The darkness was absolute, swallowing any light sensory input well before it reached the receiver. To make matters worse the room was also utterly quiet. So disconnected to the outside world it was hard to keep track of the passing of time, or to cling to the hope that any rescue was coming. He dreaded the return of his captor, so far only having spoken to him from what seemed like a distance, then again she could have been standing right beside him and he couldn't have been able to tell. Her voice was cold, harsh, and demanding, bearing none of the usual subtleties of the traditional female timbre. There was no warmth, no caring and definitely no compassion within the words she spoke or the tone she used.

This place had become legend among those who were different. But not a legend any of them wanted to experience. There was a mythical place where those who were different were taken when they were captured, and were never seen or heard of again. It was rumoured the streets near the massive mansion were stained dark with the blood of those who never returned, and their screams could be heard echoing in the midnight sky.

-tap, tap, tap -

He steeled himself for this next encounter, dreading what may or may not come, not knowing what to expect but unsure if he could endure such torment for much longer. She seemed determined to break him using nothing other than sensory deprivation and threats, so far he had lasted a week, maybe today would be his undoing.

- tap, tap, tap, creak-

The door hinges complained bitterly as they were forced to carry the weight of the moving heavy wooden door as it swung open, revealing his tormentor dressed completely in black. It was the first time he had actually seen her, and he would admit to no-one that he was surprised by what he saw. Instead of the monster like figure his mind had projected, in reality the one causing him so much grief was actually a well dressed, fine figured woman, complete with porcelain skin and jet black hair. Her high heels tapped again as she drew closer, this time leaving the door open, almost causing her figure to become a silhouetted against the bright light. His chains clinked as he fought to shield his eyes from the assault, and he swore he saw her grin of amusement. She sauntered around where he hung suspended from the ceiling, circling slowly several times before finally stopping behind him.

" I shall ask you one more time, tell me where Montague John Druitt is, or I shall continue to break you to my will, and when you scream for mercy, I shall hunt down every abnormal in this dark city, and force them to endure the same fate" She said coldly, leaning close enough so he could feel her breath on his ear.

She smiled when he shivered and tried to move away, the sadistic grin doing nothing to add to her pale face.

" You will tell me everything" She whispered, allowing her cold lips to touch his skin, unsheathing a knife at the same time. The sound of the metal sliding out of its leather pouch was almost deafening, and he knew he was about to discover just how evil Helen Magnus could be.