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We honestly didn't expect Luke to repeat himself a good few times before we actually realized what he had done. Usually they don't develop that fast but- to put it short- he spoke. It was only one word but the amount of emotion behind it was simply amazing, that and the very fact that he knew how to say it was also in the same category of amazing.

"Where?" Luke repeated, speaking in our tongue for the first (or fifth) time. Tom wasn't too impressed-nor unimpressed for that matter- but he looked as though he expected it to happen; a look that was way too familiar with me now. Which in it's own way is a bit scary.

"Luke? Can you understand me?" I said it slow enough, but he still gave me a bit of a confused expression. So I repeated it a word at a time pronouncing the words to him. I felt like I was teaching a baby how to speak, except the baby is four times bigger and can speak the entirety of the human (and partial infected) language. After repeating the sentence a few times, he nodded to me in understanding.


He seemed to understand growls and screech, rather than coughs which meant he was more Hunter than Smoker. If Smoker at all. His claws worried me though, because they were larger than normal claws. A lot larger than normal Hunter claws anyway.

Fleur's claws caught my eye as they glinted in the dim light, they were longer than my claws so maybe...Wait what?
Luke hadn't been in contact with a Witch so there was no way that he could've gotten the strain unless...

"Luke has always been emotionally depressed since he was a child, he practically already has the strain. Truthfully there isn't a virus for a Witch, it's literally what lack of a certain chemical does to you what screws up the normal virus," Tom made a point, and it was a good point at that. He seemed to know what he was talking about, which made me slightly suspicious but I shrugged it off. Jase was grinning like a madman at Luke's new found ability to speak.

I decided I needed a breath of air, so I excused myself from the room and stood outside, allowing the convenient breeze to blow against me. My brother soon followed out- I could tell he was worried.

"How are you?" He asked, trying to coax me into speaking my thoughts

"You've been acting out of it lately Jase...it's unsettling" I responded after a few moments contemplating. My brother faced me with an unreadable expression, the one that knew I knew what he was thinking, that blank face what refused to tweak with any emotion. "I...I know what you did brother... Don't think I don't remember."

He paled slightly- if that was possible when one was already quite pale as it is- before stepping towards me and asking me what I remembered.

"You know. Our game. The game where we would gather survivors like sheep and then... and then" I gulped and blinked away the tears, "and then we would slaughter them... Like sheep. But, it depended on how much we liked them!" He took a step back at my tone, which caused me to flinch realising how much venom was actually in my words.

"It wasn't me." My head rose to face him.

"Then... Then who?" He gulped at my words, before tears stung his eyes. "It was Fleur's idea... She said we could kill the useless ones, the ones who...who never showed us affection- The ones we never liked. But..." he trailed off. "But what?". He took in another deep breath to calm himself.

"I asked if I could be the one to target Luke... Because I knew I wouldn't be able to hurt him" the tears ran down his face, they mingled with the blood on his face turning them slightly pink. "But...As soon as I pounced him out the way I smelt the blood bro, I...I smelt it and I couldn't do a thing about it!"

"So you attacked him..."

"But I realised that...That what I was doing wasn't right, and I stopped and ran..." He trailed again before falling to his knees and sobbing wildly.

"So, all in all. Fleur and you made an agreement to carry on the game without me, and then when we came to the normal spot you gathered Fido up and killed the team off. Luke was almost dead and Raz- I mean Tom- was as well in critical state. And so Fleur tended to Tom's wounds whilst we did Lukes wounds?" He nodded in confirmation. "And then once it was over Smokey went back to normal base, as did the rest of our group. Except you and Fleur, because you both sensed that some clusterf-... Some mistake had happened and you wanted to be there for Luke and Tom because you both felt guilty?"

"Exactly..." Well, at least Jase confirmed it. So now I know what was happening. I sighed and rethought it. Really, it's a game we've been playing since the first two weeks of infection, back when we never knew any better. But we eventually realised that we were likeable and a lot of survivors would become friendly to us- We let them escape. Others would try to shoot and kill us, and so we would kill them in return. Ones that accepted us but only for their selfish reasons would be killed, and ones that accepted us regardless of their safety were kept.

So I don't understand why Louis and Zoey were brutally murdered.

"Fido got too excited." He answered the question for me.

At least now the story has been uncovered. How we would help Luke out was another story... And I hope to be there for it.

I held my brother in a tight hug, and told him that it was alright, because he couldn't be blamed for his naiveness; he was still learning after all, and this would be one of the steps in his journey.

"You do realise that since you helped change Luke into what he is, you're helping him deal with it. Right?" Jase looked at me with his mouth agape, before closing it and nodding in understanding.

I smiled as we walked in back through the door- and hell.

It was almost like everything was back to normal... Except without the other human survivors and... Oh what the hell, I had more family now.


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