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Sometimes she snuck into his room late at night to check on him. She knew that he still hard nightmares about the professor and his parents and came to make sure he was alright. She felt bad for doing it when she thought about how Kazune might feel but she wasn't really doing anything bad or so she told herself anyway.

It would be totally innocent if it wasn't for the strange emotion she felt when she looked upon his sleeping face. His dark brown locks fell over his face concealing most of it.. His head lay comfortably on his arm his eyes gently closed hiding his blue and purple orbs from her sight.

The young goddess sat on a chair in front of the bed. Leaning forward slightly she placed a hand lightly on his forehead and pushed the hair back from his face. A smile graced her pink lips as she got a better view of him. He looked so peaceful; his expression was calm - he looked for all the world like a small child curled up under the covers like that.

Suddenly he moaned softly, squirming uncomfortably. She jumped at the unexpected sound and frowned when an unhappy sigh escaped his lips. He muttered incoherent words she didn't understand and moaned again. Sensing that he was having a nightmare she rested her hand on his cheek and rubbed it gently. He calmed a little but his brows furrowed and he continued to moan and squirm as if having a very bad dream.

Karin bit her lip unsettled by his behavior. Sure he'd had nightmares before but this one was obviously really frightening. He had never acted this way before and she could usually soothe his fears with ease. Not this time though. He was soon thrashing semi-violently and she had to hold down his arms to keep him still. Wondering at the fact he hadn't woken up yet, she tried to figure out what to do. Then she had an idea. Still holding him down she began singing a song that her mother used to sing to her when she couldn't get to sleep.

"Don't cry little child; dry your tears for your safe in my arms.

No monsters can get you now while I'm holding you tightly.

Calm your fears little child for I am here.

I won't let the dark frighten you my sweet little babe.

Close your eyes now and drift off to sleep.

And don't you fear because I'll be near."

Her voice was soft and soothing, coaxing him to sleep peacefully. She finally got through to his unconscious self because at last he stilled and quieted. Breathing a sigh of relief she let go of him and laid her hand on his cheek again. It seemed to be attracted to that particular spot on his face because it kept straying there. She felt her eyes soften as they rested on his face. He was fine now. She could go.

She stood up and exited the room closing the door noiselessly behind her. She knew that she would have to tell Micchi eventually because he told her that when his nightmares got really bad he heard a lovely voice speak to him in his dreams and it calmed him. She didn't want thanks but she felt he had a right to know the truth. She yawned and sighed. She was so tired because she had spent half the night in his room and had neglected to sleep herself. This would have to stop if she didn't want Kazune to start asking questions. He was suspicious enough as it was.

With another yawn she stumbled to her own room and went to sleep.