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Miyagi arrived at his apartment and no surprise there…Shinobu was attacking his kitchen again. Like he had any choice. He settled his things down and was thinking of whether to ask the brat.

Who wouldn't be curious anyway? It started to spread M University like a forest fire. Apparently someone started the trend and people; students and teachers alike were in a psychology mania where they want their answers interpreted for self-discovery. A student asked him a set of questions and at first he thought it was nonsense but after learning the interpretation he decided to test it out of Shinobu.

He gave out a sigh.

"Shinobu-chin…" he broke the silence. 'What is it old man?" the young male replied.

Miyagi flinched, he asked him nicely and this is how he's going to treat him?! "Do you mind if I ask you a set of questions?"

"Like an interview?" Shinobu's eyebrow rose. Miyagi sweat dropped, "Not really…"

Shinobu was curious as well that his lover wanted to ask him a set of questions. It was rare for Miyagi to be curious about him and maybe it couldn't harm to answer some.

He gave out a sigh, "Alright, ask away old man."

"Okay…let's say you're going to a house of someone you like—"

"But you live in an apartment not a house." Shinobu corrected him as he finished preparing supper. Miyagi groaned frustratingly, "Let's pretend okay? This is an if kind of questions so just answer them!"

The young male glared at him as he sat down. Miyagi followed and they started to eat. "You're going to visit the person you like, would you rather take the short-cut or the long way?"

"I live next door." Shinobu said while chewing the cabbage.

Miyagi wanted to cut his own neck with a kite string. Talking to Shinobu right now was like talking to a wallpaper! "IF! Do you know the meaning of if? What if? This is just a make believe situation. Just answer them or I won't tell the meaning of your answers!"

Shinobu's eyes widened, it caught his attention alright. He was now interested of what his answers meant.

"Okay, I'll take the short cut of course." He said. Miyagi knew he was going to answer that; maybe it has something to do with Shinobu being a teenager that's why they answer the same answer.

'How about you old man?" "Hm?" Miyagi was surprised, "What route are you going to take?"

Miyagi rubbed his chin and remembered his answer, "The long way, I just like to enjoy the sceneries you know?" he grinned sheepishly.

The older male continued, "On your way there you saw two rose bushes. One consists of red roses and the other white roses. How many red roses and how many white roses did you take?"

"It would take about six red roses and a white rose." This surprised Miyagi's answer, "Oh…well as for me I took about five red roses and five white roses."

Shinobu pouted, "I like white roses, why didn't you get some more." "Well," the older male tried to think, "The first answer is the valid answer Shinobu. That was what I answered. Why didn't you take more white roses then?"

"Because it's for you not for me!"

He continued on, "Anyways, you arrived at the house and saw a family member answers the door. Do you ask the person to call your lover or do you go there yourself?"

"I'll go straight up and drag your sorry ass outside."

Miyagi sweat dropped, "Okay so you went up and where do you put the roses; on the bed or beside the window?" Shinobu looked at him, "On the bed of course."

"Yeah that's true…" "What is?" Miyagi recoiled back, "Nothing!" "What does it mean?!" The older male rubbed his temples, "I'll tell you later okay? Just sit tight. Anyways you decided to rest for a while on the other room. You fell asleep, woke up and went back to the room. Was the person asleep or awake?"

Shinobu shrugged, "Asleep…hey wait you didn't tell your answer on where you placed the roses."

"Ah," Miyagi scratched his temple, "I placed it on the window. I found you sleeping as well."

The teen nodded as if it better be Miyagi's answer. Miyagi finally asked the last question, "You finished your visit—" "Visit?" Shinobu asked, "You should be coming home with me."

Miyagi wanted to scream his head off, "Do I have to explain everything to you? IF okay, if! You finished your visit; what route will you take to get home?"

"Long way, like you said you like the scenery…I would love to see the scenery too." Miyagi smiled, "Same here."


The older male's eyebrow rose, "So what?" "What does my answer mean?" Shinobu asked impatiently. "Oh that; I didn't mean anything I just wanted to ask you some stupid questions."

Shinobu gritted his teeth in annoyance which made Miyagi chuckle.

"Just kidding. The route you took going to the person symbolizes your way in falling in love. Short cut means you fall in love too easy. It's not often though and not the case of infatuation but real love."

"I do not fall in love easily!" "What about 'it's destiny; it's fate' rant of yours?" Miyagi questioned him. Shinobu wanted to get back at him, "How come you took the long way?"

Miyagi gave out a sigh, "It did took me long to fall in love you know? Anyways…the red roses symbolize how much love you give and the white symbolizes how much love you expect in return. Why are you expecting me to give less love than what you give?"

Shinobu blushed and looked down, "I'm just happy with the simple things you do for me."

"Oh…" Miyagi said in a simple tone, "anyways, going straight to the person instead of letting the family member call him means you are more straightforward in confronting your problems."

"What do you mean?" the teen's eyebrow rose, Miyagi replied, "Well you were straight forward with me. This is connected when it comes to you putting the roses on the bed. Straight forward when it comes to expressing your love as well."

This made the teen blush a deep red. "What does it mean if you put it beside the window?" "Ah…you are more secretive when it comes to expressing it."

"Why can't you express it then?" he asked his lover.

"I don't know okay! That was the first thing I answered. I didn't know what it meant when they asked me that. Moving on, you finding the person asleep means you love the person just the way they are."

Shinobu was happy that Miyagi answered the same with him. These psychological questions really did help since it triggers the subconscious. This means that Miyagi was truthful that he did love him just the way he is.

Miyagi said the meaning of the last one. "You leaving and taking the long route means it takes you long time to fall OUT of love."

"Which is the same with you too?" Shinobu said and Miyagi nodded. This made Shinobu glow with happiness.

The two soon decided to call it a day. Well sort of because after that they went to the bed to have some steamy love making. Skipping the time line, Shinobu woke up the next morning or rather early noon and what he saw in the room astounded him.

The room was full of white roses; petals scattered on the bed and the flowers decorating the room. He blushed when he saw a note.

This is how much love I want you to expect from me.

Because I can give it back to you tenfold.

I would give you all the red roses in the world until it becomes extinct.

Shinobu was redder than the roses surrounding him. He remembered what he said last night, 'I'm just happy with the simple things you do for me.' This was definitely NOT a simple thing. It made him feel like heaven.

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