Summary: "Theoretically, it is possible for this alternate universe to be almost an exact copy of ours, but I was surprised. This is a once in a lifetime chance Kyon." Itsuki's words only made it worse. Haruhi/Kyon Haruki/Kyonko

Chapter 1: The SOS Brigade

I tried to resist... I really did...

The fact that I was standing in the middle of the deserted literary club in no way meant that I was appeasing Haruki's crazy antics. In fact, I was totally against them.

It all started a couple of days ago.

Questioning that I believed in something, questioning reality, it had been a favorite passtime of mine when I was little, but as time drug on and I made it through the various grades of school, I began to get a little standoffish about these things. It started when I entered junior high I suppose, science fiction novels and manga no longer captured my imagination, the wierd and the insane no longer appealed to me, and I was content to just cruise through life. My plans were simple, go to college, find a career I enjoyed, and marry a man that I loved.




Until I meant him.

Haruki Suzumiya.

Now, Suzumiya-san wasn't exactly what you would call a normal person.

"Kyonko, why don't you stand up and introduce yourself?" asked Mr. Okabe.

My eyebrow twitched in slight annoyance at the stupid nickname. How my little brother had somehow spread it around the world was beyond my understanding. Everyone called me Kyonko, my parents, my friends, AND my teachers.

I figured arguing the point would do me no good, so I stood and smiled, hoping to make a good first impression, "Hello everyone, there's really not much to say. My father moved here with his career, and I ended up coming to this school. I hope I can get along with everyone and we can have a good school year."

Apparantly my charms did not go unnoticed, as the entire class started to applaud.

"Now," continued Mr. Okabe, moving on to whoever was sitting behind me, "Haruki Suzumiya, your turn."

The chair shifting as Haruki stood made an annoying squeeking noise, and as I sat down something was forcefully shoved into the palm of my hands. It looked like a pair of earphones.



Shiny earphones...

I could hear rock music faintly coming from the small speakers, and as I looked behind me I caught my first sight of him.

Standing tall and proud, a determined glare set straight for our teacher. His school uniform was mussed, a loose tie, an untucked shirt, and two buttons at the top left undone. Suddenly, my grey world was holding color.

I couldn't help but feel a little heat rise to my face... until he opened that big mouth of his.

"Now listen here!" he shouted loudly, "If any of you are time travelers, aliens, ESPers, or sliders, you better just come out and say it right now! Because I'm not interested in anything else!"

An awkward silence followed.

Now I should take this moment to pause and clarify, I had heard rumors of Suzumiya-san around the school, but this little spout of insanity still surprised the crap out of me. Who did this boy think he was? Dr. Who?

The teacher was baffled, he didn't know what to say.

When no one responded to his little outburst he was content to sit back down and cross his arms with a small, "Hmph."

I held up the ear phones and let a slight smirk travel across my lips, "Did you want these back any time soon Suzumiya-san?"

The disgruntled student merely frowned, looking to the side as if making to ignore me. I plopped the earphones on my head and the rock music blared into my ears. I took one of the phones off and tucked it behind my ear, "So that was a joke right? That whole thing with ESPers and time travelers and stuff? My names Kyonko."

Great, now I was even introducing myself with that dumb nickname.

It seemed my attempt to capture his attention was not to end in failure. His arms uncrossed and he smirked, "Well, would you happen to know anything about that stuff?" he asked, getting slightly excited.

"I wouldn't say that I've ever seen any proof on the matter," I said, not quite agreeing or disagreeing with him, "But it is an interesting subject I suppose."

People around the class were giving me strange looks, some shaking their heads in dissapointment, I rolled my eyes, ignoring them and plowing on, "But suppose they did exist," I continued, "It would be a one in a million chance of finding them. There are billions upon billions of people that live on this planet, and something like an esper or an alien would be an extremely uncommon thing. How would you go about locating one, especially since they'd most likely want to remain hidden?"

Haruki frowned at this and rubbed his chin, looking thoughtful for a moment.

If he wasn't so crazy, I'd probably ask him out on a date.

"You raise a good point," he conceded, but then his determined glare returned, "However, it is my mission to seek such things out. Normal life, normal friends, I'm not meant for it. It's all just boring."

This conversation would go on for what seemed like forever, and I found myself not even paying attention in class anymore.

I don't even know why I ended up talking to him in the first place...

It was later in the day when I would hold a conversation with my two friends on the roof, Taniguchi and Kunikida.

"I heard he's a total weirdo," whispered Taniguchi, brow furrowing, almost as if she was concentrating on something.

I laughed lightly, "This coming from someone like you?"

Taniguchi pouted, "I'm serious Kyonko. Apparantly, the last school he went to, a beautiful girl asked him out, and he totally dumped her five days later."

I rolled my eyes, "That's normal, happens all the time."

Kunikida interrupted, "Apparantly he hasn't had a relationship that has lasted more than a week."

"So he's a jerk," I said with a shrug, "Big deal, there's tons of them."

Taniguchi and Kunikida looked at each other, both frowining, and Kunikida ran a hand through her hair. "It's not normal Kyonko, when he dumped them, he was always shouting about how he didn't have time for normal humans."

I frowned, then why in the world was he talking to me?

I looked to the right, down below at the baseball field at the side of the school, and I caught sight of Haruki, scaling the large fence at the end of the field with what looked like a radio on his back, what the hell was he doing? It makes sense that girls would try to date him, he was quite the looker, but his personality ruined him completely.

Yet something was driving me to hold conversation with him.

Taniguchi interupted my thoughts, "So how do you do it?"

I looked at my friend and raised an eyebrow, "How do I do what?"

"Don't play dumb with me, I saw the smirks he tossed at you when you two were talking in class, it's getting ridiculous. He must think you're an alien or something because all you had to do was bat your eyes and he was staring at you for the rest of the period!"

I frowned, I wouldn't go so far as staring.

"Well he was!" shouted Taniguchi.

"I'm just talking to him," I said with a shrug, "It's not like I do anything special."

"Uh huh, I'm onto your feminine wiles Kyonko."

I frowned, "What is your malfunction Tani-chan?"

"I told you not to call me that!!"


"Pass down the basket and draw your new seat assignments."

I took the basket in my hand and rushed to draw the little piece of paper out. I smirked when I realized my new seat was by the window, the second to last seat in the back of the class. I couldn't help but breathe a small sigh of relief.

Good bye forever Haruki.

A few minutes later saw me with my face buried in my arms.

This had to be some kind of weird twist of fate.

Some cosmic coincidence.

The smirking idiot was still in the seat behind me, "So Kyonko," he said slyly, "What do you really think about the whole thing?"

I raised my head up and sighed, "What whole thing?"

"About me being crazy. I know the rumors being tossed around about me, and it doesn't surprise me one bit."

I had to admit, he had a certain kind of charm about him.

I mentally slapped myself, get a hold of yourself woman!

"Well..." I paused, "All great people in history were different from the norm, Albert Einstien, Da Vinci, Steven Hawking. They all revolutionized the world in thier own way because they were 'strange'. However, they also had something else, they were geniuses. Normal High school kids like us should just worry about trying to pass and get through our lives." I turned my body slightly to look at Haruki again, and his smirk had disappeared. He was now glaring out the window. What did I do to piss him off?

"That's not enough," he said firmly, "It will never be enough. That life isn't for me."

I turned back and bit my bottom lip. There was something seriously wrong with this guy.

It seemed that all he could do was talk about the paranormal, while I was just a simple high school girl trying to make it through life.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, especially since the nuisance was yanking on my ponytail. I turned and narrowed my eyes. It seemed to have no effect, "That's it!"

"What's it?"

"If aliens, espers, and time travelers won't come to me, then I'll go looking for them!"

I blushed when I realized the whole class was staring. Before I hadn't cared much, but now it was just plain embarrasing. "Suzumiya-san, maybe you should calm down a little."

"No!" he shouted, "It's so simple I can't believe I didn't realize it before." He loomed over me, "Come with me Kyonko!"


Before I had realized what was happening, I felt a gust of air rush through my hair, and a sudden inexplicable warmth. My initial reaction was the heat rushing to my face, and then I realized what had actually happened. Haruki Suzumiya had swept me up from my chair and was now dashing me out of the room...

bridal style.

"Put me down!" I shouted, "You're going to get us in trouble running out of class like that!"

It appeared that he did not hear me, or was just plain ignoring me. A huge grin was plastered on his face as he dashed me through the halls to God knows where.

The fact that I had ended up with this troublesome boy was more than enough for me to handle. Whatever deity that lived in the sky must have suddenly decided, 'Hey, that girl looks like she has a boring life, let's torture her and spice it up a little.'

I LIKED my boring life thank you very much, and I wanted it back.

These inner monologues of mine really need to stop, I have a seriously bad habit of talking to myself, especially since I was currently in the midst of being sexually assaulted.

I opened my mouth to shout another complaint, but it appeared my feet were already on the ground. "Okay," he said, still with that goofy grin.

I looked at my surroundings, it appeared we had stopped in the stairwell, "And where are we exactly?" I asked.

"This is where I go to think."

"The stairwell?"

He yanked his ear phones off and bopped me on the head with them, "That's beside the point. I'm going to make a club!"

"A club?"

"Yeah, and it'll be dedicated to finding things like aliens, espers, and time travelers. We need to get a clubroom."

A small protest rose in my throat. We? Since when had this involved the word we? Last time I checked I wasn't about to take part in the crazy schemes going through this guys head, yet here I was...

In the stairwell...

My protest suddenly died, "Just do whatever you want," I grumbled, bringing a hand to my face.


I tried to resist... I really did...

The fact that I was standing in the middle of the deserted literary club in no way meant that I was appeasing Haruki's crazy antics. In fact, I was totally against them.

It all started a couple of days ago.

When I had foolishly spoken to the boy known as Haruki Suzumiya.

"The literary club was going to be shut down if no one joined," he explained to me, opening the door to a very blank room. In the center of the room sat a long table with a single chair, in that chair sat a light haired boy about our age with glasses, flipping through the book in his hands quietly, "He was the one that joined."

"Yuuki Nagato," said the boy quietly.

"And he's okay with this?"I asked sceptically.

"It's fine," said Yuuki.

"But are you sure about this? You'll probably get booted out."


I sighed heavily, obviously my last ditch effort had not succeeded in detering Haruki's will. "Then it's decided!" he shouted, "This will be our club room, hold on a second, I'll be right back!"

He disappeared as quickly as we had entered, and not but a minute later he dragged in a very cute and very frightened looking red haired girl, "This will be our mascot!" he shouted joyfully, "I always go through the building on lunch breaks to find cute girls, and you just can't get any cuter than this!"

You have a very sick mind Haruki Suzumiya.

"I don't know what's going on," said the girl timidly, looking around the room in fright. Her eyes landed on Nagato-san, and some of the fright vanished, "Oh, I see. Okay, then, I'll join your club." She spoke so quietly it was hard to hear what she said, and I instantly felt sorry for her, "I'm Asahina Mikuru."

"You are one sick puppy Suzumiya!" I shouted, "First me and then her! Are you some sort of rapist or something?!"

He smirked and chuckled, as if I had made a joke, "She's not the only thing I've got. I've decided on a name for this club!"

Oh no.

Attention world!

The name for the secret club borrowing the literary room is about to be revealed!

"SOS Brigade!"

My stomach did a backflip, "S... O... S?"

"Save the World by Overloading it with Fun Suzumiya Haruki's Brigade."

Please tell me he was joking.

Please tell me I would wake up any minute now to my little brother bouncing on my back.

My first week at high school, and my life had already been ruined.

Why did he drag me into this?

Dammit I've gotta stop this inner monologue.