Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh 5D's in any way, shape or form, nor do I intend to make money from this. In addition, I do not own Shadow chasers, that right along belongs to Cyber Commander for starting such an awesome storyline.

Also, people, don't worry, I've been known to work on numerous fics at once, so I'll be alternating between this and my current fic "Dawn of the Future" and I just wanted to do this because it was fun!

But first, some rules.

As a result of this being in the 5D's world, Riding Duels are quite common in this day and age, and as such, a special card known as "Speed World' it's stats are as follows.

"Each player can have a copy of this card on the field simultaneously. This card is activated at the start of the duel. If you play a Spell card that does not have the words "Speed Spell" in its name, take 2,000 Points of damage. During each player's Standby Phase, place once Speed Counter on this card. (Max: 12 for each player) Reduce you number of Speed Counters for each increment of 1,000 Life Points you lose from a single source.

Speed Spells are a necessity in a Riding Duel, and we'll get to that later on. For now, here's my own entry to the ever popular Shadowchasers fandom! Let's rev it up!

Let's…just ignore the fact I said that…

It was a hot, sunny day in the city of angels, Los Angeles, as the sun beat down on the otherwise beautiful California city. The people walked about on their merry way, going to their respective jobs, ranging from the business men to the lesser known positions in the world.

And the single person with the lesser known position in the entire city was currently blasting through the street on his black Duel Runner, blasting through the streets with such ease, he may have been doing it for years and years, and for all we knew, he had been.

The rider in question was a young youth named Damian Ogitaka. His hair so long it whipped around from behind his head, his eyes narrowing dangerously as he zipped across a corner and down the street.

You see, dear readers, Damian was a part of a group, known only as the Shadowchasers, a group of Duelists who were known as Awares. Awares were people who could see creatures known as the Shadows, mythical creatures who could not be seen by anyone other than other Shadows and the Awares, as stated before.

But before we get too deep into this, let's go back to Damien, who was, currently, on a mission…

The battle field was something out of movie. Several LAPD were housed in front of it, their weapons of choice pointed up to the second story window where a shadow lurked back and forth. "We know you're in there!" Shouted the Chief of Police through a bull horn, currently hiding himself behind a Police Car. "We have the building surrounded! Come out with your hands up and we won't need to use force!"

The red haired, lanky man chuckled a bit, as he grabbed a green bottle, which had a rag sticking out of the mouth. Grinning and revealing his bright, yellow teeth, he grabbed a nearby lighter, and lit the rag. "You'll never take me alive, copper!" he cackled and chuckled the flaming bottle out of the window.

"Incoming!" Exclaimed a voice as two Policemen dove out of the way as the bottle struck the car, lighting it ablaze with orange and red fire. It crackled and sizzled.

The man frowned and pouted. "Not the desired effect…" he mumbled, scowling and crossing his arms. Peeking out the window, his eyes scanned the entire area, and his eyes found themselves settling on a bright, yellow bus, which had been caught in the crossfire and stopped by the police. "Ah…I'm sure THAT'LL make a good boom…"

He reached over and grabbed another Molotov, ready to throw it and hopefully gain a desired effect of a nice, big explosion.

"You touch that bottle, and I'll make sure you pay," snarled a voice from behind the man.

Turning around, he laid his eyes upon the black clad Shadowchaser, Damian. Wearing his sunglasses, and tugging his black trench coat closer to his body, his pale skin truly adding to the effect of the darkness. He slipped a toothpick into his mouth, and frowned at the man.

The man, not in the least surprised, smirked and grabbed at the bottle anyway, tossing it back and forth between his hands, chuckling as he did so. "Why don't you get out of here, Shadowchaser?" Asked the man casually as he grasped at his lighter. "This isn't your fight; rather, this is a fight between me, and the idiotic police that THINKS they can take out something as dangerous as me."

"Buddy, this became my fight when you started lighting all those fires." Damian frowned again, moving the said toothpick from one side of his mouth to the other. "I can't even BEGIN to consider how many rules of the treaty you broke doing that. People could have DIED."

The man sneered and tossed the bottle into the air. "You can take your treaty and SHOVE it, Shadowchaser. "I'm done following the rules: Humans need to feel the burn I CONSTANTLY feel, every second of my life."

Through anyone else's' eyes, they would have seen the man as something that had just gotten out of jail, malnourished and far too skinny. However, through the eyes of the Aware, he was something far more frightening. His skin was all but melted off, revealing a completely, burning skeleton, covered in a pair of tattered, blackened pants that didn't seem possible of burning off, and a shirt that seemed so burnt, they would turn to ash the second anything touched it. This was a Fire Wraith.

The Fire Wraith laughed and grabbed a nearby box, and produced a cigar from it. He lifted his thumb and lit the cigar, popping it into his mouth. He inhaled, and smoke leaked from his empty eye sockets and nose hole.

"I don't care," Damian said, "What your beef with the humans is, but you broke the treaty, and under the law of the Shadowchasers, I'm bringing you under arrest."

"Over my dead, body." The Fire Wraith snarled, baring his yellow, rotting teeth as he lifted up a hand in anger. "Take a look over at the side, if you would be a dear…"

Damien didn't move, but rather, his eyes drifted to the side, and they opened in surprise. There was a good little stockpile of gasoline canisters. There had to be at the very least six of them.

He turned his head back to the wraith, and saw that a fireball now drifting lazily in his hand, about the size of the baseball. He tossed it into the air and caught it. "Here's how it's gonna work, darkness," he said conversationally. "I'm not gonna go in without a fight, if you even TRY to touch me, I can, and will, light those bad boys up. There's enough of those and enough gas in each of them to rip a good little chunk out of this building, and maybe start up a few nasty fires to the adjoining buildings on either side, and maybe on the other side of the street."

Damian growled and clenched a fist. He knew that he would do it too, Fire Wraiths don't need to worry about something like death, and they were dead to begin with, so a little explosion was going to matter to him.

"So, we're left with a good little standoff," said the Wraith, pitching the ball to himself continuously. "Do you feel lucky, wanna be the hero, or do you wanna risk getting blown into a crisp little cinder?"

Damian said nothing, and looked around. Well, if he had a shot, he would have to go for it. Shadowchasers didn't pick up on the game just for fun…

"You play Duel monsters?" He asked.

The Fiery Ghost smirked and caught the ball. "I'm listening…"

"A duel," Damian said, grabbing behind him and pulling out his Duel Disk he had snatched from his D-Wheel. "If I win, you go in with me, all nice and quietly, and we don't make a scene. YOU win, however, you get to get off scot free, until another Shadowchaser decides he's had enough fires for his liking."

The Spirit tilted his head in piqued interest, and stroked at his chin. At this point, his cigar was at its end, everything else ash. "Hm, a tempting offer," he said honestly, "I could have some fun and draw out your suffering, or not risking losing and just blow you into chunks right now!" he stared off into space again, and stroked at his chin. "Hm…I find it more…exciting when my victims are screaming from their agonizing burn marks…so how about we take this top side?

He threw the fireball through the ceiling and to the roof, raining bits and pieces of debris around the tune. He then leapt through the ceiling, while Damian quickly followed, but merely jumped from the table and through the whole.

"And by the way, buddy," Said the Fire Wraith as he motioned with his hand, and a flaming appendage in the shape of a Duel Disk grew from his forearm, "Just for formalities, how about you call me Cynder, I like to think it fits."

"Okay, Cynder," Damian seethed. "Just call me Damian, nothing more, nothing less."

"Nothing more, nothing less?" Cynder grinned as he drew a starting hand of five. "What kind of name is that?"

"Just shut up and duel!" Damian roared, throwing his hand, and his disk forward, and locked it into place. Holographic images flew from his Duel Disk, and the duel was then underway.

(Damian: 8,000) - - - - - - - (Cynder: 8,000)

"And just to prove how much of a gentleman I am, I think I'll go first, so you can use that pretty little head of yours, to plan," he drew his card, looked at it and slid it into his disk, stating, "I summon Abaki in Attack Mode!"

A portal of fire appeared in front of Cynder, and a large, red demon with bulging red muscles appeared before him, with large, revealed teeth, and a spiky club in his right hand, wearing nothing but a loincloth. (1,700/1,500)

"Then, just for some added protection, I'll be putting these two cards down, and end my turn," Behind Abaki appeared two facedown cards.

Damian snatched the top card of his deck off and added it to his hand. It didn't stay long, as he discarded it to the graveyard, stating, "I use my monsters effect and discard a Level Five Dark Monster, like Mefist, the Infernal General, and Special Summon Dark Grepher!"

With ghoulish laughter, a dark warrior very similar to the very own, Warrior Dai Grepher, but with many differences: His hair was black, his skin was ashen grey, and his eyes had a very, demonic glow to them. (1,700/1,600)

"Humph," Cynder frowned. "That's really creative kid, REALLY creative. A deck full of the dark forms of the best monsters. Tell me, kid, how exactly does it feel to be just a really, creative copy cat?"

Damian narrowed his eyes dangerously, and took another card from his hand. "I'm going to use Dark Grepher's effect, which lets me discard one Dark Monster from my hand and discard a Dark Monster from my deck."

He discarded a Mystic Tomato, and a card slipped out of his deck. He discarded both of the cards, and grabbed another card in his hand, discarding it to the graveyard.

"And I'll use that to my advantage by discarding this card by removing two other Dark Monsters in my grave from play."

He slipped the final card into the graveyard after pocketing the two cards he had just sent to the graveyard.

"Let me guess, Dark Nephthys?" Cynder asked after a moment, and crossed his arms.

Ignoring the comment, Damian slid another card into his disk. "I set one more card facedown, and just end my turn." He said.

Cynder snatched another card off of his deck and inspected it. He added it to his hand and said, "I summon Blazing Inpachi in Attack Mode."

A large man-like creature made of burning logs appeared in front of him, staring lifelessly at his opponent. (1,850/0)

"Now Abaki, attack Dark Grepher with Spiked Bat Clobberer!"

Abaki rushed forward and bashed Grepher in the head, but Grepher stabbed the fiend in the stomach. Both exploded into pixels.

A red aura surrounded both of the duelists, and Damian grimaced.

(Damian: 7,500) - - - - - - - (Cynder: 7,500)

"Now Blazing Inpachi, attack that punk directly!"

As Blazing Inpachi neared his target, Damian threw his hands forward, shouting, "I play my facedown, Fires of Doomsday, giving me two Tokens to block your blow."

Two small creatures, made of black fire, appeared. (0/0 X 2)

Blazing Inpachi threw a fist, and one of them exploded into pixels.

"Hm, so what, you managed to survive just a bit longer," Cynder said with a smirk, throwing his cigar off to the side, "I end my turn."

Damian drew his hand, and a large, black, bonfire appeared behind him. A massive creature, that looked like Sacred Phoenix of Nephtys, but with pitch black metallic skin and grey and black flames on its head, landed in front of him, letting out a loud squawk. (2,400/1,600)

"And since I summoned her with her effect, one of your traps is about to burn to a crisp!"

The Phoenix opened its mouth and shot a fireball at one of Cynder's facedowns. It exploded, and much to Damian's shock, he let out a loud cry of pain as a small volcano erupted around him, and he shook. "Ow…"

"THAT, my friend, was the trap known as Dormant Volcano, which, when destroyed, deals you 300 Points of damage, and a second effect which we'll get to when the time comes," Cynder snickered.

"Nephtys, attack his Blazing Inpachi, now!"

The Phoenix breathed a cone of fire at the Woodman, who exploded into pixels after a moment of the onslaught.

(Damian: 7,200) - - - - - - - (Cynder: 6,850)

"I'll end my turn then," Damian said.

"Then I'll draw," Cynder said and drew another card. "And as a result of my Dormant Volcano, we can each take a Pyro monster from our deck to our hand. For me, that's nearly my whole deck, for YOU, on the other hand, your sources are limited." He said, taking the said card.

"And I'll do this: I'll remove both Blazing Inpachi and Abaki from my graveyard, in order to summon two Infernos."

He pocketed two cards, and two large bonfires with baby blue eyes appeared in front of him. (1,100/1,900)

"And for the Coup De Grace, I'll sacrifice both of them in order to summon the Infernal Flame Emperor!" Cynder cackled.

Both of the Infernos erupted together and formed into a giant fiendish looking creature, standing atop four legs with the looks of a fiery lion, made entirely out of fire. (2,700/1,600)

"And I'm sure we all know of HIS effect…" he grinned deviously at his opponent, as he pocketed one of the Infernos, "By removing a Fire type from my graveyard, your final facedown is cooked!"

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Damian shouted, his facedown flipping up, "I play Dark Spirit Art – Greed! By sacrificing my Phoenix, I can draw two cards!"

The Phoenix vanished.

"However, you can fix that if you wanna show me a spell card of course…"

Cynder snarled. He didn't have a Spell card in his hand, just two monsters! So he watched Damian draw two cards, and pointed to the final Fires of Doomsday Token. The Infernal Flame Emperor breathed down at him, and the token exploded. "I'll end my turn. Of course, what hope do you have of destroying him? None, that's what,! I'll end my turn!"

"We'll see about that!" Damian said as he drew another card and looked at it. "And I'll start by playing Allure of Darkness, which lets me draw two cards from my deck, so long as I remove a Dark Monster in my hand from play."

He drew two cards and quickly pocketed another card.

"Now I'll play Burial from the Different Dimension to return my three monsters back to my graveyard, for future use!"

"Oh, like having three more Copycats in your graveyard is gonna make you anymore dangerous? Please, whatever you summon, I'm just gonna send it there to join then!"

"Now likely," Damian said with a smirk, "Because even you can't beat THIS monsters defense points!" he slammed a card on the disk…

And a black lightning bolt struck the ground between the two. In the wake of the crash, a massive creature began to rise. It had black, metallic skin and webbed red wings behind it. A ball of black lightning dances between its hands as it crashed into defense mode. (2,300/3,000)

"Dark Creator, hm?" Cynder asked, not in the least impressed. "Trust me, I've seen so much worse…"

"Well then I'm sure you know of his effect," He said. "By removing a monster in my graveyard from play, I can Special Summon any Dark Monster I want, so what better one than Dark Horus?"

An eruption of Darkness later, the large, dark, doppelganger to Horus appeared in front of him, with tainted, black, metallic skin. (3,000/1,800)

"Say what?!" Cynder screamed.

"Horus! Attack his Infernal Flame Emperor with Black Giga Flames!" Damian shouted.

Horus inhaled deeply, and let out a large fireball, one that was bigger than Infernal Flame Emperor itself, and it struck him. The great beast howled in agony, and exploded into pixels.

(Damian: 7,200) - - - - - - (Cynder: 6,550)

Cynder twitched a bit, growling. "You're making me angry buddy…"

Damian sneered. "I'm so scared." He chuckled. "I end my turn!"

Cynder drew his card swiftly and grinned at it. "That's more like it! I play the Spell card, Star Blast. Now by paying Increments of 500 Life Points, one monster in my hand loses that many stars. So I'm going to pay 1,000 Life Points in order to decrease its Stars by two."

"Yeah, a small problem is the lack of a monster needed to summon it…" Damian countered. "By the way, really stupid thing you just did. Because you played a Spell card during your main phase, I get to bring back a Dark Monster with Horus' effect."

Dark Grepher appeared in front of Damian again. (1,700/1,600)

"Yeah, I know, which allows me to use my trap card, Flames of the Phoenix. Since a monster was summoned to your side of the field, I can summon one from my deck with less attack points, so I'll summon my 1,000 Attack Point Burning Skull Head!"

The monster could not have been named any better. It was very subtle. A skull on fire. (1,000/800)

"And now, I'll sacrifice him to summon one of the big guys of this deck, Skull Flames!"

The burning skull vanished, and in his place appeared a much more imposing form. It looked to be a giant skeleton, garbed in furs and sorcerer robes. A pair of fireballs dangled from his bony hands. (2,600/2,000)

"And all his attack points are heading right for that warrior of yours! Skull Flames, attack Dark Grepher!"

The Monster threw a fireball at the dark counterpart, and it blew into pieces.

"Still think I'm a wanna be, fire, cookie cutter trainer?" Cynder asked as the remains of the Dark Grepher fell around him. "Still think I'm like you?"

"Okay, fine, I'm bumping you up to a damn psychotic pyromaniac." Damian said, his eyes narrowing angrily. "And I still cleaned worse things out of the bathroom that smelled less than you! So you still don't scare me!"

"Then I'll just have to START scaring you then!" he shouted. "I se t one card facedown, and end my turn!"

His final card vanished into his field, right behind Skull Flames.

(Damian: 6,300) - - - - - - - (Cynder: 5,550)

Damian drew his card and looked at it, thinking intently. I see his game. That facedown is likely Mirror Force, and he expects me to switch Dark Creator into Attack mode to try and score some easy points. What he doesn't know is, I'll just keep Horus in attack, attack it, fail, and bring him back during my Second main Phase!

"Horus, attack Skull Flames!"

Horus let loose his torrent of Black Flames, but much to Damian's surprise the attack connected, and the sorcerer exploded into pixels.

"You didn't chain it to anything?" He asked, somewhat surprised.

"I have bigger plans for you, buddy." He smirked. "And it all requires having him in the graveyard."

Damian did NOT like the sound of that.

"I'll end my turn then…" he said slowly, as if something would strike him if he spoke any faster.

The Fire Wraith drew a card and cackled. "Well, well, well!" he grinned. "It looks like the heart of the cards is working for the bad guys after all! I just drew my main guy, and the one that's about to whale on you completely! To summon him, I need to remove one Fire Type Zombie Monster…"

The Skull Flames fell out of his disk.

"And I'll summon him to the field! Meet Bonefire!"

A flash of fire erupted in front of him, and a fiery skeleton, much like Cynder himself, crouched in defense mode. It grinned at Damian a look he didn't like.

Damian seemed to panic, but then he saw his score…


"THAT'S your main guy?" Damian asked with a grin. "Heh, you had me scared there for a second, but that thing isn't that much to worry about. Any monster in my deck can beat that thing."

"Then by all means," The Fire Wraith said, holding his hand out as if to beckon him. "Go right ahead."

"Gladly, I draw!" Damian drew a card, ignored looking at it, and ordered, "Dark Horus, attack that thing!"

Dark Horus inhaled deeply, and a fireball shot from it. Much to his shock, when the fire dissipated, the strange monster was still there. The only difference was in Cynder's attack, and the odd monsters attack s core. (1,000/500)

"How did he…" Damian asked, his eyebrow cocking from over his sunglasses.

"Bonefire is kinda like me, kid," Cynder grinned. "You can't exactly kill me, and we get stronger every time you try to. In short, I can keep him from being destroyed in battle by paying 500 Life Points, but as a result, he gains 500 Attack points!"

"And…is there a limit?" Damian asked.

"Yeah, yeah, calm down, there's a limit." Cynder rolled his eyes, or made a gesture that suggested he did. "The highest my monster can go is to 3,000, but trust me, when he hits that, you're in DEEP trouble."

Damian acknowledged that and slid a card into his disk. "I'll set one card facedown, and end my turn."

Cynder drew his card, and added it to his hand. "I switch my Bonefire to Attack mode, and he'll attack Horus!"

Bonefire stood up, and rushed to Horus, his hands, and rest of his body, really, ablaze.

"But you'll lose 2,000 Life Points! You're insane!" Damian shouted.

"Nope, I'll lose 500, because I'll chain my facedown Spirit Barrier to the attack!" Cynder shouted as his facedown flipped up, "So I won't lose any battle that would come from your battle, and I'll pay 500 Life Points to keep him around for a little while longer!"

Horus beat Bonefire away with a swipe of his wing, and he rose to 1,500 Attack Points.

"I think I'll call that a turn, what do you think, darky?"

Damian drew his card and thought. If I summon monsters, then at the very least I can do is make him give up more and more life points, and even then, I can hold him off until I get my…main guy out. I just need to pray my next few draws are something I can use.

"I guess the most I can do is whittle away at your life points. I'll use Creators effect to remove my Dark Grepher from play, and summon Dark Nephtys."

The card slipped out of the graveyard, and the dark Phoenix appeared in a blaze. (2,400/1,600)

"Then I'll switch Dark Creator to attack mode, and have him attack Bonefire!"

Dark Creator held his hand out, and a bolt of black lightning shot out, striking Bonefire. It shrugged the attack off, and it rose to 2,000 Attack.

"Phoenix, you attack now!"

The Phoenix let loose a torrent of fire, and it struck the skeleton. It rose to 2,500.

"Now Horus, you take a whack at it!"

Horus shot a fireball at him, and it once again bounced off of it. It rose to 3,000 Attack Points.

There, it's at its limit. If anything worse were coming, it's going to happen now…

"I'll set one more card facedown and end my turn…"

A facedown appeared behind the triad of heavy duty monsters, and Cynder drew. His eyes drifted between the two cards he had in his hand, and he grinned.

"Heh, could not have planned this any better! I summon to the field the best monster in my deck, Skeleblaze!"

Bonefire erupted into a much bigger fire, and when the flares vanished, he was much bigger, about ten feet tall, much bulkier and his bones were much bigger. There was a mane around his head, and it shrieked, its bones creaking. (?/0)

"I can only summon this guy by offering Bonefire as a tribute, but his attack becomes what Bonefire had plus 500 points!


"So how about he takes out that annoying reviver of yours? Skeleblaze, attack Dark Creator with Bonefire Blast!"

The giant skeleton formed a fireball, and he threw it at Dark Creator. The massive form roared, took a step back and exploded into pixels. Damian cringed.

(Damian: 5,100) - - - - - - - (Cynder: 2,650)

"I'll set one more card facedown, and end my turn." He chuckled. "Your monsters aren't gonna take my guy down, even if you summon your Dark Armed Dragon!"

At that, Damian grinned as he snatched the top card of his deck into his hand. "Bit of news for you buddy, but I don't even HAVE a Dark Armed Dragon in this deck!"

"Say what?" Cynder asked. "A Dark Counterpart deck without Dark Armed Dragon?"

He didn't get much time to say anything else; Damian slammed a card into his disk, saying, "I play Veil of Darkness. What THAT does, we'll get to next turn. I'll take the defensive, and switch Dark Horus and Dark Nephtys to defense mode."

Both monsters let out a shriek and a roar, before landing on their talons and curled up in defense mode.

"That ends my turn."

Cynder drew his card and pointed at Dark Horus. "Skeleblaze, attack Dark Horus! Get that thing out of my sight!"

The Skeleblaze threw it's fireball at the dark counterpart, and it exploded into pixels.

Cynder's other facedown card flipped up.

"And I'll chain that to Lineage of Destruction. Since my monster destroyed yours, my Level Eight Skeleblaze can now attack twice, and then chain that to m Emergency Provisions, giving up my Lineage of Destruction and Spirit Barrier to gain 2,000 Life Points!

Skeleblaze formed two more fireballs in his hand and threw them both. One of them hit Nephtys, blowing her to pieces, but another one flew forward and struck Damian. He screamed as the burning flames danced around him, and he fell to one knee.

(Damian: 1,600) - - - - - - (Cynder: 4,650)

"I think this duel has a winner," he grinned, "I mean, there's nothing you can summon to beat something like my Skeleblaze, and even if you did, you can't destroy him in battle, he's got the same effect as my Bonefire, completely indestructible! You've lost, buddy, my little flame escapades are gonna go on!"

"We'll see about that. Draw!" Drawing his card, he looked at it and discarded it to the graveyard. "I'll activate my Veil of Darkness' effect. Since I just drew a Dark monster, I can discard it to the graveyard after revealing it, and drawing again."

"Like it would have helped you," he chuckled. "A Level Eight thing like that would be impossible to summon."

"No, but this might! I use the Spell card, Monster Reborn to bring back my Dark Grepher!"

The Dark Grepher appeared. (1,700/1,600)

"But he's not staying, because I'm offering Grepher to summon my Sphere of Chaos."

Grepher vanished, and in its place appeared a large, spherical machine, with black, metal plating and glowing yellow lines around its being. (1,600/0)

"Oh, I'm so scared! What's THAT thing going to do, bowl me over?" Snickered Cynder.

"A funny thing about my Sphere of Chaos is I can take a Level Three monster when I summon it to the field, and to make sure I get it on the field, I'll play Double Summon, which lets me summon my Dark Resonator!"

A fiendish creature appeared, with an odd outfit and a very large Cheshire grin on his face. In his hand he held a tuning fork, and the other a small hammer. (1,300/300)

Cynder stopped his laughing session, and blinked. "But…that's a tuner monster!"

"And their level together makes eight!" Damian exclaimed. "Sphere of Chaos, Dark Resonator, I tune you together!"

Dark Resonators grin widened somehow, and he hit the fork with his hammer, causing a low pitched hum sound. Both he and the Sphere of Chaos flew into the air, dissolving into a total of eight stars. The stars combined…

And a figure dropped in front of him. It wore very heroic looking armor, with a shield bearing the image of a dragon and a long sword in his other hand. His features were very pointed and feral looking, with tan skin, and very tan skin. (2,600/2,400)

"Which I'll use to summon Jalal the Dragonborn!"

"Like a little card made from your boss is gonna scare me? He's still too weak do anything useful!"

"That's where you're wrong! I'll use his effect and cut my life points in half, and then Select one normal Spell, Quick-Play Spell, Normal Trap or Counter Trap and remove it from play."

His Life Points dipped, and Monster Reborn slid out of the graveyard.

"By doing that, it gives Jalal a Rune Counter on his sword."

A rune began to glow on Jalal's sword.

"And by removing that counter, I can reuse the effect of the card I removed from play, in this case, Monster Reborn!"

Jalal lifted his blade into the air and the holy ankh of the Monster Reborn was flashed into the air.

"Go ahead, there's nothing you can summon that can beat Skeleblaze!" Cynder laughed.

"You know, I'm getting really sick of hearing you talk. I'm summoning my ace monster, the Darklord Zerato!"

The Ankh vanished and in its place appeared what at first glance was Archlord Zerato, but his robes and cloak were a blood red, his blade was jagged and black, and his eyes had an evil gleam to it. (2,800/2,300)

"And like his counterpart, I can discard a Dark monster…"

He discarded a Dark Shinobi.

"And all monsters on your side of the field are destroyed."

Cynder's eyes widened as Zerato lifted his blade into the air, and it shot a black beam that struck Skeleblaze. The massive beast let out a massive shrieked, and exploded into fiery bits, and Cynder looked up in shock.

"Jalal, Zerato, take him down!"

Cynder screamed as the twin swords slammed into him, and he flew backwards, hissing in pain. "Ah…" And then, slumped against the ground and passed out.

Damian sighed a bit and wiped his forehead of the sweat. "Well…that wasn't a TOTAL pain…"

Now, when most people went home, they were often at times greeted by an overly excited dog, or something of a loved one, a girlfriend say you. When you're Damian on the other hand, you get greeted by something….that isn't exactly a dog.

"Ah, welcome back Damian! How was your mission? A success I take it?"

See, Damian lived with someone who wasn't exactly human. One day, he had been in the Junkyard after a rather intense turbo duel, and upon waking up, found a strange creature, as though he had been created from the junk that surrounded Damian, a mis-match of various pieces of junk that surrounded him. Oddly enough, when asked what he was doing there, the robot couldn't recall. The most he could recall was waking up in the yard, and making a little home for himself.

Damian, feeling pity for the creature, took it upon himself to take him under his wing until he found more of his history.

"About as much a success as one could take it, Scraps." He said to his companion as he took his shoes off.

Scraps nodded. "I'm glad to hear that, Damian, maybe now you can rest? Mr. Ohana came by earlier, seeking your request."

"Did you take any notes?" Damian asked.

"He only told me to ask you to watch his duel on the Television, if you would be so kind." He said, "He said he needs as much companionship as he possibly can."

"Well, I'm gonna tune in then, and we can cheer from the sidelines." Damian smiled.

"Ah, but sir, cheering from the sidelines would imply that we would be there, on the actual side lines of the duel track, which wouldn't be that wise an idea." Scraps pointed out.

As one could tell, Scraps was still a bit confused on the ways humans talked and did things.

Damian found it humorous. "You have a lot to learn, Scraps." He laughed.

He turned on the TV…

Flames of the Phoenix
Type: Trap
Image: Sacred Phoenix of Nephtys erupting from the ashes, a new wildfire erupting behind her.
Effect: Activate this card only when a monster is Special Summoned to your opponent's side of the field from the Graveyard. Special Summon one FIRE-monster from your deck with less ATK than the summoned monster. That monster is destroyed during the end phase.

Type: Zombie/Fire/Effect
Attack/Defense: 500/500
Stars: 4
Effect: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by removing from play one FIRE-Type ZOMBIE monster from your graveyard from play. By paying 500 Life Points when this card attacks or is attacked, this card is not destroyed in battle. Increase this cards ATK by 500 each time it is attacked or attacks. (Max: 3000)

Type: Zombie/Fire/Effect
Attack/Defense: ?/0
Stars: 8
Effect: This card cannot be normal summoned or set. This card cannot be Special Summoned by offering one "Bonefire" on your side of the field. The original ATK of this card is equal to the ATK of the sacrificed card + 500. By paying 1,000 Life Points, this card is not destroyed in battle when this card is attacked or is attacked.

Note: These two cards were created by my beta, Metal Overlord 2.0. Thanks mate! You rule!

Jalal, the Dragonborn
Type: Warrior/Light/Synchro/Effect
Attack/Defense: 2,600/2,400
Stars: 8
Effect: 1 tuner + one or more Non-tuners

This card cannot be Special Summoned except via Synchro Summon. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can pay half your Life Points to remove from play 1 Normal or Quickplay Spell or 1 Normal or Counter Trap from either Graveyard to place 1 Rune Counter on this card (max. 1). At any time during your or your opponent's turn, you may remove a Rune Counter on this card to duplicate the effect of the card that was removed from play as this card's effect.

Note: This card was created by Cynder Commander for the Shadowchasers stories. All creative credit goes to him.

And the first chapter of my new story is up! Tune in next time for the Mr. Ohana that Scraps talked about. Not only is he a Shadowchaser, but an on the side Pro-duelist! Check out his duel in "Light of Intervention", coming soon! Hopefully!