J acob and Emmett????

disclaimer: i dont own twilight but, i wish i did!! Great job Stephanie!

Emmetts pov:

" Why is that cocky mutt walking around the hallways?" I say to Rose.

" Maybe hes trying to look popular and trying to check us hotties out." Yep, thats Rose for you, full of herself.

Jacob was prancing around the hallways like he actually smelt good. In our dreams.

Rose and I, sitting next to Jasper and Edward, were chatting away, and making fun of the dog over there.

"Hey J and Ed, what do you think of Jacob checking out your ladies behinds?" I say, trying to make some conflict. I could hear a faint growl escape both Edwards and Jaspers mouth.

"Frankilly, it pisses me off!"Edward yells, catching the attention of Mike.

Jacob must of heard us making fun of him. He pranced over to the stairs of the school and sat down, like he was one of us.

"Rose, would you please go fetch me a spring water, a little bit of lemon?" That arrogant little mutt needs to shut his mouth before Edward cooks him for breakfeast, I think to myself.

"Hahahaha! Yummmy Emmett." Edward says sarcastically

Minutes pass as Rosealie thinks up lame comeback, or even anwser.

In a hushed tone, Rose says, "Get the hell out of here, jacob" Good job Rose!

"What wrong leech? To afraid to be a real woman and serve a man?" Jacob growls, antoganizing Rose.

"Hey doggy, I'm more of a man than you'll ever dream of being!!" Catfight please!

"Yeah, actually, thats right. Your even more manly than Emmett."Jacob says on the verge of laughter.

"Oh now its on. I don't mind if you call Rose manly", Rose gasped," but when you call Rose more manly than me, oh buddy, its on!" I run up to him but his hairy arms are there on contact. He pushes me back onto the stairs and i'm pissed.

This time he runs up to me. I brace myself, but there's no need. He stopped right in front of me and looked right into my eyes.

"Oh my god." Jacob says.

"I'm still gonna beat you up, ya know!"I said.

"Can I take a raincheck for that? Because i think.....i think i just.....imprinted on you."