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Elaina's Story

It was a dark and gloomy July day for Elaina Snape because she was at her mothers funeral. She stood there, tall and brave without shedding a single tear. She would have to leave her beautiful French flat now to go live with her father whom she barely knows in England. She is only 16 and would not come of age until May, so she has no choice. He is the only family she has left. Her grandparents died about 6 years ago and it has just been her and her mother ever since. She loved her mother more then anything in the whole world. She was so young, only in her late 30's. But her body was no match for dragon pox. So common yet just as deadly if not treated right a way. And her mother was ignorant to the symptoms. Now she is gone and has left her daughter alone with a man she doesn't even know. In many ways she wanted to be angry at her mother, but now was not the time.

Elaina Josephine Snape stood 5'5" and had long black curls that reached just above her waist. She had pale skin and a tiny frame. What astonished people most were her eyes which were a deep violet with specks of onyx. She was very smart and was top of her class at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She knew everything about anything and the professors loved her. She loved to read and was constantly in the library. Of course she wasn't all books and no fun. Elaina Snape very popular with her fellow students. She was very stylish and only wore the best wizard designers like Louis Vitton, Armani, and Dulce&Gabana. Even though they were Wizards, muggles knew who they were, they just didn't know they were wizards.

Her mother left her everything including money, estates, and businesses. When her mother was on her death bed with only minutes left she called her daughter to her side and gave her a large jar with silvery fluid. Her mother had given her the pensive and her diary because she wanted her to know everything. Why she left her father, why they lived in France and what happened before she was born. Her mother made her promise not to look at them until after she was gone and to do so only by herself. She then remembers what her mother said to her.

"Elaina, what you will see will not be pleasant, but I want you to know the truth. I did what I did to protect you because I love you so much. Always remember that. Promise me you wont grieve too long chérie."

"I promise mother. I love you so much and I can't bear to be without you. Please don't leave me.." she was sobbing into her mothers blanket.

"Mon ami, you know if I had known I was sick I would have gotten better faster. I am so sorry to leave. But I will always be with you. Remember I will be watching over you so you better not get into any trouble." that made Elaina laugh. "Anytime you need me just close your eyes and think of me. I will be here inside your heart" and she touches Elaina's chest where her heart is supposed to be. "Never doubt that I loved you. Never think for one second that I regret having you for a daughter because you were my life. There is nothing I would rather have then you." she closes her eyes and Elaina panics.

"mother no! Not yet please no!"

"shh chérie, its alright. I'm still here, but I cant hold on any longer. I love you Elaina always... and... for.... ever..." and with that last word she breathed her last breath. Elaina sobbed into her mothers arms until the healer came and pulled her away and held her. Elaina didn't know the healer but she just needed someone to hold her.

What was she going to so without her mother? She and her mother were very close. And now she had to go live with a father she never even met and he didn't even know she existed. Now he does and he wants her to come stay with him. All she knows of this man is his name is Severus Snape and he and her mother were in love when they were very young. Thats it. She doesn't know how they broke up or why he never knew her. Her mother told her it was all in the pensive. She also told her it was unpleasant.

Elaina stood as they lowered her mothers coffin into the ground and she threw a last lily in. it was her mothers favorite flower. When she asked her mother one time why the lily was her favorite she responded, "my best friends name was Lily" and that was it. She never explained and the subject was forgotten. Maybe the pensive had the answers.

She had gotten an owl earlier in the day from her father explaining when she would be coming

Dear Elaina,

I am sorry for your loss. I just received an owl from your mothers lawyer not 20 minutes ago. I am sorry I could not accompany you to her funeral. I need time to think. After all I just found out that I have a daughter. But we can discuss that when you arrive. I am sending my friend Lucius Malfoy to come get you. He will be at your flat via floo tomorrow at noon. Please be ready and I am very sorry again that I cannot come get you.


Severus Snape

Her things were already packed and she was ready. She had one last night in the home she grew up in and that was it. She would not be able to come back until she was 21 when all of the possessions her mother left her become hers. She walked to her room and laid on her bed and cried herself to sleep.

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