Chapter 20:

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The end of November. Thanksgiving's around the corner. Monica's made it to term; the babies are due any day. Hannah's eleven months old.

The autumn sun shines through the window, awakening Monica from her slumber. She opens her eyes and turns toward her husband. However, she sees that he is no longer in bed. "Andrew?" she calls. "Andrew?" She rolls to her side and pushes herself up to a sitting position.

"Good morning!" Andrew calls, with Hannah in his arms. "Guess who wanted to greet you this morning?"

She smiles and holds her hands out to receive her daughter. "Good morning, sweet Hannah. How's my baby girl?"

Hannah snuggles up against her mother and pats her shoulder. "Ma ma ma ma ma!"

Andrew smiles and takes in the sight before him. He sits down beside his beloved and takes her hand into his. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm ready to have these babies."

"Any contractions yet?"

"No," she replies, shifting her daughter around. "I'm still hoping that they'll be born Thursday. I want these babies to be Thanksgiving babies. After all, Hannah is a Christmas Eve baby. And then next year, we can have a little boy on Halloween."

"So, you want all our children to have holiday birthdays," he chuckles.

"Why not? That way, none of them will feel left out. Besides, I think it would be neat for all of them to have holiday birthdays."

Andrew stops in his tracks. "You're still wanting a fourth kid next year?"

Monica shifts Hannah again and sighs. "Andrew, let's not start this. You know I do and I know you don't."

"I didn't want a second baby so soon after having Hannah and you got pregnant on purpose. I feel awful for saying that because I love the twins, but I know you'll do that again and get pregnant on purpose."

"Do we have to have this argument again? We were having a nice morning and I don't like arguing in front of our daughter."

"You're right," he sighs. "We were having a nice morning and we don't need to spoil it for our daughter...or our twins."

"AAAAAAAA! MA MA MA MA MA!" Hannah squeals with glee, causing the couple to laugh.

"You still want to name the babies Aaron David and Andrea Elyse?"

"Yes," she smiles looking at her abdomen. "And I can't wait to meet little Aaron and little Andrea."

"Me too," he echoes, giving his wife a gentle kiss on the forehead.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving morning arrives and Monica is not showing any signs of labour. She makes her way downstairs to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls and orange juice.

"Morning, honey," Andrew greets. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling just fine."

"Any contractions?"

"No," she sighs. "Nothing."

Andrew's face falls.

"I wanted these babies to be born today," she sighs, trying to hold back tears.

"I know," he consoles, serving her plate. "But perhaps these children have a different idea."

"I was hoping to see these babies today."

"If you want," he suggests, "we could have Doctor Hammonds come over and examine the babies."

"I'd like that. The first twin feels like he's off a bit."


"I mean, he almost feels sideways."

Curious, he continues, "So, that could mean you can't go into labour?"

"I suppose so."

"Let me give her a call before she heads out for her Thanksgiving dinner, and see if she can bring her portable ultrasound machine."

"Okay." She hears Hannah whimpering through the baby monitor. "I'll go get our daughter while you make the phone call."

Monica goes upstairs, while Andrew picks up the phone and dials Sheryl's number. "Hello, Sheryl?"

"Yes?" she answers, "How's Monica?"

"She's concerned about the babies."

"How so?" she asks.

Andrew begins to explain, "She says she feels that the first twin feels a bit off."


"Yes, like he's sideways or something like that. She's wondering if you could bring your portable ultrasound machine over to check the babies' positioning. She is bound and determined for these babies to be born today."

"I'll be right over. I don't know if it's realistic, but I'll do what I can if it's feasible."

They hang up and the doctor knocks on the front door. Andrew answers.

"I'm glad you could come. Monica's resting on the couch." He leads her into the living room. There, she sees Monica, on the couch, resting with her eyes closed.


The brunette angel opens her eyes. "I'm glad you're here."

"Andrew says that you think one of the babies may be transverse?"

"I do. He feels different than Hannah did or the other twin does."

"Well," the doctor begins, "you are having twins."

"I think that's pretty obvious," she remarks.

"Let's see these babies." Sheryl unpacks her machine and sets it up. Then, she squirts the cold gel on the angel's abdomen, which causes Monica to shriek.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to that gel."

"I don't think anyone ever does." She moves the wand around and settles in a spot. "I think you're right. Twin A is definitely transverse. The chances of you going into labour are slim to none."

Monica sighs with relief; she was correct.

"So, what does that mean?" Andrew queries.

"I'll need a C-Section," Monica answers, disappointed.

"Yes, you probably will."

"Can I have the C-Section today?"

"I don't think that will be possible," the doctor answers, "I'm sorry."

Monica sighs, trying to hold back tears.

"I know you were wanting the babies to be born on Thanksgiving," Andrew consoles, "but I want what's best for our children. Today may not be the best day for them to be born."

Tears flow down the brunette angel's cheeks. "I'm ready for these babies to be born. My ankles are swollen; I don't know how much bigger my abdomen could grow. I can hardly walk or pick up Hannah. I want to meet these babies today."

"I'd like to check your blood pressure," the doctor begins, "but first, you'll need to calm down. You're turning red and I want to make sure the swelling in your limbs aren't from pre-eclampsia."

Unfortunately, this causes Monica to panic.

"C'mon, sweetheart," Andrew begins, "please, calm down. We don't want our children to be in danger due to your blood pressure going too high."

"I can't," she cries. "I want them to be born and not be hurt."

He begins stroking her hair. "So do I. Breathe with me." He begins breathing slowly, taking deep breaths, and soon, she follows suit.

After Sheryl sees that the angel is sufficiently calm, she gets out her blood pressure cuff from her bag. "Now, let me check your blood pressure." She wraps it around the angel's left arm and takes her pressure. "It's reading high. Let me try it on your other arm." She does the same with her right arm. "It's still reading high. I don't like these numbers."

Alarmed, Andrew tries to speak, "W...What's...What is it?"

"It's 159 over 95, which means we need to have these babies right away."

Suddenly, Monica is afraid.

"I'm going to call the hospital and schedule an OR for as soon as possible."

Monica latches on to her husband. "Andrew, I'm scared."

"Everything's going to be fine," he tries to assure himself more than her.

"I wish I didn't have to have a C-Section. I want to have these babies naturally." She smoothes her hand over her abdomen.

"Angel Girl," a female voice booms, "Quit the whining and suck it up."

The angels look around and see Tess entering the house through the front door.

"Tess!" Monica exclaims.

"I heard, Angel Girl. I'm here to baby-sit Hannah for you."

"Thanks for coming," Andrew states.

Dr. Hammonds gets off the phone and joins the trio, "I've got the OR reserved in an hour and a half, so we need to go ahead and go."

Andrew helps his wife into the car while Tess packs Monica's bag. Hannah is asleep in her crib.

After the Godlys pull out of the driveway, Tess prays, "Father, help them. They'll have three babies under a year old and I have a feeling she'll try for a fourth right at the New Year. Let those babies be okay. Let Monica be okay too."

At the hospital

Monica has been prepped and is waiting to be taken to the OR for her C-Section. Although she tries to hide her fear, her hands are trembling. "Andrew," she begins, "I'm afraid. I don't want to be cut open."

"I know, but we want these you and these babies to be healthy when they're born."

"You're right," she sighs.

"Just think," he begins, smoothing her hair, "in a little over an hour, we'll have two new babies. We'll have two beautiful daughters and a handsome son."

"A son, who will look just like his daddy."

"And another daughter, who will look just like her mother."

She reaches out and strokes her husband's cheek. "I love you."

A nurse enters the bay. "Monica Godly?"

"Yes," Monica responds.

"We're ready for you. Are you ready to see these babies?"

She takes her husband's hand and gives it a squeeze. "Just a minute."

Andrew begins to pray, "Father, this is it. We're about to welcome two new babies into the world. Please guide Dr. Hammonds' hands as she delivers these babies. Be with her staff and be with Monica too, as she undergoes this surgery. We ask that everything goes well, but we also ask that Your will be done."

"Now I'm ready," Monica announces.

Two orderlies guide Monica's gurney into the OR. Andrew follows until they get to the OR doors. He bends down and kisses his beloved's cheek. "I love you. See you soon."

Before she knows it, Andrew is escorted into the room, clad in scrubs. He sees her lying on the table, with a sheet hiding her midsection. He takes his seat beside his wife and the doctor begins her incision. After a few tugs, the first baby is out and lets out a loud wail.

"It's a boy!" The doctor announces.

Monica turns to look at her husband, "It's Aaron!"

Andrew smiles and tries to wipe the tears of joy away. "Our son."

After the doctor hands off the first baby, she goes in for the second. A few tugs and she delivers the second baby. "It's a girl!"

"Andrea!" Monica whispers, as her eyes close.

"Monica!" Andrew shouts in horror.

"Doctor!" the anaesthesiologist cries, as her blood pressure drops.

"Get him out of here!" the Doctor Hammonds directs, as an aide escorts Andrew out of the OR and two nurses whisk the twins to the nursery.

Andrew sits in shock in the surgical waiting room. He feels like his world is crumbling down around him. "Father," he prays, "I thank you for the beautiful gift of Aaron and Andrea, but I ask you to be with Monica. Yes, I know that if she dies, she'll go back to you, but she's my wife for this assignment, and I would miss her. Plus, the children need a mother. Yes, they would be fine if she's not around, but I ask that it be your will to bring her back to us."

Before he knows it, the doctor comes out of the OR. "Andrew?" He stands up. "How's my wife?"

"She lost a lot of blood, but she'll be okay."

"C...can she still have children? She wants to have one more."

"If you're asking whether or not I had to do a hysterectomy on her, I did not."

He breathes a sigh of relief.

"I know she's headstrong and will do as she pleases, but I would recommend that she wait to try for a fourth baby."

"Yes, she is headstrong," he chuckles. "And I have a feeling we'll be back here next Halloween if she has her way." He becomes serious. "How are the twins?"

"They're just fine. You can go see them in the nursery if you'd like. They are both big for twins; six pounds each and nineteen inches long."

"I can't wait to meet them," he smiles.

The doctor shows him to the nursery. "Your wife is resting in recovery. She'll be assigned a room in an hour."

"Thanks," he replies, "looking at his babies in warmers."

"You can go in if you'd like."

Grinning, he opens the nursery doors and steps in. He walks over to the warmers and sits down. "Hey kids, I'm your daddy. I'm glad to meet you. Andrea, you look just like your mother and older sister, and Aaron, I do think you look like me."

In Monica's room

Andrew walks into his wife's room and sees her asleep on the bed. "Monica," he calls, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Her eyes flutter open. She sees her husband and smiles. "Andrew."

"I was so worried," he chokes, trying to keep the tears threatening to fall, at bay.

"I'm fine now. How are the babies?"

"They're beautiful."

As if on cue, two nurses enter, pushing bassinets. "Here are your babies, Mrs. Godly." They check the wristbands and then leave the room.

"Oh Andrew!" she exclaims. "Look at them! I can't believe they're ours."

"I love you!" he states, through his tears, "I'm glad all three of you are okay. I don't know what I would have done if I had lost you."

"I'm here," she reassures. "I'm not going away. I want to raise these three and the baby we'll have next year, together with you."

Andrew decides to ignore the part about a fourth baby and concentrates on his wife and newest additions to the Godly family. He picks up Aaron and places their son in her arms.

"Oh Andrew! He looks just like you!"

Then, he picks up Andrea and shows her to her mother. "And she looks just like you."

"We make beautiful babies, don't we?"

"We do," he replies. "Happy Thanksgiving, Monica."

"And Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Andrew."

The couple spends the rest of the day admiring the newest Godly children.

-End of Chapter 20

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