Cosmo's eyes gradually fluttered awake. He slowly drew in a shallow breath, tasting the chemically laced air. Stretching out an arm, he was surprised to find resistance; something was constricting his arms to his chest. A wrinkle of worry crossed his brow, something wasn't right, but he wasn't awake enough to figure it out. He tried moving his legs, only to discover that, they too, were somehow rendered immobile. Like a three story assault tank, it hit him. Cosmo's eyes flew open, seeing a different time, events of the past:

He was wrapped in a cocoon of cellophane, suspended upside down in an acid vat, the cellophane was all encompassing and much too tight. Cosmo looked around, wincing as neck popped. Around him were the other Supernaturalists, also hanging in globs of cellophane:

Ditto – A Bartoli baby, forever frozen in time due to a series of experimental tests conducted on him during his childhood. While he appeared to most as a cute six year old, Ditto was actually nearing his 29th birthday. He had blonde hair and the slight body disproportions of a child.

Mona – A pretty latina girl. She was slim and had the tattoo of a gang she used to belong to plastered over her eyebrow. She looked about 15 years of age and radiated that hard, toughness of someone who had been forced to grow up too soon. She did have a soft side underneath, something that Cosmo had only begun to discover.

Stefen – Tall and muscular with dark spiky hair, most girls would probably call him handsome. However, if they examined his face closer, they might notice the dark, haunted past he carried inside of him, despite his best attempts not to show it. Stefen had a scar on his cheek, due to an accident years before.

Stefen, seeing him triggered something in Cosmo subconscious, he couldn't place it, but something was wrong. Stefen shouldn't, couldn't, be here Cosmo thought, but why? Then, as a great wave of agony welled up inside of him, Cosmo remembered: Stefen was dead.

Suddenly, the events of the past few weeks fluttered around Cosmo's mind like shredded paper in the wind, each staying long enough for him to catch a glimpse, a screenshot, but then they were gone again and replaced by another.

Running from Marshal Redwood with Ziplock, together plummeting off of a the roof of a building and onto a generator.

The parasites, or Un-spec four as Faustino had called them, bright blue creatures that had been thought to somehow feed off of life, but actually took pain, from their victims, easing their passing.

Mona, muscles taunt in pain, green tendrils beneath her skin, feeding her rose petals to stop the poison from the Creeper dart.

The Z-twelve, Booshka gangs, Myishi paralegals, flying a HALO, docking on the Satellite, infiltrating Clarissa Frayne's, the nuclear generator, and finally, Stefen's death.

The events of Stefen's demise relayed though Cosmo's eyes in slow motion, the bullet piercing Stefen's torso, the blood, pooling about his body, Watching him battle Faustino atop the N-sun, the shooter's second bullet, propelling itself through the hydro gel and plasti-glass casing, the spider web pattern of cracks, flooding across the glass. A horrible, shattering sound, and Stefen and Faustino were falling, down, plunging into the Un-spec four covered turbine blades. The parasites, growing brighter as they rejuvenated themselves from Stefen's pain.

Out of nowhere, Cosmo heard a loud thud, and a bright glare of red light illuminated his vision, it felt very foreign amongst the bluish glow of the parasites. The red light grew brighter, eventually obscuring everything else. In an effort to make sense of the situation, Cosmo tightly squeezed his eyes shut, counted to five and opened them.

What he saw surprised him.