A/N: This is the beginning of a series of Kataang drabbles I'd like to write. I think all will only have Kataang in common. They might be after the series, during the series, from different POVs. I'd like to experiment! I will update as soon as possible. I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender. R&R, please.

A/N2: Moon blossoms have been fashioned after flowers such as moonflowers or evening primroses. The Gaang still lives in the Upper Ring house.

Aang loved to fly at night. It was epitomic peace. He would step out onto the balcony, open his glider, and soar above the city without half a thought. He looked up at the stars, down at the blinking lights, and felt content.

Tonight he was not quite so content, for he was on a mission.

Aang loved Katara. He loved her more than he loved the air through which he flew. He had kissed her today, and that was why he flew particularly high tonight, why his smile was so wide, and why he performed an extra loop for the little girl looking out her window just as he passed over.

Now he wanted to show her how much he loved her.

He flew outwards, from the Upper Ring beyond Ba Sing Se to the pastoral surroundings between the outer wall and the inner. He remembered passing this particular field on the train, remembered Katara's near-silent whisper of, "Oh… moon blossoms…."

They were rare, delicate flowers that only bloomed during the full moon. Also called the Waterbender's Flower, Katara had wished to see them for many years since she had heard about them from her grandmother. Now, she was faced with hundreds of them on the outskirts of the city. If only she could stop and pick just a single one.

Aang smiled wider, flying in the light of the bright, full moon. In the weeks since arriving in the city, she had all but forgotten the small flowers, but Aang hadn't. This was his moment.

He landed lightly in a veritable cloud of moon blossoms, their pearlescent petals catching the moonlight and shimmering lightly. Each flower was open fully and swayed in the breeze Aang had brought to the prairie. Still smiling, he picked a large bouquet, tied it to his glider, and jetted off, happy to be holding his prize.

Soon, he was on the balcony of his room in the Upper Ring. Thankfully his bouquet had survived. Quickly, he untied the twine around the flowers and dropped them smoothly into the waiting vase on his writing desk. Aang took a piece of paper and wrote briefly on it; then, he carried the arrangement down the hall, his feet never making a sound.

Katara slept in the room two doors down from him. He opened the door silently and placed the vase and card on her writing desk. The door closed behind him a bit louder than he intended, waking her.

She rose, tumbled from sleep, and saw the moon blossoms on her desk. Awed and ecstatic, she rushed to them, touching them fervently. Her eyes traveled to the card next to the vase.