I have some slightly bad news, and I want to apologize in advance. When I first started this story, I was in love with it, and this is my first story ever! But I hate that I just can't get into this story. I've tried. And I will sit at my laptop, for what seems like hours, and I cannot think of anything, and usually- I would have given it a day or two, then start over. But as you ALL know, I have given it a WHILE. So- If anyone is interested in taking my story, and running with it, I would love to give it to you. I just would like for whoever it is, to ask me. That way you have full permission and consent. This isn't my failure, it's a start i've made for someone else. I'm sorry if you are angry or upset, but no worries! I will still be writing away! Just something more intresting to me.

I love you all!