There is no such thing as vampires, there is no such thing as vampires, there is no such thing as -gulp- vampires.

Vampires aren't real, vampires aren't real, vampires aren't -ouch!- real.

I bent over and glanced at my toe that I had rammed into the dresser. It looked fine but hurt severely. I guess that's what I get for pacing in circles and shutting my eyes. I thought that the closing my eyes would make me believe, but now I'm not so sure.

It couldn't be true. Vampires weren't real. Sure there were the mental freaks that thought they were vampires, but they aren't really. I remember watching MSNBC once, it was about a group of teenager who claimed to be vampires and killed this girls' parents. They all went to prison or died. I forget. But they were just insane.

This was different though. A whole island claimed the Cullens to be vampires. It couldn't be true, it just couldn't.

"Bella?" A voice in my room asked. I jumped and felt myself start to sweat.

Oh god...he was in my room! He could quickly pounce on me and drink my blood!

"Bella? Hello?" There was something odd about his voice, it sounded...like he was speaking over a radio. I glanced around to find the reason for his voice and that's when I saw it. The small box attached to wall. They were all over the house, I'm surprised I hadn't seen it before. I walked to it and pressed the talk button.

"Yes?" My voice cracked.

"Did you get my things?" He questioned.

"Yes. There downstairs." All over the floor, I added mentally.

"Bring them to me," He demanded. I felt my eyebrows scrunch, well he's a rude vampire.

As if hearing my thoughts, his voice was heard again, "Please."

"Fine." No it wasn't fine. Not at all. I was probably going to die, he was just making it seem not like that.

I'm on to you Edward Cullen. I'll kill you before you kill me.

I opened my door and quickly fled down the stairs, constantly looking behind me. I should have been paying attention. But it was too late.

My feet missed a few steps, causing me to fall down the stairs and bump into a small table that held a wine glass. It came crashing to the ground, bursting into many pieces that I so stupidly pressed my hand in. The glass jammed into my palm, but I didn't call out in pain. Instead ,I clamped my mouth shut and slowed my breathing.

I was bleeding.

This was very bad for two reasons. Blood makes me sick and blood is what vampires drink. So either A; I could pass out and Edward could feast upon me or B; Edward could drink all my blood while I am fully conscious.

A loud roaring noise from outside caught my attention. The sound came to halt but I could detect that it was a motorcycle or a large vehicle. Carlisle's car made a silent noise, and my truck made a loud noise. But Carlisle was gone and my Chevy was in the garage. It was someone new.

There was a thunderous knock on the door, followed by a "Hey Masen!" I quickly got to my feet, I grabbed a small towel from the counter and gently wrapped it around my palm. The knock continued, I bit my lip. Should I open the door?

"Masen! Open the fuck up! We know you're in there!" Another voice shouted. I walked to the door. In one moment I could unlock it and open it wide to whoever was on the other side. But, from what I could tell the Cullens had kept their living arrangements quiet. Alice probably knew because she was family, but this whole thing seemed strange.

Instead I decided to take a peek who was out there, I reached for the curtain near the door and gripped the velvety material in my left hand. I girpped the window cover in my hand and began a tug, until loud footsteps stomped down the stairs.

"Do not open that curtain," He warned. I was surprised that I immediatly dropped it and backed away from the window and door. My body slammed into his and I was about to kneel down and make a run for it. Instead his hands gripped my arms and kept me locked where I was. My body seemed to contort to his, to fall in like a puzzle.

I looked up at his face, his green eyes were glued to the door and his mouth vibrated as he spoke to himself. I couldn't understand what he was saying, it was like he wasn't saying anything at all. He seemed almost frightened, determination and fear all over his face. He was deep in thought as the crease in his forehead deepened.

"MASEN!! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!" A man screeched as he pounded against the door. With each loud knock I would jump in Edward's hold. This guys were not friends, they were not family, they were dangerous. I could feel it, I could hear it.

Edward seemed to sense my fear, "Bella. I want you to go downstairs to the cellar. Lock the door and do not open it for anyone but me or Carlisle." He let go of me and pushed me toward a brown door in the kitchen.

"How will I know it's you or Carlisle?" I asked.

"We'll knock five times then once," He said immediately. I nodded my head and walked to the door.

"Oh Bella," He called out as he pulled a gun out of a kitchen drawer. Oh god.


"Be safe," He whispered before he began blowing out all the candles in the kitchen. I nodded my head and opened the door, taking one of the still lit candles with me. I walked into the darkness and shut the door, using the feeling of my pained hand to lock it. I slowly walked down the steps, making sure to be safe like Edward had said.

This cellar looked more like a bomb shelter. There were beds, old TVs and radios. Plenty of storage's food and even a cabinet full of guns. There were plenty of candles and matches stacked up in a corner.

What were the Cullens preparing themselves for? World War III? There were medical tools, first aid kits, hypothermia kits, cloths, blankets, everything someone should have for wars and such. It was insane.

I was knocked out of my thoughts by a loud bang from upstairs. The candle dropped from my hand and onto the floor, the light burnt out and I was standing there in fear. My body shook from my toes to the back of my neck. Goosebumps raised from every inch of my skin. More gun shots made me yelp out loud. I covered my mouth with my hand and backed up into a corner.

Tears began to fall from my eyes as I listened to the gun shots from upstairs. Then sobs were released as the shooting stopped. Oh no. Edward.

"Bella!" His voice shouted from the control box. My eyes found the red light and I let out a breath of painful air.

"I need to put on one of those gas masks, hurry!" He demanded. I nodded even though he couldn't see it and looked in the darkness for the group of candles. I quickly ran to the corner and lit a match, bringing the flame to a wick. The room illuminated with light and I quickly turned to find the masks. There they were, hanging from a coat hook. I ran to one and wasted no time in putting on.

Just in time too. A green foggy smoke carried in through a vent near the ceiling. The door busted open, letting in more green smoke. I screamed as the figure began descending down the stairs.


Isabella Marie Swan.

Age 25

Born in Forks, Washington - Raised in Phoenix, Arizona.

English Major.

Allergic to Latex.


But from what I can tell from observation;



Runaway Bride.




I hadn't been to sure of Bella when she first arrived or when I heard that she was coming to stay with us. For all I knew this could have been a set up, one of General Aro's tricks for sure. Why else would Carlisle be telling me over dinner that a young woman was going to live with us? But, Bella has not once tried anything. She'd been loyal.

Up until I found her in my room. She was reading something from one of my many journals. I was going to take it from her, until I decided to test her. To see if this wasn't just a game of curiosity. I let myself get close to her, I felt the soft texture of her skin. I felt her warm, sweet breath of my lips. I saw her brown eyes widen in surprise and excitement.

It was then that I realized she was not part of a trap, that she was genuine. She is so beautiful. I let her take the journal, I let her fill her curiosity enough to find the latest entry.

I couldn't let Bella get close. The only thing I could do would be to make her leave, to make her safe from me and the things around me. It was her only chance of living.

I sent Bella away, into town where she would no doubt here rumors about Carlisle and I. If she feared us and for her life, she'd leave. She's be smart and go away. But something told me that Bella wasn't as smart as she should be, that she'd be the mouse to eat the cheese even though she knew the consequences.

Bella was different.

She needed to be like the rest.

As I sat in my room, waiting for her to bring me my things, I heard a loud rumbling noise. It was then that I knew they had found me. I had gone almost two years without them locating me. I figured I was safe on this small island. I quickly remembered Bella. She was downstairs. I quickly dashed from the door, flinging it open and taking the stairs two at a time.

She was about to open the curtain. Was she trying to get us killed?

"Do not open that curtain," I said softly to her. Immediately she let go and started backing up, she rammed into me. My hands found their way to her arms where I held on tightly.

"MASEN!! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!" It was Felix. Which meant Demetri was with him. The Volturi had found me, it was official. Me and Carlisle would never be safe and now I had brought Bella into this. Not unless they found her. I saw her face look up at me, her fearful eyes searching for something from me. All I could think was not her, anyone but her. I won't lose another person I care about.

"Bella. I want you to go downstairs to the cellar. Lock the door and do not open it for anyone but me or Carlisle." I said, pushing her toward the cellar door. She went, not fighting back one bit.

"How will I know it's you or Carlisle?" She asked.

"We'll knock five times then once," I spoke immediately. It was mine an Carlisle's code knock. We'd used it many times before. She nodded her head and started for the door. I walked into the kitchen and opened up a drawer. As I caught sight of the gun, I whimpered. I hoped I would never have to use it again.

"Oh Bella," I called out.

"Yes?" She replied.

"Be safe," I whispered as I brought the gun into view. I began blowing out the candles for better cover. In the dark I was something different. I could see better, hear clearer, move quicker. I had an advantage in the dark. Bella disappeared in the cellar, I felt relief wash over me. But that all changed as the front door bursted open.

Felix's large frame was blocking most the light, but it still made me drop to my knees. He aimed for me with his gun, the loud sound echoed through the room. I quickly hid behind the counter, shaking off the pain from the light.

"Shut the fucking door. I want to be the one who kills him," Demetri muttered. The door shut and darkness consumed everything. I pulled back up and started shooting at the men, who quickly dodged the bullets and started shooting back.

"Damn. Alec, release the bomb," Felix spoke into a walkie-talkie.

I ran to a box on the other side of a wall, I quickly pressed the cellar button and then the talk.

"Bella!" I shouted into it. "Put on one of the gas masks."

I quickly found my own in the storage room. I slipped into one of the black suits that covered every inch of my skin. I bet I looked like a ninja chemical worker. I slipped the gas mask on as the green fog reached me. I didn't waste any time kicking in the cellar door. Bella was backed up in a corner with the black mask on. I started down the stairs toward her, then remembered the door. I slammed it shut as a bullet hit the frame.

I locked the door and began down to Bella, she backed into the corner. She probably thought I was one of them, I had walked as close as I could get.

"It's me," I spoke. Immediately she calmed. I grabbed her wrist and tugged her toward the small panel blocked by a bed. I pulled the bed away and touched a metal pad that opened the panel.

"Go!" I comanded. She climbed into it and began crawling down the tunnel. I pulled the bed back into place as I climbed in after her. The panel closed shut once I hit the button. I turned and followed Bella down the tunnel, until we were able to stand. Bella had no idea we could since it was dark. But my eyesight was capable of knowing when it was alright.

I raised, bringing Bella with me. I tugged off my mask and she did the same.

"Are we safe now?" She asked.

"For now. It won't be long before they track us down," I said to her as we continued down the tunnel.

"Where are we going? How can you tell? Who were those guys? Are you hurt?" She began to ask questions in a hysteric tone. I sighed as I prepared to answer them.

"We're going to the garage. I have great senses. They are part of The Volturi. And no, I'm not hurt. Are you?" I spoke to her.

She held her right palm up, "A little hurt. But this was from before."

"Good thing were getting Carlisle," If he isn't already dead.

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