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A calm silence enveloped the car, wrapping itself around the occupants as they sped across the streets of DC.

"Are you nervous?" Booth asked suddenly breaking the silence that Brennan had grown accustom to.

"Nervousness, while useful in warning of danger, is entirely useless in this particular situation," she replied without looking away from the window. Though the answer didn't divulge her true feelings, Booth gave their joined hands a squeeze of sympathy and she couldn't hide the small smile that ghosted across her face.

The silence persisted as they edged closer to their destination and Booth watched as her foot, tapping softly at first, increased tempo against the carpet. When the hospital came in sight, the grip on Booth's hand tightened almost imperceptivity. The car rolled to a stop and Booth moved to open the door but Brennan's hold stopped him.

"Come in with me," she half-asked, her eyes betraying far more than she would have liked.

"Okay," he replied with a soft smile, gripping her hand once more.


"Ngggh," Brennan ground out, her face red and sweat covered.

"Come on, you can do it," Tara encouraged her patient. They stood at the parallel bars, Brennan attempting to pull herself from the chair without using her upper body. The braces remained secure on her legs and Tara was situated between the bars while Booth stood to the side, practically jumping to help.

Bones finally lifted herself up, supporting her weight on the parallel bars, her feet dangling beneath her. Tara kneeled down adjust Brennan's legs and then stepped away, much to Bones' surprise.

"Okay, walk towards me," Dr. Young instructed, raising a brow in challenge. Brennan gulped a few more large breaths.

"You've got to be kidding me," she said between inhales.

Tara shrugged, "Unless this is as far as you want to get. Your choice."

Booth held back a laugh as Bones' eyes narrowed at the blatant dare. Rising from his seat against the wall, he walked over to the bars hoping to give some encouragement. Brennan took a final breath and pressed her lips together again in determination. Bracing herself once more, her arms shook as she put all of her energy into moving her quivering leg muscles.

"Come on Bones," Booth whispered, praying harder than he had in his life. Everyone in the room watched quietly as Brennan's left leg, trembling wildly beneath her, began to slowly rock forward. Brennan's lips stayed clenched together, along with her eyes, and she grunted and wheezed, trying to continue making the muscles move. Her foot, hovering an inch above the floor, slowly dropped down in front of her and she finally exhaled, the relief evident on her face.

"You did it Bones!" Booth exclaimed, rushing forward to catch her weight. Everyone was beaming, and Tara walked forward to the pair.

"How does it feel to know you're going to walk again?"

She could only smile in response.


One Year Later

Blue connected with blue as Brennan stared at herself one last time in the mirror, caressing the soft crème silk of her dress. It was simple and elegant, draping softly over her curves and making her glow. She hadn't been in anything this formal since that night, but somehow, it felt right.

"Sweetie, you look beautiful," Angela said softly from behind her, making a final fix on the elegant bun Brennan's hair was swept up into.

"I'm ready," she said, surprised at the lack of terror she felt. Brennan took a steadying breath and turned to the large oak doors she had observed many times in the past few months.

"I am so proud of you," her best friend whispered in her ear as she gave her a final, tight hug before slipping through the door.

"It's time," Max said with a rueful smile, eyes glistening with emotion. Brennan nodded, her own smile gliding into place.

"Thank you dad," she gripped the grizzled man in a quick hug tightly. The doors opened again, and the strains of the organ floated to her. The crowd turned to look at her and her periphery observed their cheerful faces, but her eyes remained locked on the man yards away who beamed at her liked she'd never seen.

Looking reflexively at her left hand again and the simple diamond ring the adorned it, she smiled, feeling more sure of her decision than ever. Booth looked at her happily from the alter (getting married at the church was a sacrifice she'd been willing to make) and she beamed back at him.

"Ready?" Max questioned softly.

Placing her left in front of her right, like she'd practiced so many times before, she smiled back, "More than ever."


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