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Max's POV

"Fine! If that's how it is, then I'll leave! You won't ever have to deal with me again!" I screamed, tears threatening my eyes.

Without waiting for an answer if I got one, I turned around, not even glancing at the frightened faces around me, and jumped from the high cave cliff, feeling his dark eyes following me. The anger the radiated was practically burning a hole through my back.

I let myself fall for a few moments, too angry to whip out my wings. But finally I did, and the sudden movement jerked me up in a painful swoop. When I finally did reach the height of the cave, I hit turbo, knowing every pair of eyes was watching me in silence. Every pair except one, which had turned away.

And it was the realization that he wasn't watching me, which made that first, and last, tear drip down my cheek, like a lonely raindrop.

The wind whipped around me, chapping my lips, and burning my face. But I kept going, as fast as I could, pushing the boundaries of my speed, testing the limits. And finally, I was where I wanted to be. Away from the pain and hurt and anger. Away from the terrible fight. Away from the people who I had carelessly abandoned. Away from the person who broke my heart.

I hovered a few moments, before descending into the last place I would have ever expected. The guards paid no attention as I strode past them and through the big white doors. White coats swarmed when they realized who I was, and dragged me to the Director. I gave no fight.

"Well, Max, to what do we owe your presence?" she asked, seemingly shocked. I bit my tongue. Why was I here? What did I hope to accomplish?

Suddenly I blurted out the first thing I could think of. "I want you to make me forget. Forget the flock, forget my life, forget my wings, forget everything. I don't want to remember anymore, I don't want to remember anything." Tears rolled down my cheeks, but I didn't care. I realized that I really did want to forget. I really didn't want to remember anything. I just wanted to be blank, to have all my memories washed away.

The white coats, including the Director, stared at me, jaws hanging. Then, smiling to herself more than me, Marian Janssen stood up, walked over and placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked up, my tear streaked face a picture of misery. She looked at me, her face showing as much sympathy as I thought she was capable, and it looked half genuine. As if she really did feel sorry in some part of her black heart.

"Oh, Max. Anything we can do to help." I ignored the fake motherly tone, but smiled at the thought she was going to help. "Come with me. We'll see what can do." and leading me by my hand, she kindly walked me into another room.

She sat me down in a seat, and even though it was rather uncomfortable, I felt safe. She placed a few electro thingies on my head, attached a few wires and gave me an injection. For a moment, my mind flashed with regret.

But I dismissed it before it got the better of me. And as I lapsed into unconsciousness, I felt… almost happy.

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