Once this story popped into my head, I had to write it. No ifs, whats or buts about it. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

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Gambit studied the infra red beams carefully. He took off his trench coat, leaving it on the floor where it fell and literally leapt into the maze. He slipped through the opening web of beams like butter and landed precisely, just short of one of the lower stationary beams. He knelt down, then pushed off into the air as one roaming beam passed over his head and missed a second by a mere inch as he somersaulted over it.

Halfway through. Gambit stepped to the side, dodging two more of the roaming beams, hit the floor, rolling beneath a stationary one and easily manoeuvred himself past the last three beams. The maze now cleared, Gambit attended to the whole point of the exercise: the glass cabinet before him, and more importantly, its contents.

He checked his watched, his eyes scanning for the camera he knew was there. Three... two... one...

Gambit stepped out of the shadows and traced a circle with his finger on the glass. The charge blew, and he reached in and retrieved the bauble inside. He placed it into a small bag he brought for this purpose, securing it to himself as he skittered back to the web of infra red beams. A quick glance at his watch told him that he'd beat the cameras with plenty of time and began the intricate dance back to his trench coat and escape.

Moira looked up from her desk.


"Hello Moira," said the man standing before her.

"Charles, what are you doing up? You shouldn't be -"

Moira never got to finish the sentence, finding herself being flung across the room. Her head cracked against the wall and it all went blank.

"... Many who took the Cure are reporting that their mutations are re-manifesting themselves and..."

Bobby sat up at those words, scooting to the edge of the lounge as he listened to the news. The others in the room stopped to hear what was being said.

"Do... do you suppose Rogue'll come back?" asked Kitty softly.

Bobby looked at her.

"I hope so," he said. "She didn't exactly leave on good terms though."

Kitty shrugged.