Helen Magnus glared at the offending test tube, its contents obscured by the vapour swirling around the glass vessel as innocently as though it were a passing cloud on a sunny day. She had thought long and hard about what she was about to do, lost many nights sleep and would have grown several grey hairs if such a thing were possible with her somewhat unique genetic makeup.

She had to do this - while the embryo was still viable, while there was still a choice open to her. Over one hundred years ago when she had realised she was pregnant she had had the embryo removed and cryogenically stored, suspending it so she could 'deal' with her fiancée, Montague John Druitt. His attraction for her was still strong, and although she had originally loved him, and still to a degree did, his misdeeds had haunted her and caused the seed of mistrust to grow within her mind. What if he couldn't find some whore to slay to satisfy his bloodlust, what if he came after her instead? Unfortunately he knew about the child, and also wanted to lay claim to it once it was born. Not if she had anything to do with it.

It had been a great many years since she had last seen Druitt, having hidden successfully from him and then burying herself in her fathers work until he passed on, leaving the mansion and the legacy of his work in her more than capable hands. He had tried hard to find her, using his ability to search high and low for that which he thought was his , thankfully she had managed to keep one step ahead of him.

The complications of now bringing the pregnancy to term were enormous. If Druitt surfaced again she couldn't hide as readily or as quickly as she had been able to, especially after the child was born. What if the child had Druitt's ability, her longevity, or some odd combination of the two? There was no way a normal child would be born to two not quite normal parents.

She shuddered at the thought of the word 'parent', it's connotations in relation to her former fiancée were almost unstomachable. Then again, she never considered herself a parent either.

She considered how being a single parent would impact on her future life, there would of course be the pregnancy first, 3 months of morning sickness, aches, bloating and all other sorts of wonderments that a normal woman would go through, let along an abnormal one. Then there was the birthing process itself. Who would deliver her child? She couldn't just book herself into the local hospital, rock up there and neglect to mention that there was no history in her medical file whatsoever. No – she would have to find someone she knew, and trusted with her condition and that of her unborn child. Finally there was raising the child on her own, well not entirely on her own, within a mansion filled with monsters. Education would have to be conducted by herself, as would any medical care that was required.

Somehow all of the problems were kneaded into submission by the strong internal desire born by every woman, to be a mother. To carry a pregnancy, bring a child into the world, raise and mould it into a respectable human being. If only it was so easy.

The test tube mocked her with its innocence, how could something so small cause so much commotion in one person's life?

It was something she wanted no matter the consequences. For once in her life she was in control of her life, doing what she loved, and now was the chance to pass that on to someone else. Making the decision she set the test-tube back into its cryogenic storage and resealed the container. There were many plans to set in place and many preparations before the procedure to reimplant the embryo could take place. But it would take place. She would be a mother.