A Close Friend: The Sequel

by: DanichT02

Author's Note: Wowie, I got all these reviews by just a one-shot? I'm impressed. Well, since I got some people who wanted a sequel and so many reviews, I decided to make one. It might not be as good as the first one, but at least I tried right?

Warning: Very, teeny, tiny, witty, bitty smuge of pervertedness.

Hint: Sakura and Sasuke were both 16-17 in the first chapter, so that makes them 21-22 in this sequel.

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_~* 5 Years Later *~_

I yawned quietly to myself, trying hard to keep my sleep-deprived eyes open. The village hospital has been receiving many injured, wounded, and on-the-brink-of-death warriors. Since so much time has passed since the first time Naruto saved the village when he first defeated Pein had reached the ears of the other villages in so little time…. Recent and excruciating-long battles have been waging over the past five years. Sand too, the other villages knowing that Sand and Leaf were a pact.

Some say the two villages tied the not…metaphorically.

I sighed again.

And because we haven't been able to rejoice ourselves, we've been losing shinobis and have received destroyed buildings in the process. Danzo was no longer the Hokage of the village, due to the epic battle between Sasuke, Naruto, and him. So it was only fitting for someone to take on the role of Hokage…again. The villagers saw to it to be Tsunade again, but when she punched a whole mountain down as her answer to the betrayal the elders gave her, they quickly retreated the idea out of their minds.

Which only left one perfect candidate for the job.

The villagers only knew one person left who would be perfect for the role of Hokage. And yes in every other cliché fan-story out there, Naruto was chosen. At first he was shocked beyond belief, but he grinned and chuckled saying he'd be happy to do it.

I smiled at the fond memory, the sunny, summer day; the beautiful spring breeze, and the smile on everyone's faces. Naruto proposed to Hinata a year after he was hokage, and they managed to somehow live together in a loving marriage even with all the commotion and stress they must be going through. And even though I was insanely happy for my two best friends, I knew that deep down, I was severely jealous of their relationship.

I had considered giving up on Sasuke and going for Naruto, but when I saw Naruto as only a brother figure, all thoughts changed and I went back to harboring small feelings for the traitor known as Sasuke Uchiha. I was pretty angry--all but furious with the way things turned out the passed years.

When Sasuke meant soon---I guess his way as soon was years away in his opinion. When he and Naruto defeated Danzo, I was so sure that he would have stayed with the village and would come looking for me so that we could live together.

Like he promised.

Well maybe not the whole running away together and having more than three kids was part of the promise, but he made it sound like it, damnit.

But so help me when he never stayed and didn't return in the past five years, boy was I pissed. I ranted on about him to my friends, claiming that he was a no-good-lying-son-of-a-female-dog(no offense to his mother) who-had-no-sense-of-grammar-rights. But they just listened on with uninterested eyes and years, and yet I was angry at them, I couldn't blame them.

I was fawning over a guy who probably didn't, wouldn't, and never will return my feelings. So I had to agree with them telling me to just forget about him and their constant "I-told-you so" s . And it got even worse when I kept dreaming about the kiss we shared.


Get a grip Sakura! He was just kissing you so he could use it to his advantage and knock you out! It was just a strategy plan to him!

I glared and almost killed my assistant nurse with my computer chair….

Sorry Nina.

I (finally) walked out the two glass doors that lead to the entrance (and my exit) to the Hidden Leaf Hospital. It was one in the am and I was overly tired with excessive hours of work on my hands. As usual, many people were still out this late, and as I walked by they sent me a casual nod of the head, or a quick wave of the hand. I replied back by smiling politely at them, sending compliments about the great work they're doing. They smiled back, and I smiled all the way back to my apartment.

It was decent enough, but I knew that I would have to move out and buy an actual home soon. Sighing a content sigh this time, my light smile was replaced by an ugly frown. One of the attendants to the apartment complex was (unfortunately) still awake.

" So how was your day Saku? Still blood spitting in your face?" asked a 10-year old boy. My eyebrow twitched, annoyed and somehow, I found a way to answer the boy without smacking him.

"It was fine Hitori. Why are you up so late?"

"Everyone's dead in their beds and I'm bored. So I'm roaming the halls!" Hitori replied happily. I sighed again, didn't this kid (for his age) know that people are just sleeping?

"Hitori, they're not dead, they're sleeping…you should try it sometime." I grunted out as a reply. Hitori just laughed and grinned at me, all the while jumping and bouncing on the walls. I grunted again, and proceeded down to my door, not before bidding Hitori a good-night though.

"Have fun being dead, Ms. Saku!" he exclaimed cheerfully. I rolled my eyes in contrast, but nothing could stop the amused smile that etched onto my face.

Pulling out my apartment keys, I jiggled with them a bit with the lock, until it finally creaked open, and I was able to get inside. I shrugged off my dark brown coat, and tousled my now long pink hair out of it's proper pony-tail. I flopped my feet around, trying to get the annoying ninja heeled shoes off of my aching feet and decided to get ready for bed.

I had to go back to work in four hours so I need all the hours of sleep I can get. Mumbling curses at the uncivilized hospital working hours, I settled myself comfortably under the covers and breathed in the familiar clean sent.

_ _

A light tapping on my balcony window awoke me from my (much needed) rest, and I shot up. Heart beating fast at the repeating noise, I cautiously dipped my hand under one of my mattresses, and stealthy pulled out a kunai.

A very sharp kunai.

I slowly stepped out of my (comfy, cozy, and much inviting) bed and took precautious steps towards the balcony windows. Kunai at the ready, I used my unoccupied hand and pried open the glassy frame, and searched the dark blue hue that surrounded the area. Jade eyes glowing fierce and shifting in all available directions, I rechecked my surroundings, before I just let the sound I heard earlier go. Naming it as just a loose branch tapping against my window.

Sighing at my sudden paranoia, I closed the windows and shuffled back to my bed. Eagerly awaiting to cover myself in the warmth of the heat radiating sheets. And just as I was about to burry myself back in them, a different tapping noise sounded, and I was on high alert again. I got my kunai ready, and I searched my room for any possible intruders.

"Hn, Sakura,"

My eyes widened.

"Put the kunai down."

I gasped. And indeed, to the man's words that sounded behind me, I instantly dropped the kunai in shock, and I turned to see if he was real.

"Sa-Sasuke?" I stuttered out. My jade eyes met up with Sasuke's blank coal ones, and I let out a weak smile.

"Is it really you Sasuke?" I asked.

"In the flesh," he replied, smirking. I smiled delicately at him and instantly as I felt the light tears of joy come to my eyes, I buried my head into his chest. I gripped onto his shirt for dear life, and Sasuke hesitantly wrapped his arms around my waist. I smiled at the déjà vu like moment, recalling the last time we held each other like this.

"I thought you weren't going to come back."

"Hmph, what gave you that idea?" Sasuke asked. I chuckled lightly, and told him why.

"Because it's been 5 years since you gave me that letter."


I giggled lightly, and held onto him tighter.

"Well, I'm glad you're here now." I mumbled softly. Sasuke grunted as a reply, and I smiled at him. My pink locks, obscured my view of his gorgeous face a little bit, but I was able to see enough to see how much he's grown. His hair was longer, and could be put into a small pony-tail by now. He wore a different attire to when I saw him last, it consisted of a Jonin like tight black shirt that hugged every muscle curve in his chest and abdomen. His pants were baggy like Kakashi's and he wore arm and leg wraps like Neji and Lee. He grew taller too, and I felt vertically impaired when being up against and next to him.

I pouted in slight anger, and I saw Sasuke smirk at me. I raised a confused eye-brow, and started demanding what he was smirking at, until his cold lips met mine. I hesitated a bit, unsure if the idea of kissing back was a good one; you know, after what happened last time. But when Sasuke's eager encouragement for me to kiss back reached my lips, I moaned lightly, and returned it full force. I wrapped my arms around his neck and weaved my hands into his hair, massaging his scalp.

I felt Sasuke's hands roam over my body and I lightly giggled when he tickled my stomach. We both fell onto my bed, and we just laid there, enjoying each other's warmth. My head rested on his chest as I traced little circles on it and Sasuke's hand was weaved into my hair occasionally twirling a loose strand of hair in his cold fingers.

I looked up at him again, and he looked at me. Our eyes clashed, and I smiled at his presence. Inclining my head to reach his, I planted a soft kiss on his lips, and pulled away, earning a small 'pop' as I did so. I leaned my head back onto his chest and resumed my invisible drawing.

"I love you Sasuke," I unconsciously whispered out. I winced when I realized I had said that, and I waited patiently for the rejection sentence to follow it.

But it never came.

Glancing up at Sasuke, I found him smirking at me, and I inwardly started worrying. What if he was going to come back at me and say "Tch, yeah right as if I'd ever love you back."

That never came either.

I inwardly sighed a disappointed sigh, and I leaned my head back onto his chest. More reluctant than the other times.

"Hmph, I love you too."

Instantly, I smiled and squealed.

_ _

It's been a year since Sasuke and I have been a couple, and honestly, it's been the best year out of all the years that I've lived. Sasuke was more caring than I thought him to be, but I wasn't complaining. We went on many dates, and we always had fun.

The night (morning) Sasuke returned, I later found out that his team had also settled in Konoha too. Mostly because they had no where else to go. Sasuke told me Suigetsu obtained Kisame's sword Samehada and that he had decided to stay with Team Taka; since he had no where else to go. As for Jugo and Karin, well Sasuke told me that Jugo was going to stay by Sasuke's side until he died, and Karin was just too much romantically infatuated with him to ever leave his side.

I laughed he informed me of when she tried to seduce him on countless missions they had together. Yet I shouldn't be laughing. Since I was almost the exact same way…okay exactly the same way, but at least I didn't keep one of his sweat-drenched, tattered shirts. Even to me that's disgusting! Yet when he told me how heartbroken she was when he informed her of our relationship, I kind of felt sorry for her. She had been chasing Sasuke and proclaiming her love for him, only to have it shot back right in her face.

I knew how that felt, and it wasn't a good feeling.

So me being the good person that I am, went and talked to her about it. Sure she screamed and yelled at me, but she suddenly burst into tears and I knew she needed a shoulder to cry on, so I offered her mine. And after she let out all of her feelings, even her hatred towards me, I just wrapped a comforting arm around her and informed her that she had friends around her that would help her move on. Including me.

And soon after that, we've been best friends ever since, and she even realized her love for Suigetsu. Karin even confessed to him, and she was more than ecstatic to hear that he returned her feelings with 110 percent. They're together now and living happily in Konoha.

With a baby on the way.

I smiled at the memory when she informed me, and I couldn't be happier for the two.


"Sakura-chan! Sakura-chan!" Karin shouted out towards me. I turned towards the red-head running to me, and I smiled.

"Yes Karin-chan, what is it?"

"I have the greatest news!"

"Really? Do tell!" I said enthusiastically. Karin, blushed and got all giddy, while squealing into her palms.

"I'm pregnant!" she exclaimed. My eyes widened, and soon my mouth turned into a broad smile.

"Oh Karin-chan! I'm so happy for you! What did Suigetsu say?" I asked. But regretted it when I saw the knowing sad face come upon her face.

"Ah, you haven't told him yet huh?" I smirked knowingly. Karin blushed but nodded. I sighed but smiled at her. I put my arm on her shoulder, and gave her a comforting hug.

"Don't worry, you will, and he's going to be ecstatic when you do." I encouraged her. Karin gave me a shocked look, but it was soon replaced with a warm smile.

"You think so?"

"I know so." I said determined. Karin let out tears of joy and she gave me a tight hug.

"Thanks Sakura-chan! You're the best!" she complimented me. I laughed lightly and hugged her back, and smiled after her as I saw her run towards where her and Suigetsu lived.

And soon after Karin told Suigetsu, the whole village could hear loud happy shouts coming from the white-haired mist-ninja.


Giggling at the memory, I gasped when I felt two sudden arms wrap around my waist.

"Hn." my long-term boyfriend grunted. I laughed and turned to face him, pecking him on lips as I did so.

"And how was your day my prince?" I joked. Sasuke smirked and wrapped his arms tighter around me.

"Alright, my princess." Sasuke joked back. I smiled and kissed him again, this time he returned it with as much force. We pulled away and I wrapped my arms around his neck. We stayed there like that for a few moments until Sasuke told me to come with him outside.

"I have a surprise for you." He informed me. I smiled, but on the inside I was excited. My mind could only wonder what Sasuke had gotten for me now.

Maybe it's jewelry!

No, maybe it's an animal!

No, no, it's gotta be a new kunai set!

Oh I don't care what he gets me! As long as he got it, I'm happy. I finally said to myself, yet I couldn't myself from still being more than excited. Soon both Sasuke and I were outside our temporary 'house' and in our small back-yard that was filled with Cherry Blossom Trees. I blushed at the scene, only imagining what Sasuke could give to me. He sure had the romantic setting down, now all he had to produce me with was the gift.

"Close your eyes," Sasuke lightly demanded. I smiled in amusement, but closed my eyes anyway, It was silent around me, and the only thing that was making a sound was the gentle spring breeze that surrounded the two of us. I heard a light shuffling in the grass, and I was more than anticipated on seeing my gift than before.

"Open your eyes," Sasuke informed me, and my eyes opened slowly, not wanting to rush on seeing my gift. But when I saw my gift, I regretted it. There, before me, was the Sasuke Uchiha kneeling onto the grass, holding a ring in a red velvet box up to my face. My eyes started water with crystal tears, my eyes giving Sasuke a wondering glance. Sasuke just smirked at me and asked what any other man would do for a woman that loved dearly.

"Sakura Haruno, will you marry me?"

At the moment, my tears spilled, and I instantly hopped over top of him, exclaiming as many yes's that I could. He just chuckled when we both toppled onto the grass.

"Yes! I will marry you!"

_ _

"Do you Sasuke Uchiha, take Sakura Haruno to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in heath, for richer or poorer, as long as you both shall live until death do you part?" Tsunade's voice reached my ears, I smiled at Sasuke, who smiled back.

"I do,"

"And do you Sakura Haruno, take Sasuke Uchiha to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, as long as you both shall live, until death do you part?"

"I do," I replied immediately. Tsunade smiled at me, and Sasuke and I waited patiently for her to continue her sentence. The sentence, Sasuke and I (and the guests) have been waiting for since we've been in the alter.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride."

Sasuke pulled me in and we both inclined our heads to meet each others lips, as soon as they did, a chorus of cheers and hollers sounded out through the alter, and I pulled away from the kiss smiling and laughing. Sasuke smirked and we set off leaving the alter for the after party. But not before I gave a kiss on the cheek to all of my important guys in the team.

Naruto and I hugged while we kissed each other on the cheek. I gave Hinata a hug and she whispered a congrats in my ear, as did Naruto.

Next was Sai, I kissed his cheek and he blushed a bit, and I gave him an encouraging pat on the back. He smiled at me, and lightly patted my shoulder in return. Yamato, smiled greatly at me and gave me a light hug, while I kissed his forehead. And last but not least was my former sensei, Kakashi.

"Kakashi-sensei," I smiled at him. His eye crinkled and gave me a hug.

"You'll always be my favorite student." he informed me. I chuckled and kissed him on his masked cheek as well. He returned it and we hugged again tightly, before we pulled away and I linked my arms with Sasuke again.

"Take care of each other you two." Kakashi informed us. We both smiled and promised Kakashi that we would and we left the alter happily, hand-hand, our eyes only on each other.

Just each other.

_ _

Extra Feature: The Great Epilogue


"Naruto, for the last time, I'm not betting with you to see when Sakura's going to get pregnant." Kakashi said discreetly, flipping a page in his Icha Icha book. Naruto glared at him, all the while wrapping an arm around his wife's arm.

"Eh, he's just scared he's going to lose, right Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked his wife enthusiastically. Hinata blushed at her husband, but answered none-the-less.

"I'd rather not answer," she said quietly.

"At least someone's smart enough to not answer," Yamato said knowingly. Naruto glared at him, but quickly backed down when Yamato gave him "The Look".

"Eh you old geezers aren't fun anyway. " Naruto whined out. Hinata laughed at him and cradled her toddler baby close to her.

"What about you Sai?" When do you think Sasuke-teme is going to get Sakura-chan pregnant?" Naruto asked the pale artist. His girlfriend, Ino, scoffed next to him, but didn't utter a word. Eager to hear her boy-friends answer as much as Naruto.

"If I had to guess, I'd say she's already pregnant."

"What!? No way! That's impossible!" Naruto argued.

"Nothing's impossible," Kakashi said blankly.

"Oh shut up old man! You're just grouchy because you need Viagra to get an erect--OW!" Naruto cried out, rubbing his now sore head. "What was that for?" he glared at Ino.

"You're baby is right there! And you're talking about Viagra and erections right in front of him, you idiot!" Ino shouted at him. Naruto glared at her.

"She's right, babies brains are like sponges , they absorb anything and everything."

"Ah two words aren't going to hurt him. Besides, he's going to know them when he's older, so what's the point in keeping it a secret?" Naruto argued.

"Wow, he really does want his kid to be a porn addict at the age of five." Sai said as Ino giggled.

"Hey! I resent that!"

"Well then you shouldn't say adulterated words in front of your kid!" Ino taunted glaring at the obnoxious blonde. Naruto growled at her, but put his anger to the side when he recalled how this whole argument started.

"So I say twenty-bucks says in a week." Naruto stated.

"I say she's already pregnant." Sai informed. Naruto grinned at him, already knowing he was going to win this bet when a week passes and Sakura informs them all that she's pregnant.

"Alrighty then, we will wait until Sasuke-teme and Sakura-chan to show up. " Naruto stated. Sai agreed, and the two bidders waited patiently for the married duo to enter.

"It's pointless." Kakashi stated out of the blue. Naruto glared at him again and started up another argument.

"Shut up! Go back home and take some Viagra so that you can get an erection in time for you to read your porn book, you mask wearing bitch." Naruto exclaimed. Ino glared, while Sai smiled and Hinata and Yamato sighed.

"Vagra, recten, bich!" a cute voice laughed out. All heads at the table turned to the toddler in Hinata's arms with shock. The boy just laughed and repeated the words he just said.

"Vagra! Recten! Bich!"


"Naruto!! You idiot! Now look what you've done! You've tainted your own son's mind with words that are way out of his league!" Ino shouted, punching the blonde on the head. Naruto hissed, but started to argue back until a giggle was heard.

"I see we get dinner and a show." the soft voice of Sakura Uchiha was heard. All heads turned towards the married couple, and the touchy argument was momentarily forgotten.


"Teme! Sakura-chan! What a surprise!" Naruto exclaimed happily.

"A surprise indeed, what are you guys doing here, and what are you arguing about?" Sakura asked.

"Just a little dinner break from all the missions we've been taking." Kakashi answered, smiling behind his mask smiling at his student.

"And you didn't invite us? I'm hurt Kaka-sensei." Sakura mocked.

"Well we figured we give you two some alone time to prepare for the upcoming baby Uchiha's." Kakashi joked. Sakura blushed, while Sasuke just made an annoyed grunt, silently telling his former sensei to change the subject.

"And the fighting is because Naruto is spouting out adulterated words near his son, and little Hikaru just happened to absorb it into his brain which was projected out of his mouth."

Sakura glared at Naruto and bonked him on the head.

"Naruto you idiot! Don't you know that babies brains are like sponges and they absorb anything and everything!?" Sakura growled out. Naruto whined again when he rubbed his sore head.

"I told him, but he didn't listen." Kakashi said again, only to receive a glared from Naruto.

"Oh shut-up! Anyway, what are you doing here Sakura-chan?"

"I'm here too, dobe." Sasuke grunted out, glaring at the obnoxious blonde that was purposely ignoring him. Sakura giggled, and ignored her husband, proceeding to tell Naruto why they were at the resturaunt.

"We're here to celebrate!" Sakura exclaimed happily, suddenly giddy. Naruto gave her a confused look, as did everyone else, but he was the only one brave enough to ask why they were celebrating.

"Well, I'm…uh…Sasuke-kun and I…."

"Spit it out Fore-head Girl!" Ino taunted.

"Shut-up Ino-pig! I'm getting to it!" Sakura snarled back, threatening her blonde friend with a wave of her fist. Ino just rolled her eyes, and waited patiently for Sakura to continue on with the 'celebratory news'.

"I-I'm…I'm pregnant!" Sakura exclaimed. All eyes widened and Naruto's jaw dropped. Sai's smile turned even broader.

"Boy you sure work fast don't you Sasuke?" Yamato joked. Sasuke smirked and wrapped an arm around Sakura's waist. Sakura giggled and informed the small group of when it happened.

"It happened on our wedding night,"

"Really fast," Kakashi added when he heard. Sakura blushed again, and Sasuke just smirked wider.

"Congratulations Sakura-chan." Hinata said enthusiastically.

"Yeah, congrats Fore-head!" Ino cheered. Sakura laughed, and thanked the girls.

"Well, we don't want to keep you from your dinner, so you two have fun!" Yamato encouraged them. With a nod of their heads, Sasuke and Sakura went to their designated table and celebrated on their soon-to-be new addition to the Uchiha clan.





"So Naruto, when do I get the twenty bucks?" Sai asked.

"When I shove them up your ass."

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