was unfazed by it and responded with a drowsy, "Hmm?"

"You're still tired aren't you?"

He yawned sleepily and nodded his dangling head. He licked his lips. "'M fursty…"

She blinked. "Huh?" She gave it some thought then, "Oh! You're thirsty."

He nodded again. "Water p'ease…" he mumbled thickly.

"OK, I'll get you some water. Just wait right there and don't move."


She ran down to the kitchen, poured him a glass of water and hurried back upstairs. She presented him the glass. "Here you go."

"T'ank you…" He groped drowsily for the glass with a sluggish arm.

Rangiku frowned. There was no way he was going to be able to hold the glass with such a slack grip. "Both hands, Hitsugaya," she advised.

"Mmm… ok…" He reached up with both hands and took the glass from her. He sipped the cool water down slowly, never once opening his eyes. Rangiku helped him gulp down the last remaining drops and took the glass away. Hitsugaya yawned in return. He started to lay back down, but Rangiku stopped him.

"Wait." She threw out an arm to support his back and used her free hand to grab a nearby pillow. She fluffed it up and set it down behind him. "Ok."


Just as he was about to lay down, a thought occurred to her.

"But before you do, could you do something for me?"

Hitsugaya supported himself on his elbow and rubbed his eyes with his free hand. "Hmm?" he grunted tiredly.

She held up the camera. "Could you give me a kiss good-night?"

A moment passed. Then another.


Rangiku squealed in delight and turned her head to the side offering her cheek to him. Hitsugaya leaned forward, lips puckered. Eyes still closed, he gave her a sweet peck on the cheek. The camera flashed the moment he made contact.

"Thank you, Captain!" she chirped. "That was very sweet of you!"

He yawned again and laid back down. "Sure… no prob'm…" He snuggled under the blanket and slipped effortlessly into a deep slumber.

Oh, shoot! I should have gotten him to kiss me on the lips! She turned back only to find her captain fast asleep, cocooned under the warm blanket. Oh, well… I'll let this one slide.

After all, she did get a few good shots in without him knowing. And she couldn't wait to see the last snapshot she took.


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