The Prestigious and The Poor

Chapter: 06

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"Alright so here's the thing: I'm aiming for glamorous but retro, you know the old but still stylish. Think, Marilyn Monroe. Think, Dita Von Teese—What? Too much?"

The girls shake their head. "Why don't we just find a pile of stuff and try it on and see what looks best?" I suggest.

Ino shrieks in mock horror. "Honey! That's disgraceful! You always need to plan—"

"Sure, why not." Tenten chirps.

Hinata nods. "I'll go find something from Prada maybe."

Ino heaves a sigh of defeat and just shrugs her shoulder lamely. "Whatever, might as well listen to the Queen Bee." She mocks me and I just stick my tongue out playfully at her.

Tenten rolls her chocolate brown eyes. "Guys—Are we gonna shop or what? Frankly, I don't have much time because Neji is taking me out tonight."

"My cousin is taking you out on a date? Wow, how much did you pay him Tenten?" Hinata laughs her infamous quiet laugh.

Ino and I giggle when Tenten turns bright red.

"I—I didn't bribe him with anything! He just—uh you know—thought we should spend more 'alone' time together. Yeah, gosh you people are heartless." Tenten stomps her way out of the changing room and turns to look at us with slitting brown eyes. "Look, are we gonna continue shopping or not?" She huffs but the girls and I continue to giggle at her anger. It's quite funny when she gets defensive over her relationship with Hyuuga Neji.

Ino runs out and wrap her slender tanned arm around Tenten's shoulder, smiling profusely.

"It's okay Chocy," —that's Tenten's nickname we sometimes call her by if not Bun Bun—"I'm sure we all understand what he meant when he said 'alone' time." She coos and a suggestive grin splays across her lovely face.

Hinata squirms. "Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew! That's disgusting Ino, it's my cousin we're talking about here! Ew, just no."

We all start laughing and Tenten turns to a shade of dark crimson. "Ch, some kind of friends you are." She rolls her coffee-colored eyes but smirks quietly.

I look at my diamond encrusted Rolex watch on my wrist then sigh at how late it has gotten.

"Tell you what…" I start. Everyone leans intently to listen to me like what I'm about to say is very important: life changing maybe. "…Why don't I just ask my mom to custom-make your dresses—I mean she already has your measurements pre-recorded already—so we can just waste the next two hours getting the accessories?"

Their eyes glint at the idea and Ino adds in, "I can ask mom to ship in the latest season of our cosmetics—I hear there's some sort new collagen-product injected thingamajig. I dunno I just hear it's like the 'new thing' you know." She winks her heavily mascara-coated lashes. "Anyway, I'm hungry. Chocy are you staying for lunch?"

Tenten looks distracted when she looks up from her White Pearl, eyes bubbling innocently.



The mall was semi-full, the usual busy buzz. We see some people from Konohagakure sauntering around the place with a handful of designer paper-bags, no doubt shopping for the upcoming Winter Dance. Ino is sitting in front of me, reapplying her coat of shimmery pink lipgloss (flavor was Pink Champagne… I notice) while Hinata nibbles on her veggie wrap in her usual timid manner: not that there was anything to be shy about. We see people crowding our café table and asking if we would like to accompany them shopping, to which we decline almost harshly (not our fault, we're really tired after all that shopping we had to do) and guys discreetly taking pictures of us using their pathetic mobile phones. Perverts.

"Saki-chan, what's the plan for today?"

"I thought we were having a 'Shop-Till-We-Drop' day, aren't we?"

Hinata looks up from sipping her Iced Tea. "Oh no, please don't. I'm really tired Sakura-chan and I have a Bio report to finish. Why don't we continue this tomorrow?" She adds quietly, seeing Ino's seething glare at the thought of going back to our dorm.

Poor Hinata: so innocent yet so naïve.

"I think…" I start to say until I notice Haruka Aimi marching towards us. Eugh, that (undoubtedly beauteous) monster: I wonder what she wants from us now.

Haruka Aimi smiles her infamous poisonous smile. "Darlings! What a puh-leasure meeting you here! You guys look ah-mazing!"

Through the corner of my green eyes, I see Ino glare daggers at her.

Haruka Aimi is like one of our biggest enemy, so to speak, who is part of the Insiders but not part of us (Yeah, there's a big difference. Even if she is filthy rich and, dare I say it, hot.) In fact we absolutely despise her guts. We despise her always-freaking-perfect jet black hair and her oh-so-flawless ivory skin (She so had her nose done as well, can you notice the symmetrically perfect nose of hers? Fake!) Even though we—absolutely—hate her, as in the type of hate that's just inhumane to be measured out, our guys don't really care. Actually, they think she's rather hot. Assholes.

My phone vibrates on my lap.


(You have just received a message from SizzleSizzleBlonde)



SizzleSizzleBlonde: I totally hate the smell of burning plastic, it's clogging up my pores.

(I laugh quietly and sneak a glance at Ino who's innocently flattering her eyelashes and sipping her Frappucino.)

PinkIsTheNewBlack: I wondered if the camel had called yet.

SizzleSizzleBlonde: ?

PinkIsTheNewBlack: I think it wants its toe back.

SizzleSizzleBlonde: LOL! If I hear her ahnoyying voice once more, I'd need help to decide whether my Frap is going down her D-cups or—


(You have just received a message from Uchiha609)



Uchiha609: Done with your shopping yet?

(Omg. Omg. OMG. Okay, calm down Sakura, or people will so totally think something is going on. I can see Ino looking at me weird, probably wondering why I haven't answered her IM yet.)

PinkIsTheNewBlack: Sort of, having lunch. Why, what's up?

Uchiha609: Nothing. Thought you might want to get something to eat. Nevermind.

PinkIsTheNewBlack: I can stop by if you want?

Uchiha609: You don't have to.

PinkIsTheNewBlack: No it's okay, I totally wouldn't mind!

PinkIsTheNewBlack: I mean, unless you do then I wouldn't stop by

PinkIsTheNewBlack: but

PinkIsTheNewBlack: I have nothing to do, free of plans so I can stop over and we can grab coffee

(Okay I lied, I'm not so 'free' as I claim to be, I mean there's that party that Inuzuka kid is holding around the block, a facial appointment at 4:05 and an after-party around Naruto's—But hey its Uchiha Sasuke I'm about to meet here, nothing else matters. It all can wait.)

Uchiha609: Ch, you're spazzing up my phone. Stop sending short messages. It's annoying. Okay. I'll see you later.

PinkIsTheNewBlack: See you soon—



(Uchiha609 has signed off)


I look up and see Ino on the edge of her seat, restraining herself from pouncing on the sickly sweet Aimi, who's purposely being fake-nice to piss us off. It seems as if she has pulled a vacant chair and is comfortably sitting at our table now. Even Hinata looks uncomfortable.

Haruka flutters her long, cosmetically-sewn, eyelashes. "So what am I missing?"

"An invitation." Ino retorts.

She chuckles like it was a joke. It really wasn't. "You guys are as funny as ever. Say, doesn't your mom own that, uh, make-up store?"

I elbow Ino in the ribs and clear my throat. "Um, we have to go now." I half-lied and got up from my seat.

Haruka sighs like a distressed maiden, the guys around the mall has now started to take her pictures and drooling at her long exposed legs (Seriously, can her micro skirt get any shorter?)

"Looks like I'll just have to ring you guys later, bye dah-lings!"

Ino smiles, a venomous yet sweet smile, "I'm sure you will but sorry," she adds cunningly—

"We don't do booty calls."

I drop my purse violently on Sasuke's single bed. I left the mall about an hour ago. He looks up at me from a novel he was reading, sitting on the swivel chair right by the bed. I admire the fact that even in his simple black shirt and his Konohagakure gym shorts he still is able to look amazingly hot. Like amazingly. No joke.

I grunt and kick off my silver kitten-heels. "I swear I just feel like I'm about to burst!"

Sasuke sighs and places the book soundlessly on his study table. "I really don't want to ask but what happened?"

"Bitch." I grit through my teeth. "Fucking bitch—what a fucking whore, just ruining my day. Eugh!"

Sasuke quirks an eyebrow at me and I feel somewhat embarrassed from my sudden outburst. He must thinks I'm some sort of low-life who does nothing but complaincomplaincomplain.

"Sorry." I mumble under my breath, even though I'm not really sorry at all. "I just had a semi-bad day."

"I can see that."

I sit on his bed and release my hair from its ponytail, leaving pink strands to messily cover half of my face. Sasuke probably feels bad because he (reluctantly) gets up and sits next to me, bending down (because he's like, a head taller than I am) and looks at me with those smoldering dark eyes. Have I ever mentioned how so perfectly full his lashes are as well? It's unfair. He grabs my hand and I feel the intense warmth from his palms, it's very reassuring: it's one of the things I love most about him.

He gazes into my eyes again and I feel myself flush under his gaze. "How about we get out of here for a while?" He says quietly as though if he speaks any louder I might break: treating me like I'm the most fragile thing in his grasp.

I look up timidly at him underneath my dark-coated lashes, leaning my head against his broad chest. "Where?"

But he just smiles his notoriously charming smile and tucks a lose strand of pink hair behind my ear.



"No as in—Wow. I never knew there were this many stars in Konohagakure. I thought it was always just, dark."

Sasuke shrugs. "I come up here when I can't go to sleep."

"I never thought of actually coming up to the roof." It is the truth. I thought it might just be dull, boring and just filled with metal and stuff. Actually, it is dull and boring (the roof that is) but the view is just breathtaking. It's as if there's a whole other new realm—dimension—to Konohagakure where the night glitters and the winter breeze much more cold and comforting with the scent of blooming flowers it brings with it.

A gust of wind blows and pink Cherry Blossom petals dances with it and makes way to our direction: shimmering around us like pink snowfall.

"No one knows about it, we're not exactly allowed here. But I," he ponders for a while for a word then he looks away as if embarrassed, "trust you—I trust you enough to not tell anyone. We can get in trouble."

I smile. Uchiha Sasuke will never say something he doesn't mean. "Thank you." I mutter.

He grins at me and looks up to the inky blue sky. "So, do you feel any better now?"

I nod and nuzzle into his chest earning an embarrassed blush from him—gosh he's really cute.

"Thank you again."

"It's okay."

"I mean my day was really bad like no joke, it was just blekh you know? Then there's this girl who—"

"Hey Sakura?"


He leans down and gives a short and quick kiss on my lips.

"You talk too much."


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