Kisame POV

tap tap tap tap

The rhythmic sound of feet hitting bark usually calmed me, but for some reason, I was restless.

Call it My 'animal instinct' but I was getting the feeling that something BIG was going to happen.

At MY expense.

The mission had been a short one, supposed to last about two days or so, yet the man I was supposed to murder had decided to take a little vacation and I was required to stay in the village waiting for his return next week. During this time, I had plenty of time to let my mind wander and it always seemed to come to the same conclusion- Deidara. Smiling, chasing Tobi, making his 'art', swimming, everything was Deidara, Deidara, Deidara.

Some nights, I had the most vivid and wonderful dreams of Deidara's pale skinned, muscular body sprawled on my bed underneath me, his unruly blond hair thrown wildly over the pillow and a mixed look of caring, love and lust, dragging Kisame down in to the endless sea blue of his eyes...

I would wake up flustered and hot, with a little... problem in the south. I believe there was a song to describe this written by some band 'the Lonely Island' but I can't be certain.

Anyways, one thing was certain- I wanted him. Damn, I needed him. I can't live without him now, it's like eating a nice meal, then returning than the usual cheap shit Kakuzu makes us eat- you can never go back.

Crappy analogy.

Either way, I couldn't wait to get home and finally find out I was wrong, and nothing was different.

I obviously didn't account for all the spare time Deidara might have had to plot, or the consequences of it.

To be honest, I thinking of the great meal I had just had.

3rd Person POV

The base was now back to it's busy, bustling self- Sasori was working on his Sakura puppet- much to Pein's unhappiness- Deidara was chasing after Tobi, Hidan was sacrificing some random civilian he picked up on the mission, Itachi was reading, Konan was building a house of cards, and Kakuzu was helping leader with the finances. Yes, in other words- chaos.

Kisame hardly had time to get in the door before he was crashed into and knocked into the wall.

"Kisame-sempai, save Tobi!" wailed the masked boy sarcastically, clinging to Kisame's coat "With your-"

Unfortunately, the boy never got to finish his sentence before Deidara knocked him over the head and threw the taller man aside before clinging to the baffled ninja himself.

"Damn it Tobi, he's MINE, un! Go tell that to your uke... seme... whatever!" he whined, wrapping his arms around Kisame and snuggling into his chest.

"U-uh..." Kisame muttered, slightly flustered and confused- he had never seen Deidara act this way before, and it was slightly scary.

"Kisa, un?"

"Y-yeah?" he responded quickly, realizing Deidara had pushed him the short way down the hallway to their room and he was back against the wall.

"Wanna play a game with me,un?" he mused, sounding quite coy.

"Um, I-I uh, what- You, I... sure?" he said, still confused and slightly aroused- which just made him more confused.

At this Deidara put on a sly grin.

Yes! My plan is working,un! he thought, looking at the slight tent in his partners pants.

"Great! Now just sit right here, un, and don't look!" the blonde giggled and ran into the bathroom.

Now that Kisame was alone, he could panic in peace.

What was THAT about?! Seriously! Could I be any more of an idiot?! I mean, why would he be coming on to me? ME?! I mean... Sure I love him, but... I couldn't bear to hurt him, like Hidan says it does. I would be crushed. He rambled on in his head, his mind wandering to his dreams of the blond bomber, the tent in his pants growing relatively larger.

"Alright, open your eyes, yeah!" came Deidara's chirpy voice.

Kisame obeyed, almost losing all self control to his 'animal instincts' at the sight before him.

Thee was Deidara alright, but he was Definitely different. Or should I say 'she'?

Deidara was standing there, wearing nothing but a small red dress, that fit nicely along his strong and defined hips. He looked almost like a woman.

He moved towards the entranced man, swinging his hips slightly, before wrapping his arms around the others neck and pulling him in for a slow, heated kiss.

They're tongues entwined, as Deidara pulled kisame's into his mouth, and moving his way onto his lap.

Deidara moved his hands to kisame's strong, cloaked chest and started to remove it, causing the blue man to snap back to reality.

"Wait, wait, wait! Before you start to do that kind of thing, tell me what the hell is going on!" he snapped, trying to reattach the buttons Deidara had undone.

"Because frankly, your starting to scare me. I mean, Why, and are dressed like.. well, that?" he said, waving his hand over the skimpy dress.

"um, well, because... Kakuzu-and-Zetsu-were-going-at-it-the-other-day-and-every-one-else-has-done-it-so-I-thought-you-didn't-want-to-do-this-to-me-because-you-didn't-love-me-yeah!\" he blurted out blushing furiously near the end. "S-so I thought If I dressed up as a girl you might want to more, you know, yeah?"

A moment of silence passed before Kisame started to snicker, and pulled Deidara on top of him, laying down on the bed and kissing him sloppily.

"I'll always love you! I was just afraid of hurting you like Hidan says, or going to fast." he smiled, pushing the bangs out of Deidara's big blue eyes. "If you really want to go through with this, we'll do this your way."

"Thanks Kisa, un." whispered the blond, moaning when Kisame shifted and rubbed his erection against his thigh. "If you wouldn't mind, I have a suggestion... can I be seme, un?"


Kisame quickly took of his cloak, shirt, and everything else until he was sitting on the bed in his boxers. He moved his strong hands over to Deidara's waist, running them up and down, feeling up his body through the thin fabric of the cocktail dress. Once he reached the hips, he stopped, a little uncertain about how far his hands were, when Deidara got impatient, and moved his hands down Kisame's boxers,and moving his hips up, so that Kisame's calloused hands now rested on his thighs. He quickly started to pump him, earning a throaty, growl-like moan.

Not wanting to be undone, the shark like man pushed up the edge of the dress, revealing his swelled member. Using his hands to push his legs apart,, kisame leaned down, and started to lick along his "seme's" member, blushing furiously.

Suddenly, Deidara pushed him off, laying him against the bed, as the blond moved his hand to Kisame's entrance, surprising him when his hand mouth started to lick at it, whilst his other hand and mouth, we're tweaking his nipples.

Kisame could hardly contain his arousal, considering his clothing predicament and let out a series of groans, and moans or pleasure.

Kisame clutched Deidara's body to his, and pressed his lips to Deidara's ear "Please, I need you."

These words hit Deidara like a tidal wave, and he ripped of Kisame's boxers, and his little red dress. He quickly moved one finger to his entrance, pushing it inside with ease from his hand mouthes saliva, and pushed it in and out quickly. He then put in a two more fingers and started to stretch the entrance.

Kisame was in an awkward position, and feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

He was relieved when the fingers we're removed, wrapping his legs around Deidara's slim, muscular body.

Deidara moved his member to Kisame's entrance, leaning on top of him before inching in slowly, allowing Kisame to get used to his average sized member. By the time he was half way in, Kisame grabbed his ass, pushing him inside of the tight heat completely, causing both of them to moan deeply.

Deidara had never felt this kind of pleasure before, and he couldn't contain his need anymore, and he started to pound into the bigger man beneath him and a mind numbing pace.

On the other hand, Kisame was experiencing a whole new kind of pleasure. Having Deidara pound into him and brush his prostate was an exhilarating feeling, on top of the friction Deidara's body was giving his hard member.

The two were moaning, and Deidara was practically screaming Kisame's name, when Deidara moved slightly, and hit Kisame's prostate dead on, unleashing Kisame's orgasm, as his muscles spasmed around Deidara's member, and he moaned Deidara's name over and over, releasing his semen on his seme's face. During this time, Deidara was in heaven, and he was seeing white spots in his vision. After a few more thrusts, he released his semen inside of Kisame, pulling out as he finished, spilling it on the sheets slightly.

The two of them lay there panting, side by side, sweat and semen dripping down their bodies, as Kisame leaned down and kissed Deidara lovingly, and whispering in his ear.

"I love you."

"Me too, un."

And they both floated off to sleep.

3rd person POV

The akatsuki learned a good lesson that day- their base needed to be soundproofed and there was a REALLY nice echo in the kitchen.

Everyone had stayed to hear the activities going on in the swordsman and bombers room -well except for one.

Btu Itachi doesn't really count.