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He was so mysterious, the way he always kept secrets that neither she or Kazune knew. Sometimes she wasn't sure if he was their friend or enemy. Sure he would say he was a friend, but who really knew with him? She knew that he was someone who liked to do things his own way, and he didn't seem to play by any rules. He was nice enough to her but she sensed that there was a darker side to him - a side that he kept concealed when he was around her. She knew it was there, but she didn't know why or what brought it out of him.

He became cold whenever the professor was mentioned. She guessed that it still hurt him to think about the man who raised and took care of him, who was almost like a second father to him. She understood. It still pained her to think about her mother. She missed her dearly; when she died, it was like a knife was thrust into her. She still hadn't completely gotten over it, although having Kazune and Himeka around helped her deal with the loss. She liked knowing that there were people close to her that she could trust and who trusted her.

She knew Micchi felt the same way about them but she wished he would open up to Kazune and her more, because as she knew from experience having friends made you feel so much better about everything. When she questioned him about his days with the professor he wouldn't say much and what he did say was filled with sadness and vague longing. Whenever that emotion was in his tone she had to hold herself back from comforting him. She knew he would only laugh it off and tell her not to worry about him. Micchi frustrated her when he got like that. How could he lend a helping hand to anyone he saw hurt or in pain and when someone tried to help him he wouldn't let them? It wasn't right! But what could she do about it? Nothing. That's just how he was and she couldn't change that. But it didn't mean she had to like it. So many things about Micchi angered and annoyed her. She decided that the next time she saw him she would make him tell her more about the professor and, more importantly, more about himself as well. And if he didn't…well she would just have to force it out of him. After all, that's the kind of person she was.