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Characters: Ninetails, Amaterasu (as foil?)

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It could have been a battle that lasted for a thousand years, she mused.

The fox laid in her illusions of paradise, her conscience lying somewhere between dream and reality, waiting for the god to come and challenge her. For she knows that she will come, despite all the puzzles and challenges that the fox had thrown at her. Nothing could stop the god, because that is what a god is, a being meant to challenge the impossible. But she sensed a change in each of them.

The whispers started again, telling her of thoughts she no longer wished to hear. When she tried to stop them, they only grew louder.

She had become one of the most powerful demons in existence, a force beyond the control of humanity. Barely anyone even knew who the god was. She could almost laugh at the irony that she was considered a holier being than the stray mutt from heaven, all because she had taken the body of a famous nun. The word of a demon more reliable than a being who protected humans. Even without her powers, she could make the god a smear in the ground by a simple command. In power, she towered over all.

She knew the cycle. It was the gods' and demons' greatest irony, for it was when the demons rose to their greatest power, that the gods became the terrifying power told in legend. As evil started to take over their world, humans prayed to gods, who grew stronger from their belief. But as soon as the demons were destroyed, gone back to nightmares of a different age, the humans stopped their prayer, forgetting the ones who once were their greatest allies. It was like a great chain, demons and gods grasped together, dragging each other to the top, only to fall together into oblivion. This simile even worked here.

It was wonderful, but even more so, it was clever, the way she had taken over. Before the god even drew breath in her new body, the fox had the trust of all in the city. Before she had even taken a step, the people already began to turn away from the queen, and asked her to solve all their problems. And when the god could finally crawl her way to Sei-An, the god trusted her too, enough even to give back to her Fox Rods.

The fox knew that as soon as she had got her Fox Rods back, the god would have gained an equal amount of power, some way, somehow, because that's how this game worked. Nothing was at top for long. It was why the fox tried to grow in cunning not power, for this wasn't a power that the gods could gain by belief. Even in that she now failed.

The god saw her trick eventually, came rushing back with the queen's death sharpening her will to fight. The demon loved it, loved that the mutt tried so hard to set right what wrongs the fox had done. It was pointless, and the challenges, and the pain, because she would come to her and challenge her for her domain. The fox will kill her. For in the end, a weakling who tries, tries and tries again doesn't triumph in the end, no matter the past. Yes, she was something once, the demon admitted. A fool with power, and little else. You couldn't even say that now.

This god didn't remember the great power that once resided in her. Instead of relying on brute force as the old one had, she had to rely on her intelligence, and, yes, her cunning. And by doing so, she had grown almost as cunning as the old fox. The two now stood on equal footing, weak in power but strong in wits.

It was as she wished. It would be an easy battle, against an opponent who could barely remember the skills that once terrified all of demon-kind.

It was as the fox feared. It would be battle determined by who can outwit who, who would make the first mistake in an elaborate game of feints and attacks. It would be a short battle to the death.

Something shifted in her mind, and the past came back to her. Things she thought she had long forgotten, but anything is possible, she mused, at least if you were inside your own mind. A smile curled up on her lips, as she remembered her triumphs, greatest of all, stealing the powers of the brush gods. It was then that she learned that a god wasn't anything special. She could be a god, and have power that rivaled peak of lifetime had been dwarfed by the present, when there was almost no god to fear. She smiled.

When they were powerful, the battle would be fought for longer than a mortal lifetime. There was never a worry about tiring out, for their energy was infinite. Mistakes were easily countered, as they could cover their moment of weakness with even more power. It was radiance, it was destruction, and the bleak plain that the two had fought on had warped to oblivion as their powers destroyed the reality it was based on.

She was Ninetails, nine souls combined into one being. A demon fueled by eight centuries of wrath and hatred from human incapability. One demon who ate misery and savoured its strength, using it to grow far beyond her pitiful kindred. One god was nothing compared to what she had conquered.

She was Ninetails and she was many. One soul for each human who died by the hands of a monster. They had forgotten who they were, so long had they been stuck in the belly of the beast, losing all trace of the self they once had been. Left with only a fox as a friend ,they delved deep into her mind and let themselves become lost in her mind. And though it was memories of their killer, they took them as their own, remembering what the fox ignored. They whispered of her pain, of her weakness, of her humanity twisted deep within her. They knew the fox would lose, and they would die with her. The god was one being, one determination, one who could set it all back to good. They were distant spirits and a monster, barely aware of each other's thoughts and existence. There was only one thought the humans had in common. Thanks for the god who freed them from their fate and admiration for a soul so strong.