A/N: Just recently finished the anime. Absolutely love this anime & this pairing, so I made a drabble. Whee. First fic in like 3-6 months (I forget how long it's been).

Title: He Likes
Author: Hawkeye116
Fandom: Soul Eater
Pairing: SoulxMaka
Word Count: 345

He'll never show it, but Soul likes a lot of things about Maka.

He likes her pigheaded, idiotic determination, because it's invaluable while they're engaging enemies and, well, he finds its so damnably adorable--he'll never, never admit that.

He likes it when Maka holds him, in his scythe form (her hands hold his body strongly, almost in a tight embrace, and it is like they are dancing wildly when she twists and twirls him like the expert scythe meister she is) and his normal human form (even though for half of that time he's unconscious, he can still sense her--always senses her, because she so near his soul).

He likes Maka's cooking. Hell, he loves her cooking. There is nothing so fulfilling as the girl you're living with making your favorite dish for you after a long and crappy day. It almost makes it feel as if they're involved or something (whenever he thinks that, his cheeks and neck flush, and Maka puts her hand on his forehead and asks him if he has a fever).

He likes living with her. It has attuned him to the meaning behind her every movement, every contortion of her face and every interruption in her normally peaceful breathing.

Yeah, so maybe he likes to listen to her breathing when she's asleep on the couch, and maybe he sometimes likes crouching down right next to her face so close that her exhale causes his hair to flutter around.

He especially likes it when she resonates her soul with his, and it makes him swell with a little bit of possessive pride at the fact that he knows her inside and out--he has held her soul in his own--he knows her more intimately than either her father or her mother or any friends she and he have and share.

He likes it when she visits his soul, because then he isn't lonely. He feels full when she's with him.

Okay, so maybe Soul doesn't like a lot of things about Maka. Fine, he'll admit it.

He likes Maka. That's all.