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I had intended this to be in my Oneshots, but I wanted more in it, so it will be more of a mini-story for me. It will only be about four chapters long.

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To explain, starts as Pride and Wish, but ends up Puppy and Puzzle. Not much action on Pride and Wish. More mentioned than shown.

Summary: Yugi is dating Joey, and Yami is dating Seto. When Yami discovers Seto and Joey sleeping together, Yami demands that Yugi be told the truth. When everyone knows the truth, Yugi and Yami turn to each other for comfort as they always do. But what if they found more in each other?

Warnings: cheating, lemon later

Note: This isn't exactly Seto and Joey bashing. It could be interpreted as that, but I don't see it as that.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Chapter 1- Yami's Discovery

Yami had been in a relatively good mood. He was going over to see his boyfriend, Seto Kaiba.

Yami and Seto had started dating six months before. It had surprised Yami when the cold CEO had asked him out, but was rather excited about it.

It was Seto's birthday, so Yami had decided to go that night and see Seto.

Yami used his key to get into the mansion.

No one was around, which was a surprise for that time of night.

With a smile, Yami headed upstairs to surprise his boyfriend. Yami took a deep breathe before he walked into the master bedroom.

Yami's eyes widened in shock and horror.

Seto and Joey were in bed together.

Seto was thrusting in and out of Joey as the two moaned.

Yami stood frozen as he watched his boyfriend have sex with someone who was supposedly Yami's friend.

"Seto! Ah! So good! Don't stop!" Joey moaned.

"Joey! So tight! So hot! I love you!" Seto groaned.

Yami left the room quickly, not wanting to see anymore of the scene.

Yami had gone to the park and was walking around aimlessly. He was dumbstruck by what he saw, but the hurt was slowly creeping up on him.

'I can't believe this! I can't believe that Seto was screwing Joey! I thought that Seto actually cared about me! I thought that Joey was my friend!' Yami thought angrily.

Yami had believed that Seto meant it when he said that he loved Yami, but Yami now saw that Seto didn't love him at all. 'And to think that I was going to give him my first time tonight. At least I saved myself from a big mistake.' Yami thought.

The fact that his boyfriend of six months had cheated on him with someone that was one of his closest friends wasn't what bothered Yami the most.

What bothered Yami the most was the fact that Joey was dating Yugi at the time, and the fact was that Joey had also cheated on Yugi.

'I thought that Joey cared about Yugi. How can I tell Yugi that Joey and Seto are screwing each other behind our backs?' Yami asked himself.

Yami didn't know how he could break the news to his Hikari that their boyfriends were sleeping together behind their backs. He cared for Yugi so much, but he knew that he couldn't let Yugi get hurt anymore than he already would be.

Still, Yami didn't know if he would be able to break Yugi's heart like that. He knew Yugi had a right to know, but he didn't know how badly it would hurt Yugi.

Yami's phone rang. He took it out and looked at the caller ID. "Hi, Yugi." Yami said when he answered the phone, trying his best to keep the pain out of his voice.

"Hey, Yami. I was just wondering if you would be coming home tonight." Yugi said.

"No. I was actually going to be heading home in a minute, Aibou." Yami said.

"Okay. I'll see you when you get home then." Yugi said.

"Okay, Aibou. Bye." Yami said and hung up. He let out a sigh and got up. 'I need to go home and figure out how to break this news to Yugi.' Yami thought. He started to the Game Shop.

Joey and Seto lay in Seto's bed together after making love.

"So, how was that for a birthday present?" Joey asked.

"I think that it was the best birthday present that I ever got." Seto replied.

"I don't think that Mokuba could give you something like that." Joey said.

Seto chuckled. "Okay. The best birthday present I got from a non-relative." Seto said.

"That's better." Joey said as he yawned.

Seto kissed the top of Joey's head and held Joey tightly in his arms. "Go on to sleep, Puppy." Seto said.

"Okay. Good night, Dragon. I love you." Joey said.

"I love you, too." Seto replied.

The two soon drifted off to sleep.

Yami arrived back at the house. "Yugi, are you here?" Yami asked.

"Yeah. I'm in the living room." Yugi called.

Yami walked into the room and found Yugi sitting on the couch, already in his star pajamas. "Hi, Yugi. What are you doing?" Yami asked.

"Not much. Joey couldn't go out tonight, so I'm stuck." Yugi said.

Yami internally winced. "What were you going to do?" Yami asked.

"I thought that I would watch a movie." Yugi answered.

"You want me to join you?" Yami asked.

"If you want." Yugi replied.

"All right. I'll go upstairs and change." Yami said and headed upstairs.

Yugi was looking for a movie when Yami came back downstairs.

"Problem, Aibou?" Yami asked.

"I don't know what to watch. Do you have any preference?" Yugi asked.

"No. Not really." Yami replied.

Yugi then looked back at Yami. "Wasn't Seto's birthday today?" Yugi asked.

"Yeah. It was." Yami replied.

"Why didn't you do and see him tonight then?" Yugi asked.

"Well, he was busy, so I decided to leave." Yami answered.

"Oh. Okay." Yugi said. He found a movie and said, "How about Transformers?"

"That's fine." Yami said.

Yugi put in the movie and got back on the couch.

Yami felt bad for lying to Yugi, but he didn't want to have to tell Yugi the truth just yet. He was still dealing with it himself, so he wanted to wait at least until the next day before he told Yugi the truth.

The movie played, and Yugi ended up snuggling up against Yami, and Yami ended up with his arm around Yugi.

It wasn't unusual. They ended up in this position watching movies all the time.

Yami ended up playing with Yugi's bangs. It was strange that having Yugi in his arms just seemed right at the moment.

When the movie ended, Yami found that Yugi was fast asleep in his arms.

Yami smiled at his cute Hikari and scooped Yugi up into his arms before he carried Yugi upstairs and put him in his own bed. Yami then went back downstairs and put the movie up and back on the shelf. He then turned off the TV and sat down.

Yami let out a sigh. 'What am I going to do about Yugi? I need to tell him what Seto and Joey are doing. It's going to hurt him, but it would be better that he found out this way than the way I did. Before I do that, I am confronting Seto.' Yami thought determinedly.

Seto was working in his office the next day. He was rather happy after the night that he had spent with his puppy.

The intercom buzzed.

"What is it, Karen?" Seto asked his secretary.

"Yami Mutou is here."Karen answered.

"Send him in." Seto said.

Yami walked in.

"Hi, Yami. I'm kind of busy." Seto said as he went back to work.

"What I have to say won't take long." Yami answered as he walked over.

"Well, say it fast." Seto said.

"Look at me." Yami said.

Seto looked up only to wind up knocked out of his chair and on his ass. He put a hand to his stinging cheek. He couldn't believe that Yami had just punched him. He looked up, about to shout when he saw the anger burning in Yami's crimson eyes.

"You are nothing, but a conceited, self-centered bastard!" Yami growled.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Seto asked, getting on his face. "Why did you just hit me?!" Seto demanded.

"You want to know why I hit you? Because right now, it's the only way to alleviate my anger without murdering you." Yami growled.

"What are you going on about?' Seto asked, getting irritated.

"What did you do last night?" Yami asked.

"I was working." Seto answered.

"Really? I came by last night to surprise you. I was surprised when I found no one there." Yami said.

Seto looked up nervously. "You-came by?" Seto asked.

"Yes. I was even more surprised when I walked into your bedroom and saw you fucking Joey Wheeler!" Yami said angrily.

"Yami, please. I can explain." Seto said.

"Don't bother. You obviously didn't mean it when you said you loved me, given you said that to Joey. You knew Yugi was dating Joey, but you two decided to fuck each other and forget about us." Yami said.

"Yami, I just-" Seto started.

Yami held up his hand. "I don't want excuses. I came here to tell you I knew, and to tell you its over." Yami said.

"Fine. Then leave." Seto said. He wasn't bothered because he knew that he was going to end it with Yami soon anyway.

"Also, tell Wheeler that he has until seven tonight to tell Yugi the truth about what you two have been doing, or I am telling him. Also, tell Wheeler that if I see him, he'll have a bruise to match yours." Yami said before leaving the office.

Seto sat down. He frowned. 'I'd better call and warn Joey.' Seto thought, picking up his phone.

Yugi was eating breakfast with Joey. "Did you get what you needed to do done last night, Joey?" Yugi asked.

"Yeah. I did, Yug." Joey replied. He felt guilty about lying, but he couldn't tell Yugi where he had really been. As much as he loved Seto, he didn't know how to tell Yugi.

Yugi had given Joey the chance to be honest. Yugi may have been naïve and innocent in some ways, but he knew that Joey was cheating on him. He didn't with whom, but he knew Joey was unfaithful to him.

'Joey, I wish you would either tell me, or dump me. I can't take this much longer.' Yugi thought.

"So, what did you do last night?" Joey asked.

"Not much. Yami and I watched a movie. I fell asleep before it ended." Yugi said.

"Oh. Okay." Joey said. 'Man. If Yami ever finds out what Seto and I have been doing, he'll kill me. More for hurting Yugi then hurting him.' Joey thought, knowing how protective of Yugi Yami was.

Joey phone range. He looked and saw that it was Seto. He decided not to answer it.

"Who was it?" Yugi asked.

"I didn't recognize the number. If I don't know the number, I don't answer." Joey answered.

Yugi nodded.

After breakfast was finished, Yugi and Joey headed to their separate jobs.

As he went, Joey called Seto back.

"Why didn't you answer before?!" Seto demanded.

"Because I was having breakfast with Yugi. If he knew I was talking to you, then he would get suspicious." Joey said.

"The hell if he gets suspicious! Joey, Yami was just in my office." Seto said.

"So?" Joey asked, knowing that Yami was Seto's boyfriend technically.

"Joey, Yami came to the mansion last night. He saw us sleeping together." Seto said.

"What?! " Joey exclaimed.

"Yeah. He punched me and gave me a bruise. He also said that you have until seven tonight to tell Yugi the truth, or he will. You also need to avoid Yami. He was pissed, and he'll hurt you if he sees you." Seto said.

"Thanks for the tip. I'll avoid Yami. I guess I'll tell Yugi today." Joey said.

"Okay, Puppy. I'll see later." Seto said.

"Okay. Bye." Joey said and hung up. 'I am a dead man. There is no way that I am going to live if Yami gets his hands on me.' Joey thought.

Yami had been walking around Domino when he came across Tristan and Tea.

"What are you two doing here?" Yami asked.

"Neither of us had to work today, so we thought that we would spend the day together." Tea answered.

"That's nice." Yami said.

"What are you up to?" Tristan asked.

"Not much." Yami said.

"Something wrong?" Tea asked, seeing Yami's downhearted expression.

"Well, I'm sore at Seto and Joey." Yami said.

"What did they do?" Tristan asked.

"Well-" Yami started.

"What is it?' Tea asked.

Yami sighed. "Come on. Let's go somewhere we can talk privately." Yami said.

The group was close to Tristan's apartment, so they went there.

Once in the living room, Tea and Tristan sat down on the couch while Yami sat in the recliner.

"What's up, man?" Tristan asked.

Yami sighed. "Well, yesterday was Seto's birthday, so I went over there last night to see him." Yami said.

"So?" Tristan asked.

"I meant to surprise him, but I got the surprise." Yami said.

"What do you mean?" tea asked.

"I saw Seto and Joey in bed together. They were having sex." Yami said.

"What?!" Tristan and Tea shouted at the same time.

"I don't believe it! I can't believe that my best friend would do this!" Tristan exclaimed.

"Yami, are you okay?" Tea asked.

"I don't know. I'll be honest. I didn't love, Seto, but I did care about him. It hurt that he did this to me." Yami said. His expression turned angry. "But I am angrier that Joey did this to Yugi." Yami said.

"Does Yugi know?" Tea asked.

"No. Not yet. I went to see Seto this morning. After punching him and telling him I knew, I told Seto to tell Joey that if he didn't tell Yugi the truth by seven tonight, I was telling him. Also told him to tell Joey that I would punch him as well if I saw him." Yami said.

"I don't believe this." Tristan said.

"Believe it." Yami said.

"Will you tell Yugi?" Tea asked.

"If Joey doesn't, yes. Yugi didn't deserve this." Yami said.

"Neither of you did." Tea said softy.

Yami sighed. "Thanks for listening. I feel a lot better now." Yami said.

"No problem." Tea said.

Seto looked out his wonder. He rubbed his sore cheek. He had no doubt that there was a bruise.

'I do regret hurting Yami, but I love Joey. I just hope he does tell Yugi soon.' Seto thought.

Seto knew that Yami would hurt Joey if he got his hands on him, and he didn't want that to happen.

"We should have been honest upfront, but we didn't think that night." Seto said to himself.


Joey and Seto were both in a club at night. They had just happened to run into each other.

"What are you doing here, Mutt? Why aren't you with your little boyfriend?" Seto asked.

"I'm here alone because Yugi went to a game convention with his grandfather and Yami. I'm sure you knew that moneybags." Joey snapped.

"Maybe. I'm surprised that you came out." Seto said.

"Oh, shut up." Joey said.

"Make me." Seto retorted.

Before the two knew it, they were kissing.

"That was-" Joey started.

"Incredible." Seto finished.

The two then kissed again.

"My place or yours?" Joey asked.

"Who's closer?" Seto asked.

"You." Joey said.

"Let's go." Seto said, grabbing Joey and dragging him out of the club.

~End Flashback~

"We didn't think, but we love each other. That's all there is to it." Seto said.

Joey was at his job, but he was having trouble concentrating.

"Damn it! I was hoping to have more time to figure out how to tell Yugi everything. If I don't, Yami's going to kill me.' Joey thought.

Joey sighed. 'Who am I kidding? Seto and I have been seeing each other for over two months. I could have told him sooner.' Joey thought.

Joey was going to have to tell Yugi, but he didn't know how. He hadn't wanted to hurt Yugi.

'I know this will hurt, but I guess I'll be upfront with him.' Joey thought.

Hope you liked it.

Next: Yugi finds out the truth.

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