(i.e. Now Edward can read Bella's mind)

Edward looks so beautiful right now.

Edward groaned. Heaven help him. Bella was thinking again.

His eyes always smolder with such scintillating intensity.

Edward cringed. Bella's chocolate brown gaze found his. A dreamy smile lilted her now-immortal lips—the smile that once made his unbeating heart glow with warmth.

Edward's so incredibly beautiful, Bella was still thinking, the shield around her mind permanently gone. I could spend eternity gazing into his livid, glorious face.

Edward flicked on the TV. "What do you think about the situation in Iran?" he asked her, hoping to rouse some new thought in her brain.

Edward's so smart and amazing. I can't believe he's really mine, Bella thought.

"Iran?" she said, settling next to him. He threw his arm over her thin shoulders, nestling her against him.

"Ever since the recent election—" Edward began, and stopped.

Because Bella was thinking, Edward's so beautiful when he talks.

Edward shook his head. "Ever since the, uh, election—"

He has the face of an angel, Bella thought. A voice like a bell.

"—was rigged—"

But not an ordinary bell, Bella reasoned. A heavenly bell adorning a chapel painted by Michelangelo.

"—there's been unrest." He stared down into Bella's wide, chocolate brown eyes.

He's so beautiful, Bella thought. I love him more than anything in the universe ever.

He remembered the mysteries those thoughtful brown eyes once promised. And now the mysteries were solved. Bella had figured out how to drop the shield around her mind yesterday.

Giving him access to her every last thought.

Edward's like a sculpted marble living representation of beauty, Bella thought. I love him so much…

Edward smiled grimly. He missed that shield.

What an angelic, beauteous smile! Bella thought, pleasure flooding her pale face.

He now knew what went on in her mind. After he'd given her eternal life. Now he faced an eternity of…

His smile is so dazzling! Bella's mind proclaimed.


He makes time itself becomes muddled and my thoughts like sticky paste, Bella thought.

Edward's soul began to scream.

What had he done???