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Tony chucked a paper ball at Ziva, and without looking, she put her hand up and deflected it into the bin. Tony rolled his eyes.

"Play nice, Zee-vah." He complained, and Ziva smirked, looking up at him through her curtain of hair that was currently framing her face as she typed up her report. Ziva flicked her wrist and Tony glared at her when a perfectly aimed paper ball hit him smack in the centre of the forehead.

"I am playing nice, Tony." Ziva smiled angelically. Tony stood up and wandered around to her desk. She turned in her chair and looked up to him. McGee watched the pair with interest from across the bullpen.

Tony leaned down. Ziva began to lean back, wondering what he was doing. He sniffed her t-shirt.

"You smell different." He commented, and Ziva looked at him curiously.

"Thanks?" She wondered whether it was a compliment or not.

"New perfume?" He asked, but she shook her head. "New body wash? Shampoo?"

"No." Ziva chuckled at her attempts. Tony stood back slightly and surveyed her.

"I've got it!" He exclaimed. Ziva raised her eyebrows questioningly.

"Yes…?" She hinted.

"Hollister." Tony stated, and Ziva smiled. "The t-shirt is from Hollister. You smell like Hollister!"

Ziva laughed, and McGee smirked.

"When did you start noticing my… fragrance?" Ziva asked curiously.

"Well, that would be about the same time as you joined N…" Tony stopped. "Oh, dammit."

McGee laughed, waving the recording he now had on his cell phone.

"I guess it would Tony." McGee grinned, and winced as a paper ball hit his on the head. "Ziva!"

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