What made me write this? I'm not sure. I wanted to upload a Kingdom Hearts fan fiction, it was time you see, since I've only done Okage ones lately. If you don't know what that is, look it up!


Now, normally Axel would be fast asleep.

Normally he'd be snoring up a storm, usually.

Unfortunately, not tonight. Tonight he was awake for some reason, some sort of six sense telling him something was wrong. He heard it. The door had closed. It had been closed when he went to sleep, therefore, someone had just opened it. He heard the sharp "click" of heels on the tiles...

Heels. Uh oh.

Only girls were the slight heel boots in the Organization, and there was only one girl.

He tried to make his tired brain work but before the obvious answer emerged, he felt an electrocuting shock that quickly woke him up. With a startled yelp he leaped off his bed, landing hard on the floor, face first.

"Wake up, redhead." A voice taunted above him.

Axel scrambled to his feet, glaring at Larxene who was smirking nastily. She had her head to the side, arms crossed, eyes glinting.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Axel demanded, glad he had been too exhausted to change out of his black cloak.

"I want you to see something. C'mon." She grabbed his arm and hauled him into a Dark Portal.

Before Axel could do anything, the blackness engulfed him in a burst of shadow. Once the shadows had vanished, they were in some sort town. Neon lights hung everywhere, and the brown stone streets were deserted. Lights were off in all houses except for the accessory shop behind them, and that had the blinds down.

"What's up with you, sparky? What time is it?" Axel growled, yanking his arm out of her grip and heating the air up. "And why's it so cold?"

"Stop complaining." She snapped back, rolling her eyes. "It's winter. This is Transverse Town." She smiled teasingly. "Got it memorized?"

Axel glowered, then yawned, too tired to care. "Okay. Whatever. Why are we here?"

Larxene placed a gloved hand on his chin and forced his head upward. Her touch sent tingles down his spine.


Axel stared, then his eyes widened.

The stars were disappearing. One by one, faster than you would have thought possible. Streaks of light appeared across the sky, and a shower of stars began cascading across the cosmos, leaving smoky trails of light behind. In some areas the sky was black, a starless void.

"Whoa." He said, at a lost for words.

Larxene nodded, her hand trailed down to his shoulder, where it rested there.

"The Heartless are taking the worlds." She said in an almost pouting tone, like she envied their strength to do so. "They're coming in swarms."

Axel stared a while longer in silence with her, then asked, "Why the heck did you wake me up for, just to see-"

"Worlds disappear? That isn't the only reason."

She placed her other hand on his chest and turned slowly to face him. She leaned in close and whispered into his ear, "Guess what?"

Axel was puzzled, staring into her eyes. "What?"

She leaned in close until their faces were only inches apart, and then-

Axel staggered back as several hundred watts of energy shocked his body. Larxene danced back, laughing her butt off, hunched over, hands on knees.

"I've been dying to do that! You fell-"

Axel knocked her off her feet with a pillar of fire, then opened a portal.

"Ha ha. Come on, you stupid Nymph."

Larxene smirked, then walked over to the portal. She then quickly kissed him on the cheek.

"See, only you would be a good sport about this."

She gave a cheeky wave then vanished into the portal. Axel stared, rubbing his cheek, and looked at the sky.

The stars continued to fall.