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The cloaked horror shoved me hard and I fell forward to the ground, hands saving my head from the fall. He laughed darkly and kicked me viciously. I knew I had the power to stop him, but found that what I lacked was the will. The drive. The flame.

I cringed at the word, remembering what I'd just woken from. He noticed my reaction and I could see his chest puff out slightly, proud of what he'd thought he'd accomplished. I stood slowly from the ground and dusted the dirt off my hands carefully. I was sore, tired, depressed. I wanted to die. He walked forward quickly and grabbed my arm roughly pulling me along beside him. At one point I felt my eyes slide slowly up to his and I winced at the sight of his blood red eyes. My chest tightened when I realized mine probably resembled his.

He straightened his coat before walking slowly into another room. I gasped when I saw Aro, Marcus, and Caius sitting silently, completely still as usual. The man smiled and pushed me gingerly into the room, as if all the bullying had never happened. I stood completely still, looking down at the ground in front of me.

"Ah, Bella. How are you, dear?" I nodded. He stood quickly and walked around me, looking carefully.

"You seem to have recovered nicely. I'm so happy to see you made it through the change." I gawked silently at how freely he discussed my demise.

"How do you feel? Do you feel strong? Nimble? Powerful?" He smiled at the last word. I didn't respond. He frowned and approached me quickly. Suddenly he was speaking an inch from my face. I could see the sharp edges of his teeth clearly through his words.

"I'd really hoped you would be easier, Bella. But so be it, I'll cut to the chase here. What is your gift? I'm honestly dying to know." He smiled. I could feel Marcus and Caius sit forward carefully in their seats.

"I... I don't have one." I gulped down the flow of venom in my mouth, trying to silence the burning in my throat. I was thirsty, I should be eating. He should know better.

"Absurd! You simply must have one, Bella my dear! With such extraordinary power in your human form, you must have brought something from it for your disposal!" I shook my head carefully.

"Well then I'll just have to watch you closely won't I? Go get something to drink, Bella. You're making a spectacle of yourself." He turned on his heel and returned to his brother's sides. I turned quickly and ran out the door.


Pain flooding my body I ran blinded through the corridor looking for somewhere, anywhere to go. I growled lowly under my breath, irritated at my lack of progress. I shoved through a door angrily and found a group of people crowded into a small room. It was warm and the smell hit me immediately.

I didn't mind the screams of terror or the gasps of shock as I closed in on them, and first tasted the sweet, delectable liquid on my tongue.


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