A/N: I came up with the idea of writing a story inspired by the words morning, day, evening, and night. This slightly strange, and mildly depressing fic is the result. It has four chapters and the Prelude, one chapter for each of the Pevensies and the connecting beginning. It is my train-crash fic, since every Narnia author needs one of those. I hope it makes sense and does not depart too much from the book. The title is somewhat abstract, but I think it fits.

Disclaimer: I do not own Narnia or the Pevensies. But I'm particularly proud of this one.

The Broken Wheel

Prelude: Twenty-four Hours

Morning bursts into Day

Day is covered by Evening

Evening fades into Night

Night is conquered by Morning

Lucy knows about Morning, the dawn of hope. But she can't quite touch Day, and Evening and Night she cannot understand because she is caught up in the light.

Edmund knows about Day, the warmth of comfort. But he shies away from Evening, and Night and Morning are beyond his reach, even as he strains to touch them.

Peter knows about Evening, the gathering of shadows. But he fights against Night, and Morning and Day he cannot see through the fog of approaching darkness.

Susan knows about Night, the darkness of despair. But she hides from Morning, and Day and Evening are not bright enough to break through the clouds.

Together, they know the complete circle, one full spin of the wheel. And that is what makes them strong. When they are separate, the wheel is broken, their knowledge incomplete. The wheel broke on the day the world ended in a crash of thunder and a streak of silver light.