My Promise to You

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Summary: Bella and Jacob are childhood sweethearts but Jacob is abusive. What will happen if Bella moves and meets a certain bronze-haired guy? What will happen if she moves on with said guy? What will happen if her past returns? All Human.


Me: Hey Stephenie! Since we both have the same first name can you give me Twilight?

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Stephenie: Nope!

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Stephenie: might wanna take that up with Bella

Me: Bella???? PLEASE!!! You have Jacob!!


Me: Selfish Itchy B....

Chapter One

Bella Point Of View (BPOV)

"Hey Bells, you there?" called my childhood sweetheart, Jacob Black, knocking at the front door of my house. I'd know Jake ever since I'd been born. His dad, Billy and my dad, Charlie, had been best friends since high school. They'd make us hang out together every time they went fishing. His sisters, Rebecca and Rachel were my best friends ever despite their being a year older than me.

Jake was my best friend too. He was my guy. He'd always be there for me. He was there whenever my parents argued which seemed to be more and more these days. Of all the sixteen, going on seventeen, years I knew him, Jake had never let me down. As much as I loved him though, he was sometimes too much. He'd never let me talk to any of the guys at school and become way jealous if I did. He'd even threaten to leave me if I did. But that was how he was and I accepted him for it.

But these days he was becoming more and more unbearable. At three in the morning, he'd call to talk to me. My dad, though he liked Jake, said that it was too much and when he answered the phone, he'd tell Jake to stop and that he'd see me in the morning. Sometimes Jake would apologize and other times he'd argue. Charlie was slowly becoming fed up of him and I feared that soon he'd forget his friendship with Billy and just ban me from seeing Jacob ever again. I hoped that day never came. Jake was my sun. He lit up the day and made everything seem better. My day didn't officially begin until I saw my favorite guy. I loved him with all my heart.

"Bella!" he called again, sounding agitated and impatient.

"I'm coming!" I answered immediately. I didn't want to push his buttons. It was unnecessary and sometimes the results were…bad. I loved Jake I really did. But when he hit me, sometimes I couldn't take it. The bruises he left were bad and every time someone saw them, I had to lie and cover it up. It was exhausting. Whenever Angela, one of my best friends, saw it, her eyes would go all wide and pleading and she'd say, "Bella, why?" I'd just look away. The first time he did it she begged for me to tell. "Bella you can't let him do this! It' wrong! You shouldn't have to put up with his nonsense any longer. I know you love him but he hits you and tortures you so why would you stay with him in the first place?" she whispered, her brown eyes silently pleading with me. "Ang, I love him. I promise if he does again, I'll leave him," I said. Of course I failed to keep my promise. He did again and again every time worse than the last. I couldn't do it. Once I tried but then he begged and pleaded with me and I gave in. I was a coward I knew but it was something I couldn't help. I loved Jake too much.

I shook my head and went to answer the front door. "What took you so long?" he demanded, "Why did you take so long to answer the god-damned door?"

"Jake, I was in the shower. I just came out," I said, my eyes pleading with him to believe me.

He seemed to believe me and took a deep breath. He smiled that smile I loved so much. "Well do you wanna ride to school with me?" he said, his big brown eyes sparkling.

"Sure! Just let me get my stuff," I said, faking a smile and going into the kitchen to fetch my bag. He followed me into the kitchen. "Morning, Charlie, Renee," said my boyfriend in his deep voice.

"Morning Jake. You called a bit late last night," said Charlie, looking at him sternly.

I could tell Jake was getting angry. "Um, sorry 'bout that Charlie. I guess I didn't check the time before I called," he said, his eyes furious, posture tense and slightly shaking.

Uh-oh I thought. "Okay that's everything. Bye Mom, bye Dad," I said trying to lighten the atmosphere a little. I kissed my mom and dad each on their cheek and grabbed Jacob's hand pulling him with me.

"What is wrong with your dad?" he demanded. "Can't I call my girlfriend whenever I want?"

"Sure you can, Jake. It's just that at three in the morning, Dad's a little testy and he doesn't like to be woken up. Can't you call a little earlier when everyone's not asleep?"

He glared at me, furious. Crap, I said the wrong thing.

He grabbed my hands and threw me against his recently restored Rabbit. He pinned me there.

"Love has no special time. I love you so I can call you whenever I want. Right?" he said, grounding his teeth together.

I gulped and nodded. He released my hands and kissed me, his hot breath entering my mouth. His tongue asked for entrance and I helplessly granted him it. I endured the kiss as best as I could. About a minute later he finally pulled back. He seemed satisfied. I, on the other hand, wasn't sure how much of it I could take again.

"No I love him," I thought fiercely. I couldn't leave him.

We drove to school in silence. Jake seemed calm at last and he put his hand on my thigh. He left it there for the whole ride. I felt very uncomfortable. I wanted so badly to move his hand but I was afraid it would anger him. I swallowed my discomfort and tried to concentrate on something else. I had a Spanish test that day so I just concentrated on all that I'd studied.

Finally, after fifteen minutes that had seemed like ten years, we reached the school compound. Jake and I silently exited the car and he grabbed my hand and walked over to our regular group which consisted of his friends and their girlfriends and my friends as well as his sisters. Mike leaned against his car, his girlfriend, Jessica pressed against him. Tyler leaned on his girlfriend, Lauren, in the same position as Jessica. Leah and her brother Seth silently stood to one side. Sam and his girlfriend, Emily, stood side by side, hands entwined and they looked at each other lovingly seeming to be lost in each others' eyes. Angela, Rebecca and Rachel stood next to each other discussing something seriously whilst their boyfriends Ben, Paul and Embry argued about something playfully. It sounded like wrestling or something like that. All I heard was stuff like, "Jeff Hardy" and "Batista" or something like that. Who they were, I'd never know.

"Hey Bells! Hey Jake!" called Seth. Jake left my side to go over to where Ben and they were discussing. I couldn't help but notice how Leah's eyes were following him. They were filled with…lust? No, that couldn't be it. Jake would never cheat on me. But I couldn't help but wonder. I shook my head and headed over to Angela and the rest of the girls.

"Hey guys! What's up?" I called cheerily. I tried my best to sound airy and light-hearted but I don't think it worked. Angela's eyes assessed me. I faked a smile. I looked at Rachel. She seemed to be doing the same thing as Angela. But Rebecca however was staring at my wrist, her eyes wide and horrorstruck. I looked down at my wrist and I realized that it was covered in purple and blue bruises in the shape of Jacob's hand. I thanked the heavens that I'd put on a long sleeved jacket. I pulled it down quickly covering the ghastly bruises.

She pulled me aside and dragged me behind her car.

"Bella…" Rebecca whispered, "Did he do this to you?" I looked into her big hazel eyes and I couldn't lie to her. I nodded silently. Rebecca's eyes filled with silent tears and she looked over to where her brother was standing. "I'm gonna kill him for this! How dare he hurt my sister!" she whispered furiously.

"Rebecca, don't do anything you'll regret. He might hurt you. Besides he's you brother," I whispered back, my eyes pleading with her.

"The day he hit you is the day he ceased to be my brother," she said, her voice filled with fury and venom.

"At least don't say anything to him. He might do something bad," I whispered, thinking of all the horrible things he could do.

"Leave at least so then he won't be able to hurt you," she said again.

"Becca…I can't. I love him," I said, "Yes he hits me but it's only because he's frustrated and needs to vent. I know I shouldn't be the one that he should take out all his frustration on but just because he does this to me, I can't leave him."

"If he needs to vent then let him take on a sport for god's sake! Bella you can't be serious! Are you just going to let my brother dictate you for the rest of your life?" she demanded.

"No. I can't leave him. Besides hitting me, he's done nothing wrong," I said, knowing I sounded stupid.

"Bella, are you kidding me? He's done nothing wrong? Are you going to tell me that hitting you isn't enough? What else could he possibly do? Rape you?" she said furiously.

I gasped at the word "rape". It reminded me of all those times that Jacob had wanted more and I'd stopped him. The last time it had happened had been bad. I remembered it all too vividly. We'd been having a movie night and my parents were out for the evening like they were every Friday and Wednesday nights. They said that it was a weekly dancing class but I suspected that they were lying. Still I bought their lies not wanting to imagine the worse. Anyway we were watching my favorite movie, Romeo and Juliet, and Jake, apparently fed up with the movie, had started kissing me. I was a bit miffed that he wanted to make out with the most beautiful love story going on right in front of us but I complied anyway since I was hoping that this would patch things up between us and maybe all the hitting and one-sided fist fights could stop.

He kissed me roughly and his hot hands explored my body. He pushed me into the back of the couch and his hands reached the waist band of my jeans. Without even asking, he started to pull down my jeans. My eyes flew open and I stopped him right at there. He argued with me, saying that that if I loved him, I'd have sex with him. I told him I wasn't ready and didn't want to right now. He raised his hand and struck me then just glared and stormed away leaving me on the couch holding my aching face, wondering how much more I could take before I broke.

I shuddered at the memory and Rebecca seemed to read my mind and gasped. "He's tried it before? Has he raped you, Bella?"

"No! I mean of course not! Jake would never do that to me! I mean he's tried to get me to have sex with him yes but he's never actually forced me!" I said in a rush.

"Wait he tried to pressure you? Did he ever hit you because you wouldn't do it with him?" she said, horrorstruck and her eyes again filled with furious tears.

My eyes filled with tears and I nodded again. Her mouth settled into a thin line and like her brother, she started to shake. I could tell she was absolutely furious and wanted to kill Jacob.

I grabbed her hands. "You can't say anything to anyone, okay? No one. Not Rachel, not Angela and especially not Jacob," I whispered urgently.

She looked into my chocolate brown eyes and she nodded silently. I took a deep breath and she did the same.

"So what are you going to go? I mean you can't let that… I would say son of a bitch but then that'd be an insult to my mother. Anyway you can't let that idiot continue this. It's got to stop okay? And soon. You can't keep taking all this crap and then have to lie and cover up for that ass. You have to do something about this. If you don't I'll tell. I won't see my sister having to go through all of this," she whispered.

The tears in my eyes spilled over and I hugged her. "Thank you," I whispered, "I promise I'll do something. I love you Beccs."

"Love you too Bells," she laughed a little a small smile on her beautiful face.

"Come on we'd better go back before someone misses us and send out a hunting party," I said, trying to sound light. She nodded.

We waked back over to where everyone stood. No one seemed to have missed us with the exception of Angela and Rachel who were both glaring at us. "I think we should tell them," Rebecca whispered to me. I looked at my two friends. "Okay but you do it. I don't think I can. Just make sure and tell them do keep their mouths shut," I whispered back. She nodded. She walked over to them and pulled them aside and started whispering to them. They shot a few glances at me which I pretended not to notice, trying look as if I was absorbed in my Spanish book which I had pulled out to give me something to do rather than stand there like an idiot. They seemed to come to terms and then they all walked over to me. Both Rachel and Angela gave me a big hug. In an undertone, they each said, "I understand. Just please leave him, Bells." I nodded and offered them a weak smile.

Just then the bell rang. We all headed inside. Jacob kissed me goodbye before heading off to his Algebra class with Paul and Embry. Me and Angela linked hands like we always did and went off to first period English.

"So Bella what exactly are you gonna do?" she said, as we walked down the hall to our class.

"I don't know yet, Ang," I said, wondering what I was going to do. I knew I loved Jake but after talking to Rebecca that morning, I wasn't sure if I could stay with him anymore. I'd know him since I was a child and he'd always been my best friend. But he was getting too aggressive and the phone calls every night along with the constant meetings at every chance that he got, it was beginning to become too much. I mean between classes, he would always come to me for a quick kiss and then in the one class that we did have together, fifth period History, he'd be there next to me writing notes and watching my every move. It was all too much.

The first four periods passed in a blur. I'd seen Jacob twice for the morning already and now I was going to see him again. I sighed. Here we go again.

Outside my fourth period Spanish class was Jacob leaning causally against the wall waiting for me. Normally that would've thrilled me but instead I found myself wishing that he'd just go away.

I smiled at him and he didn't seem notice that it wasn't genuine. He leaned in to kiss me and I felt his lips against mine. Suddenly I was saved by Rachel who stood just behind Jacob. She tapped Jacob's shoulder and cleared her throat. She faked a smile at him and said, "Hey no PDA in the hallways don't y'all read the rules?"

Jacob glared at her and muttered, "Go away."

"What? Can't I escort my favorite little bro and his girlfriend to their class?" she said looking innocent. I could tell she wanted to hit him really badly but she managed to control herself and spoke in a casual tone. Damn she was a good actor.

He just glared at her. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards our class, Rachel skipping behind us. When we reached the class, she announced, "There ya go kiddies! I have done my duties as the elder sister. Now scoot into your class and then I'll just head to Chem class 'kay? Buh-bye!" With that she sped off to her class.

Jacob continued to glare behind her and then walked into class, muttering darkly under his breath. I thanked my lucky stars for Rachel. Jacob was caught up in his muttering that he didn't even bother to stare at me and pass notes. I was happy for once and gladly took noted as Mr. O'Shea (A/N: Anyone can guess where I got/stole that name?) lectured on the French Revolution.

Before I knew the period was done. It was time for lunch.

Jacob seemed to have gotten over his ramblings and was now pulling me out of the class room. My three musketeers, Angela, Rebecca and Rachel were there outside waiting for us. They whisked me away from Jacob who glared at them and muttered that he'd meet us at the table. He couldn't do anything to stop them from taking me and he thought the same for me. At least he wouldn't do anything to me. I thanked my musketeers and we walked over to the cafeteria.

We bought our food and headed over to the table. Strangely enough Jacob wasn't there yet. I really wasn't all that concerned so I overlooked it. I went to pull out my favorite book, Wuthering Heights, but then I realized I'd forgotten my bag.

"Shoot I forgot my bag in class. I'll go get it," I said to Rebecca. She nodded and returned to her conversation with the girls.

I walked back to class and collected my bag. I looked inside for my Wuthering Heights but I couldn't find it. "It must have fallen out in Jacob's car," I thought. I grabbed my spare key for his car and trotted to the parking lot. I walked over to the spot where his car was. I stopped next to the window and cupped my hands to look inside since the tint was a bit dark and the overcast sky of Forks made it obscure to see through.

I looked inside and almost fainted. I felt my stomach overflow with acid. My head felt light and I started to see dark spots. Inside the car was Jacob and Leah both half-naked kissing passionately. Leah was in nothing but her underwear and Jacob was missing his shirt and only had his jeans on. The jeans however had been slowly coming off when I'd looked.

My heart felt like if it had been ripped to pieces. Why? Why had Jacob done this to me? What had I not done for him? I endured everything that he put me through. I always covered for him. I cleaned up his mess. I lied for him. And this is how he repaid me? He cheats on me? After all the things I've done for him, this is what he does? And just because I wouldn't sleep with him?

Before I knew what I was doing, I was running. Running away from my abusive, lying, cheating scoundrel of a boyfriend. Rain began to fall but I didn't care. I continued running. I was soon soaked to the bone.

I continued running till I finally reached home. All I wanted now was to take a shower and go to bed. But as soon as I walked through the front door I knew that wasn't possible.

On the floor was my mother sobbing. My broken heart felt for her.

"Mom? Mommy what happened?" I asked, my voice sounding like a little girl's.

My mom looked at me. I felt a pang in my heart as I looked at her. Her face was tear-streaked and her hair was in disarray. She looked so vulnerable and broken. She looked exactly how I felt.

"Oh Bella!" she exclaimed. "Honey, are you okay? You're soaked to the bone!" she said, hurrying to me, forgetting whatever she was crying about and focusing on me, her motherly side kicked in.

"Mom, forget about me. What happened? What's going on? Why were you crying?" I asked in a rush.

"Oh honey, I-I don't know how to tell you this," she said, sounding like if she was going to start crying again.

"Mom, just tell me what happened!" I said.

"Bella honey, your father…h-he…was…uh…having an affair!" my mom said, her voice breaking and she began sobbing again. "H-he left us t-to g-go to her!" she sobbed.

I hugged my mom and began crying with her. "Wow," I thought, "two heartbreaks in one day." How ironic was this? The same day I find out my boyfriend was cheating on me was the same day my mother found out that her husband was cheating on her. Man, I hate men.

I pulled my mom onto the couch and still sobbing she began to explain everything. Apparently my father had told her about his affair that morning after I'd left with Jacob. He had told her that he was leaving us to go to the woman that was now having his child. He said that he did love my mother but he wasn't in love with her. What a classic line! He also said to tell me that he'd always love me and that he was sorry that this is the way things turned out. He said that if I wanted, I could come visit him and my soon-to-be stepmother and my new baby brother or sister. Wow! The nerve of my father! I was ashamed to have such a father. Not only that but I felt so betrayed. Had I not been enough? And how could he do this to Mom? Never again…I thought. I would never speak to my father again. I couldn't after seeing what he'd done to my mother.

"Oh Mom, I'm so sorry," I said. "We've both been cheated on." She looked at me curiously and I began to tell her what I'd seen. I also added the abuse and the sex pressure. I told her everything. I thought that she might have been mad but instead she was incredibly understanding. After I'd finished, Mom looked at me. "Okay so we're both heartbroken and we're in a house that's owned by a man who cheated both of us. I think we need a new start. Don't you?" she said.

I looked at her. "You know what, Mom," I said, "I think you're right." We looked at each other and laughed. "So what did you have in mind?" I asked curiously.

"Hmm….how about we move to Phoenix? I mean it's the complete opposite of Forks. It's brown not green, and it's always sunny instead of cloudy!" she said.

"Phoenix…" I thought. It sounded good.

"Let's do it!" I screamed. We giggled and hugged. "Okay so when do we leave?"

"How about tonight, if I can get the flight?" she asked. Tonight…that sounded good at least I wouldn't ever have to see Jacob again. That last memory would be sure to suffice.

"Okay!" I said. "I'll go pack whilst you call the airlines."

I went upstairs and packed everything. I didn't take all my rainy day clothes though. I was sure I wouldn't need them in Phoenix. Besides, Mom would probably take me shopping when we reached. Ugh…shopping. I hated shopping with a passion.

After I was finished packing, I headed to my mom's room and asked her what time the flight was. It was at 9:00 PM so we had to leave Forks by at least 7:00 so that we could reach in time to check in.

"Hey, Mom, you do realize that once we reach there we have no place to stay right," I said pointing out the obvious.

My mom looked at me disbelievingly. "Honey I never told you about your grandparents, did I?" I shook my head, perplexed. She told me that she wasn't originally born in Forks as I had assumed. She had been brought up in Phoenix and she had gone to the University of Seattle where she'd met Charlie. She fell in love and married him and moved to Forks. Her parents had died in a car crash about two years after her marriage and they had left her with a house and a lot of money. Mom refused to tell me exactly how much but the way she said it made it sound like we would never have any troubles with money.

"Ooh…so we're set then!" I said. "Yup!" she giggled.

"Um…Mom? Before we go, can I say goodbye to the girls?" I asked. She said yes and we arranged that she'd pick me up at 6:45 at the diner.

I called all the girls who immediately bombarded me with questions about my absence from school. I told them to meet me at the diner and I'd explain everything. It was five now so we said that we'd meet in half and hour. I had butterflies in my stomach. I didn't want to leave my friends but I couldn't stay here. It had too many memories of Jacob and my dad. It would hurt both me and my mother if we stayed there. I only hoped that when I left, I wouldn't lose my girls. They were my sisters and I didn't ever want to lose them.

Mom dropped me off at the diner and said she'd be back soon. She wished me luck and then drove off. I walked into the familiar diner and saw my musketeers at our table. They waved at me and I went to the table.

"Hey Bells, what happened today? I mean you left to go get your bag and you never returned. We thought that Jacob had done something to you but then we saw him later and he didn't even know where you went to! So what happened? Details girlie details!" said Rachel in a rush. She was so energetic. I called her my super-energizer bunny.

"Okay slow down! Wait a minute! Did Angela and your sister let you have coke?" I asked, glaring at them. Their faces were guilty. I gasped, faking horror. "Guys, Please tell me you didn't! You know what coke does to her!"

"Hey!Cokedoesn'tdoanythingtome. Iamperfectlyfine! Oohlookabunny!" she said, pointing a tile with a rabbit on it.

I giggled at her. She was bobbing up and down going, "LookieBeckyabunny!" I took a glass of water from the table and threw it in her face. She instantly sobered. "Thanks, Bella! I thought I'd never stop," she said gratefully and glared at Angela and Rebecca who were silently laughing, tears streaming down their face. "Why the heck didn't you guys stop me at one?" she hissed at them. They shook their heads and continued to laugh.

"Guys, sober up. I have something important to tell you," I said. They instantly stopped laughing recognizing my serious-no-nonsense tone. "I'm moving."

"WHAT?! WHY?! WHEN?!" they exploded. I told them everything that had happened. When I told them about what I found in the parking lot, Angela, Rachel and I all had to restrain Rebecca from going after Leah and Jacob. It took all three of us to pull her back to her seat with her shouting, "I'm gonna kill that bitch and bastard!" We placated her and finally she was able to cool down. When they heard about Charlie's deception, they were all shocked and angry. They each felt the same as I did. Betrayed and hurt.

When I finished telling them everything, the first thing that Angela said was, "Whoa…information overload!" We all laughed. They each promised to e-mail and text me and tell me the scoop on everything that happened in Forks. I asked Rachel and Rebecca to tell Jacob when they reached home. I didn't want to do it myself. I couldn't take hearing his voice. It would bring back the betrayal I felt and all the pain I'd gone through.

At about 6:30, my mom collected me from the diner. She hugged the girls and told them goodbye and that if they ever reached Phoenix that they could stay with us. Then it was my turn. We all just looked at each other and burst into tears. We group hugged then single-hugged. We repeated our promises to each other and then me and my mom said a final goodbye and then drove away from Forks into the night.

We reached the airport and checked in. We silently waited in the terminal for the plane to arrive. "Flight AB3546 will be boarding in five minutes," announced the female robotic voice. I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. Who in the world would be texting me now? The girls surely wouldn't. Shoot, it could only be Jacob.

My hands shaking, I slid open my midnight blue and silver Z3. Sure enough on the screen was:

New Text Message: Jake

I took a deep breath before I began reading.

Bella, how could you? You're moving without even telling me? Bella I thought we loved each other? And now Rebecca tells me you're moving to another city tonight and you never even tell your boyfriend? Come back to me Bella. If you don't, I don't know what I'll do. I don't even know where you're going. My sisters refuse to tell me. Isabella Marie Swan you are MINE. So don't even think of becoming anyone else's. I swear to God, I'll kill him without a second thought. Bella no matter where you go, I will find you. This is my promise to you. Isabella you are mine and you will never be anyone else's as long as I am alive. I will find you someday Bella, I promise you.

Yours, Jacob

"Bella! Are you okay? It's time to go," I heard my mom say. Her voice pulled me out of my trance. I re-read Jacob's message. It made me dread whatever he was planning. He didn't need to worry that I'd fall for another guy. He and my father had destroyed any faith I had had in the male population. Never again would I fall for a guy. It was much too painful. I've seen my mom go through and I had just gone through it too. Never again.

"Okay Mom, it's time for a new start," I said. We smiled at each other and then grabbed our carry-ons. It was time for a new beginning.

"Here's to our new life Bella," my mom whispered as we walked into the shoot that would carry us to our new life.

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