Chapter 1

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One month ago

"Emmett, I love you and only you. I don't think I would have stayed with you for 6 years if I didn't" I smiled at him thinking about when he asked me out in 7th grade. He was a class clown, and I said no. But he wouldn't take it for an answer. So when I said yes, we've been in love ever since.

He smirked at me and grabbed my hand. We were in his jeep heading toward a special place Emmett calls 'Mon seul et unique'.

"What the hell does 'Mon sal e uni' mean?" I said, poorly repeating what he had told me earlier. He laughed loudly," It means my one and only. Tonight is a special night, Rosalie. This is our night, alone, in the 'Mon seul et unique'." I smiled and closed my eyes.

Tonight I was going to make love to Emmett McCarthy. I remember when we first made the decision, I immediatly started taking birth control pills. We were both very nervous, and not quite sure of what to do. "We're here, babe." He said in a quiet and yet nervous voice. I smiled weakly at him and unbuckled my seat belt.

When I looked up I saw him holding my door open, offering his hand to me. I gladly excepted it and smiled. We were at a dead end street. I looked around confused until I saw a candle light in the distance. I looked up at Emmett and gave him a questioning look. He just nodded my head and I led the way throught the dense trees. It was only a minute or so before we reached an opening.

There was a big quilt on the ground and candle lights surrounded by rose petals. I smiled and felt a tear rolling down my cheek. I layed down on the quilt and looked up at the stars. I saw Emmett come and lay down beside me. We both turned over so we were facing each other.

"I love you." I whispered. He stared at me with such love, I remembered how much I wanted to give him my body. "I love you, more than you know, Rosalie." He leaned foward and kissed me. I kissed him back as hard and as passionate as I could. I got on his waist, straddling him. I could feel his body growing harder by the minute. I took of my top and threw it behind me. He smiled, enjoying my strip tease. I undid the clasp on the back of my bra and threw it behind me also.

Once I made sure my clothes weren't on fire, Emmett flipped us over so that he was hovering over me. I moaned when he latched his mouth on my nipple and teased it with his tounge. I was pulling and grabbing at his hair non stop. He seemed to be enjoying it more and more. I suddenly noticed that he had way too many clothes on. I smiled and took off his shirt and flipped us back over. I was licking every part of his chest that I could reach. He was grabbing at the quilt beneath us.

I unbuttoned his pants and he kicked them off to the side. I rubbed his member through the soft fabric of the boxers. He growled and flipped us over again. I giggled at how rough we were being to each other. He undid my pants and smiled when he brought them all the way down to my feet. I did the rest of the work and kicked off the jeans into the grass.

He took off my thong that was covering the only part of me covered. When he got done, I felt embarrassed so I wanted him to have his clothes off too. "Flip over" I demanded. He laughed silently but he automaticaly stopped when I took off his boxers and took his shaft in my hand.

He leaned his head back and moaned loudly. I'm glad we picked a remote place to do this. I thought. I kept rubbing him faster and faster. "Stop Rosalie. I want to make love to you."

I smiled and turned over so that my back was on the ground and Emmett was hovering over me. "Are you sure about this Rosalie?" He asked. I nodded my head yes and he put his head in the crook of my neck.I bit my lip as he pushed through the barrier of my body. I gasped and bit my lip even harder. Emmett just kept repeating that he loved me and that he was so sorry. I tried to focus on his voice instead of the pain below me. After about 30 seconds I kissed his lips and nodded my head a little, mentally telling him that he could continue.

He pulled backed out and shoved right inside of me, except this time, there was no pain. Only pleasure. He kept repeating his moves. My moans started to get louder and louder. His grunts became longer and more distinct.

My legs started to quiver and I could feel Emmett getting bigger,too. We were both on the edge of heaven, but not quite there. He rubbed my clit and it was pure bliss.

"Shit, shit.." I kept repeating," Ahh ugnnh Emmett." I was getting closer and closer,"Emmett, I love you." I screamed while we both exploded and went over the edge. My orgasm lasted a while and we just sat there in each others arms.

"I love you so so so so much Rosalie Hale." He whispered while I fell asleep in his arms.


I woke up the next morning in the meadow, cold but covered in blankets. I sat up and started sneezing. Unfortunatly, I woke Emmett up. "I'm so sorry baby, that cold weather must have made me sick ." I said in a nasalled voice. He smiled and kissed my back. "It's okay. Let's get dressed and get you to the doctors."

We got dressed quickly and got into his jeep. Before he started the car, I leaned over for a hot make out session. "Thank you for everything that you have given me. I love you." I told him sincerly. He smiled and kissed my nose. " I will give you anything you want, babe." I smiled and put my seat belt on.

The doctor said I just had a cold and needed some anti-biotics. I smiled and got my medicine and we walked back to his jeep. "I'm sorry I got you sick. I didn't think it would be that cold." He said quietly. I smiled and kissed the hand I was holding." It was worth it."

After that Emmett and Me had sex almost every day. It was an obsession and I loved it. Why did people wait til marrige to do this?

One afternoon could change everything.....


Present day-

I was sitting in my bathroom with Emmett waiting for the test to be done. I was quivering nervously, while Emmett was holding me while we were sitting on the toliet. My period is late. I've been puking with no sign of a fever. This seemed to be the last place to resort. The cooking timer went off and we just sat there. I was scared to look at it. I loved kids. But I'm only 18 years old! I was being safe!

"I love you so much and I want you to know that if this test comes back positive, then I will take care of you and the baby with all my love and I will do everything in the world to make sure our lifes will go as perfect as planned." He told me with such truth and promise, I was already in tears. We got up together and went to go see the test strip.


One word will change our life forever. I leaned into Emmett's chest and started bawling. How were we going to support the baby?

Emmett walked me to my room and we just sat there for the rest of the night. My crying became hiccups. I just drew random patterns on Emmett's arm, mindlessly thinking about our life now. We heard the door downstairs shut. My parents were home from vacation.

"Rosalie!!!" My mother yelled from the bottom stair.

It was now or never. And I have to do it sometime. I grabbed Emmett's hand and walked down the stairs slowly to face one of my biggest fears.


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