Jacob and Emmett?

Chapter 2

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"What the hell is your problem?" I yelled as Jacob stared into my eyes.

"Dude, you have no idea. I always thought I would imprint on Bella or even Nessie, but really, I can't believe it's you!" Jacob said in disbelief.

Jasper walks up to Bella, also sitting on the stairwell.


"Hey dummy, I know that Jacob imprinted on Emmett. So shut up and let me watch this stupid, but exciting flight thingy" Bella yells at Jasper.

"Now we can start a life together!" I said sarcastically.

Jacob says," Do you think I wanted to imprint on you? Really... look at you!!"

"Whats wrong with my appearance?" I scream

"Look at your face, its.. its cute...WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!" Jacob is now talking to himself.

"You got problems dude..."I say under my breath.


"So yesterday, I found out that I had imprinted on Emmett, it disgusting!!" I overhear Jacob telling Nessie.

"Yummy..." Nessie says under her breath.

I walk over to Edward and tell him that this has got to stop, right now.

"Man, this guy wants to marry me! I didnt even know that werewolves could be gay!!!

"Neither did I, Emmett." Edward says sympitetically.

"Theres nothing I can do for you." Jacob says to Emmett, "I cant help my true feeling. I cant help but feel that something here just isnt right.."

He runs after me. Untill I was out of breath. But about a mile into the chase, he changed into wolf form. So he was gaining.

I was running to the resteraunt, off the main road in forks. I tripped and fell, i dont know why though. And my microphone for the voice changer fell out and then the mask came off. He turned around and changed into human form. He also gasped.

"ALICE!?!?!?!?!!! I am in love with ALICE? OMG"

The story heats up next chapter... ENJOY!