Title: Emotions, Revelations and Chaos

Summary: A demon separates Chris' emotions and causes havoc. revelation fic.

Disclaimer: I don't own Charmed or the characters.

Chapter one: A "normal" day

Chris was in the underworld... again. He was trying to get information about who turns Wyatt... again. This particular demon was extremely stubborn about talking. Of course he couldn't hold a candle to Chris' stubbornness, but still it got annoying... often.

"Give me the information that I want." Chris said in a dangerous tone. Warning the demon of the consequences of not talking. "Now." He added with venom in his voice. The demon shuddered slightly having heard stories about this particular white lighter. Rumor had it that he wasn't pacifist... at all. And this demon was starting to realize that. The hard way.

"I... I don't know." The demon stuttered out in fear of being vanquished. He could see the anger flash in Chris' eye's but it was mixed with something more. Desperation perhaps. The demon couldn't be sure because as soon as he noticed this the glint in Chris' eye's disappeared. Chris narrowed his eyes at the demon and looked-if possible- more intimidating then ever. The demon shook nervously and avoided Chris' eyes. When Chris realized that he wasn't going to get an answer of this demon he threw him across the cavern.

"You better have more information next time." Chris snarled to the demon menacingly. Then hearing Paige's voice calling him he added "Or else." and orbed out.


Paige, Phoebe and Piper were waiting in the kitchen for Chris to arrive after Paige called him. Chris appeared in swirling turquoise orbs and looked slightly harassed, but seeing with whom he was dealing with, he slid his emotionless mask back on. Chris slowly counted to 10 in his head, attempting to calm down, before speaking.

"Yes?" Chris asked as calmly as possible. Which wasn't very calm, but not exactly angry either. Piper raised her eye brows, but said nothing. Phoebe and Paige exchanged glances and decided to stay out of the cross-fire that was sure to come.

"We are having a magic free day. No demons and no vanquishes." Piper said to him calmly and smirked at the look of pure frustration on his face. Several different swear words threatened to erupt from Chris, but he bit his tongue... for those words at least.

"No way. Absolutely not Piper. You are NOT canceling again." began Chris in an agitated voice. Didn't they realize that he only wanted to help? Why did they have to keep fighting him at every step?

"You're not telling me... us what to do Chris. We've decided. End of discussion." Piper said in a slightly raised voice and started to exit the room when Chris spoke again.

"Are you insane? Will you get over yourself for like 5 minuets and worry about your son for once." Chris realized that he crossed a line as soon as the words left his mouth. Piper turned around slowly and Chris took a step back. He hung his head and avoided eye contact. Piper walked slowly towards him before stopping a few steps away from him. Chris looked up but hastily looked back at the floor.

"Excuse me?" Piper growled in a dangerous voice. "I always protect my son and love him" Chris felt a fleeting stab of pain. "You have no right to say that to me. If you ever say something like that again I will send you back to the future. Whether you like it or not." Chris looked up and for the first time they could see some real emotion in his eyes. Pain, sadness and fear hovered around his eyes before disappearing as though they were never there. But they were, and still are.

"Fine. If you'd rather have a day off then protect him you do that, but me, I'll be in the attic working on the next demon." Chris said in cold fury. How dare they rather have a 'normal day' then protect Wyatt? Anger was bubbling beneath the surface of his emotionless mask. Before he could say anything else, and probably get kicked out in the process, he orbed out. Piper looked towards her sisters with fury and hatred etched in her face before storming from the room. Paige and Phoebe glanced at each other and worried for Chris' safety. They hurried to find Piper and hopefully stop a murder.


Chris orbed into the attic and fury surging through his veins. He stomped over to the book and began flipping pages with unnecessary force. After a few seconds he stopped and gripped the podium. He squeezed his eye's shut and tried to block out the pain that Piper's words had caused him... again. Why did she keep doing this to him? When Chris came back from the future he was positive that Piper, Phoebe and Paige would be over-joyed to help him if it meant saving Wyatt. He didn't expect their constant distrust. It was absurd. Why did they have to do this? He was only trying to help, but he can't help them if they don't let him. Eventually he sighed in exhaustion but pushed himself to keep looking through the book. He winced as he heard Piper's footsteps echoing up the stairs. He prepared himself for battle and inwardly thought 'oh crap.' This was going to be a very long day.


The demon that Chris interrogated earlier was sitting in his cavern in the underworld with a warlock. They seemed to be discussing a plan.

"So that's all I have to do?" Asked the Warlock suspiciously. These types of plans were never that easy.

"Yep." The demon answered simply and smirked slightly. This was going to be way too easy.

"And I get the book?" The warlock asked for the tenth time. The demon began getting impatient but continued none the less.

"Yes you get the book." He answered. They had been over the plan many times before.

"What's in it for you?" The warlock asked as suspiciously as before. The demon smirked.

"One word: Revenge." The demon answered with a hungry quality to his eyes. The warlock grinned maliciously and got up.

"So explain the plan one more time?" He asked of the demon who sighed but figured that his patience would be well worth it.

"Here's what you do. Just cast the spell to release the white lighter, Chris', emotions. Then while the Charmed Ones are distracted you can grab the book with a similar enchanted sack that they used to steal our grimore." The demon answered snearing. The warlock grinned and began chanting the spell that would really cause some chaos.

"Emotions bottled up to tight

Will be released within this night

Chris' emotions will be set free

The white lighter of the power of 3"

Both demons smiled in an evil leering sort of way and waited for the real havoc to begin.


Piper entered the attic furiously and Chris backed up several steps. He wasn't exactly afraid, but he didn't want to hurt Piper. Or get hurt for that matter. Piper was breathing too heavily to speak for a moment and Chris thanked god for small miracles. Phoebe and Paige came through the door at a much slower rate. There presence seemed to give Piper the strength she needed to speak but it was in seemingly random words.

"How... you... I... never... " Piper stumbled over words she was so pissed. Chris backed up again but Piper advanced.

"I didn't mean it." Chris mumbled trying to defend himself against Piper's wrath.

"What do you mean 'you didn't mean it'?" Piper demanded, using all of her self restraint to not scream. Chris bowed his head hastily and answered quietly.

"Just that I didn't mean it the way you're taking it." Chris winced as Piper let out a menacing growl. He tried again. "I know that you love Wyatt and everything." Chris started. "But" He added fiercely. "there's no reason for you guy's to put a 'normal day' before him." No one saw it coming as, with a howl of rage, Piper ran towards Chris. He was too shocked to react and her hand was a mere blur as she slapped him as hard as she could across the face. The sound resounded around the room and a stinging pain formed in Chris' left cheek. He raised a hand to his cheek and felt more then just the pain in his face. He could feel stabbing pains shooting through his heart. His mother... his protector for years against nightmares, bed bugs and bullies, had just hit him. No freaking way. Paige clapped a hand to her mouth in shock and Phoebe audible gasped. Piper herself looked shocked, but didn't know what else to do.

"Chris... I." Piper began, but was cut of harshly.

"Don't even say you didn't mean it. Because you did." Chris' voice was rough and as sharp as glass. He was trying as hard as possible to keep the tears from falling down. Piper noticed this and sighed, not completely understanding. Then Phoebe, Paige and Piper screamed when Chris began to fall to the ground. Chris was shaking uncontrollably. It looked like he was having a seizure but then Chris split into 4 people. Piper's eye's widened.

"LEO." She screamed to the ceiling before the Chris's could get up. Leo orbed in next to his ex-wife and looked around. A soft "oh" of surprise left his lip's before turning to Piper.

"What the hell happened?" He asked in a shocked voice.

"Well we were arguing. Then I kinda... slapped him. Then we argued again. Then he multiplied." Piper answered with a nervous laugh. Leo looked at the Chris' again and had to suppress a shudder. It was bad enough to have one Chris, but four. Damn this is gonna suck, though Leo. "Ok, ummmm. Phoebe you take the Chris on the far left. Paige you get the one of the right. Leo you take the other one on the left and I'll take this one." They looked at Piper with 'you gotta be kidding me' looks but after a sharp glare they hurried to do what there told.

Chapter 2: Too Many Chris'