Title:Meeting the parents

Serie: All I want and need is you

Fandom: Viewfinder

Characters: Asami/Akihito, Takaba Haruka & Takaba Takeo

Warnings: angst, fluff

Disclaimers: All characters belong to Ayano Yamane. Haruka and Takeo belong to me.

Summary: After they came home from their holiday, they had another thing to take care of, namely telling Akihito's parents about them and their relationship.

Extra 1: Meeting the parents

He was nervous, very nervous. He and Ryuichi were on their way to his parents. His lover had come up with a very simple idea. Visit his parents and introduce him as his lover. He sighed, very simple indeed. He had no idea how his parents were going to react.

Ryuichi was stroking his hair while looking outside at the passing buildings. He leaned his head on the man's shoulder and closed his eyes. He had never been this nervous. And he hated it. It wasn't something he was familiar with.

They had come back one week ago. Since then everything had changed. Not only their relationship but also they way they interacted with each other. Also he didn't mind it when Ryuichi did something in public to show that they were together.

If he was honest, he actually liked it. It liked it that the man was so affectionate with him. Ryuichi also had more free time. Since they had come back the man hadn't worked as much as he used to. When he had asked why, the yakuza had answered that he wanted to spend more time with him. He couldn't believe how happy that made him.

It was unbelievable how much had changed in a couple of days. He had never thought that he could have this relationship work with someone like Ryuichi. He was surprised but also glad. He wouldn't have it any other way.

''Akihito, open your eyes, we are almost here.'' A soft voice whispered into his ear. He couldn't hold back a shiver when he heard the voice. No matter how many times he heard it, he would always get this feeling. And he enjoyed it; he also knew that his lover knew this. Sometimes he thought the man took advantages of that. But he had his own ways to make the man pay back for that.

He sat back up and looked outside. He noticed that it would be ten more minutes before they arrived at his old home. He sighed, how would his parents react? They were all he had left beside Ryuichi and his friends. He needed them to accept it. This was who he is and he wasn't going to change it, even if they didn't accept it.

After awhile the car slowly came to a stop and a moment later Kirishima opened the door for them. He followed Ryuichi out of the car and took a deep breath when he saw his elderly house. He was engulfed into an embrace and he hid his face into the strong chest before him.

He leaned against the man. Somehow his lover always knew how to calm him down. After a while he leaned away from the man. He looked up at the yakuza and smiled before their lips met in a brief kiss.

''Let's go. You can't postpone this forever.'' Ryuichi whispered before he let him go and started walking towards the front door. He shook his head and walked until he was walking next to the man.

He held his head high, not wanting to show that he was afraid and nervous. His parents knew that he was visiting today and that he would bring someone with him. When his mother had asked about that person he had said that it would be a surprise. Because it surely will be a surprise for them.

There was also something else in the back of his mind. This was the first time Ryuichi would see something that was really dear to him. The man should better appreciate it because this is a huge step for him. Never before had he brought someone else home then his own friends. So he hoped his parents knew how important this was for him.

He took a deep breath when they had arrived at the front door. Slowly he raised his hand to ring the familiar bell. He couldn't help but smile, this certainly brought back some good memories from his childhood and his friend.

After a couple of seconds the door was opened by his mother. He smiled at her and before he could even say hello to her, he was pulled into a big hug. He hugged his mother back, glad to see her again.

When she pulled back she finally noticed Ryuichi standing next to him. She looked him up and down before raising her eyebrow. ''You must be the person Akihito was talking about on the phone before.'' She said with a smile.

He waited, nervous about what would happen now. Ryuichi held his hand out and shook his mother's hand. ''Certainly. I'm Asami Ryuichi, Akihito's lover. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Takaba-san.'' Ryuichi politely said.

He looked at his mother, waiting for her reaction at what Ryuichi just had said. ''The pleasure is all mine, Ryuichi-san. Let me introduce myself, I'm Takaba Haruka. So please call me Haruka, otherwise it makes me feel so old. Now come in.'' She said with a smile before stepping aside to let them in.

He sighed in relieve at his mothers reaction. He had never thought this was the way it would go. Now there was only one more person to go instead of two. ''You have a lot to explain, my boy.'' His mother whispered into his ear when he walked passed her.

His eyes widened, maybe he had been too optimistic about it. ''He is not the only one who needs to explain himself.'' Ryuichi suddenly said. He looked up to see that the man didn't like what his mother had just said.

He heard a small laugh coming from his other side and he turned his head to look at his mother again. ''Don't worry about it Ryuichi-san. I didn't mean it like that. It's more like I want to know about how he caught such a man as you.'' She finished with a smile.

He released the breath he had been holding and smiled a small smile; he mother was getting on his nerves. He hoped his father wasn't like this. Or maybe he did. ''Now let's get inside, we can't stand here all day, now can we?'' Haruka said, leading the way to the living room.

Ryuichi was walking behind him and for that he was glad. Somehow it gave him some support on facing his father. He had told Ryuichi about his father and the man had only shrugged it off and told him that he would handle it, but that didn't take away the fact that his father was different then most fathers.

His father was sitting in his favourite chair, across from the TV. He smiled, that had always been his fathers place, no matter how much has passed since he was a child. He keeps standing somewhat further away from his father, not knowing what to do.

Luckily his mother helps him out. ''Darling, Akihito and his lover are here.'' Haruka said to his dad. He waited as his father got out of his chair and turned around. He saw the widening of his father eyes and shivered. He had a feeling that his father was going to give him a hard time.

''Hey dad, I want to introduce you to Asami Ryuichi, my lover. Ryuichi this is my father, Takaba Takeo.'' He introduced the two men to each other, waiting for one of them to do something.

He watched as Ryuichi took a couple of steps towards his father and extended his hand. ''It's a pleasure to meet you Takaba-san.'' The yakuza politely said while bowing his head a bit. His eyes widened, he had never seen Ryuichi do that before. This was the first time the man had done something like that.

His father extended is own hand and they shook hands; he let out a breath, relieved that his father had accepted Ryuichi. ''A pleasure to meet you too. Please sit down.'' His father went back to his own chair and he took a seat next to Ryuichi.

''Would you like to drink something, Ryuichi-san?'' Haruka asked. The man only nodded. He wanted to say that he wanted to drink something but his mother shot him a stern look. ''If you want something to do drink, Akihito, get it yourself. You know were it stands.'' His mother said before disappearing into the kitchen. He smiled and shook his head before standing up and following his mother into the kitchen.

When he was about to enter the kitchen he looked back to see that the two men were just sitting there, seemingly not wanting to talk to each other. He sighed; he was starting to wonder how this would unfold between his father and lover.

As he arrived in the kitchen he smiled, his mother had already got him something to drink. He already had a suspicion that his mother wanted to talk to him alone. He walked towards her and started helping her prepare coffee. As they waited for the coffee to finish, his mother turned to look at him with a glint in her eyes.

He rolled his eyes and leaned back on the kitchen table. ''Yeah, mom, what do you want to know?'' He asked when she didn't say anything.

''I want to know a lot, but let's start with where you met each other.'' Haruka smiled as she saw her only sun blush. ''I don't know how to tell you mom, but we first met at a building some time ago were I was taking pictures.'' He slowly said, making sure to tell the truth but not the whole truth. His mother would know when he lied and he couldn't have that.

''Really? What an unusual place to meet. So, how long are you two dating?'' She asked. He could see that she was very curious about that one.

He shrugged before answering, ''Well, I don't exactly know, but I think almost 3 years now.'' He averted his eyes, it hadn't seemed that long for him but he knew he had hurt his mother with waiting so long to tell her. But then his relationship hadn't been normal to begin with.

''So long, huh? To be honest, Akihito, I hadn't thought that you would ever find someone who could handle you and who could make you happy. You never brought anyone home, but this is the first time. I'm really happy for you, Akihito.'' She finished, smiling at him. He sighed, he was glad his mother understood him.

Then he frowned, ''what do you mean with that mom? Me not finding anyone who can handle me?'' He asked, narrowing his eyes at his mother.

Haruka only laughed at his expression. She walked towards him and laid her hand on his cheek. ''You have always been different then other boys, you know it yourself. You love danger, honey, you always have. That's why I worried about it. Now let's get back to our men, I'm afraid we can't let your father be alone for to long with Ryuichi-san.'' She finished, taking the tray and walking back to the living room.

He shook his head and followed his mother. He almost couldn't help a laugh escaping him, when he saw that both men hadn't moved a bit since he had left for the kitchen. He made his way towards the couch where Ryuichi was sitting and sat down next to the man.

When everyone had their drink his mother started talking about all the things he had missed since the last time he was home. He smiled as Ryuichi shifted so that he was leaning against the man's side. The yakuza lifted his arms and laid it around his shoulder.

He smiled as he saw the adoring look his mother gave them. It seemed he had nothing to fear from his mother but as he looked at his father it seemed a different story.

''So Akihito, your mother told me that you went on vacation two weeks ago. Where did you go?'' He was surprised to hear this question coming from his father. He nodded, but before he could answer Ryuichi answered.

''Indeed, we went to the Netherlands for a couple of days.'' His lover answered, looking straight at Takeo. He saw his father nod.

''So why is it that I only now know of my son having a lover?'' Takeo went on. He sighed, it seemed his father wanted to know almost everything.

Ryuichi leaned his head towards him. ''Don't worry, Akihito. He is just trying to protect you. I will handle it.'' The man whispered into his ear before going back to answer his father.

''I know what you mean with that, Takaba-san. It seems that this is the first time your son ever brought someone home. So you should know what that means. Also I think he felt afraid of what you would think if it turned out his lover was a man.'' Ryuichi slowly finished, making clear that he wasn't someone to mess with especially if his lover was concerned.

It took awhile for his father to answer. ''I take it you know exactly what you are talking about.'' Takeo finally answers. A second later his father stood up and walked over until he was standing before Ryuichi.

He looked up at his father, waiting to see what the man would do. Takeo extended his hand towards his lover and after Ryuichi had shaken the hand his father broadly smiled. ''Welcome to the family, Ryuichi-san.''

He was surprised but he could see that Ryuichi was even more surprised. ''It's my pleasure, Takaba-san.'' The yakuza nodded before Takeo went back to his seat. ''Please call me Takeo.'' His father said while he was sitting again.

He released the breath he had been holding back and leaned on the man beside him. He let his head rest on the strong shoulder. He closed his eyes as he felt tears well up on his eyes. He couldn't believe it. After all this time he had finally come home with someone who was nevertheless a man and his parents accepted it.

Suddenly he was pressed into a hard but familiar chest. Strong arms embraced him, while the man whispered something in his ear. He buried his face under the man's chin and slowly calmed down. He wanted to sit back in his previous spot but was stopped but the man's arms and a soft voice. ''Don't.''

He wanted to respond to his lover but couldn't when he heard his mothers voice closer then before. ''Honey, please don't cry.'' Then a soft hand was stroking his hair like it had when he was still a kid and was upset about something.

Slowly he closed his eyes and smiled. Everything was alright. He didn't need to worry about how others thought about him and Ryuichi. As long as his parents supported him in his decision then everything was okay. He didn't care about what other people will say about them. He would still feel hurt sometimes but he knew he had people who wouldn't let him be hurt.

That he knew for sure. Ryuichi would make sure of that. The older man wouldn't let anyone hurt him not even his own parents. And he would try to never let his lover get hurt. As far as he was able to.

He whispered a soft thank you to the older man before sitting up and facing his mother. She smiled before giving him an awkward hug. When she let him go he wanted to get up from the man's lap but the arms around him only tightened.

''I already told you to stay this way, Akihito.'' Ryuichi said when he looked at the man. ''But this way I can't see my parents, Ryuichi.'' He answered in the same tone as the man. He crossed his arms and continued to look at his lover; he smiled softly when he noticed that the man gave in.

He was lifted up by two strong hands and turned around. Now he was facing his parents while he was still sitting on Ryuichi's lap. He shook his head as the two familiar arms rested around his waist. It seemed like the man didn't like to let him go, even if he was sitting beside the older man.

He blushed when he noticed that their interaction was being watched by his parents with amusement. His mother laughed at his reaction. ''Don't worry about it, Akihito. To be honest, I'm really happy to see you like this. You seem very happy together, that's all I want.'' She said while looking at them with amusement in her eyes.

He sighed and relaxed back against Ryuichi's chest. It seemed like it couldn't get any better. As the conversation started to flow again he just stayed silent for most of the time, just enjoying the voices of the people most important to him.

It seemed that Ryuichi and his parents get along pretty well. Another thing he didn't need to worry about anymore. Before he realized how late it was it was already time to head home. The man let him up before standing up himself.

His parents let them to the door. He noticed it was already getting dark outside. He gave his mother and father a hug and was surprised to see that Ryuichi let his mother hug him. He couldn't help but smile about how normal and abnormal that seemed at the same time.

When they had finished saying goodbye they walked towards the car that was already waiting for them to take them home. Before he got in the car he waved one last time to his parents, smiling when he was pulled into the car by the other man.

''Come here, Akihito, it's time to go home.'' He smiled at the reaction of the man. He quickly sat down beside his lover only to be pulled back into the man's lap. He frowned, why was the man so clingy. He quickly corrected himself, normally Ryuichi wanted him as near as possible but today it was even worse.

He sighed but settled back against the man and looked outside. There just had to be a reason in this change in behaviour. ''Why are you so deep in thought?'' Ryuichi suddenly whispered into his ear. He shuddered at the deep voice so near his ear.

''Nothing, just thinking about something.'' He murmured. No way that he was going to tell the man about what he had noticed. Because if he was honest he didn't mind this change at all. He rather liked it.

He heard and felt Ryuichi chuckle, while the man ruffled his hair affectionately. 'Well, don't think to hard.'' The man replied. He snorted at the comment from his lover but couldn't help to smile.

After a while the car stopped and he noticed that they were already back home. They got out and quickly made their way back to the apartment. He instantly flopped down on the couch. He was tired like hell. He hadn't expected that the visit to his parents would be so exhausting.

Ryuichi followed him and pulled him close to his side. He leaned his head against the man's shoulder and closed his eyes. He really wanted to stay like this and fall asleep. ''Don't fall asleep yet, first we are going to eat.'' Ryuichi whispered softly into his ear before getting up.

He opened his eyes and sat up straight. His tired eyes followed the man towards the kitchen. A couple of moments later the man came back. He noticed that had heated up some soup for both of them. He frowned, how had Ryuichi made that so quickly? Then he remembered that he had probably had someone make it for him.

He accepted the hot soup, before settling back into the couch with his warm bowl of soup. He finished it quickly, wanted to go to sleep so badly. He waited until Ryuichi was done to take the bowls back into the kitchen. From there he headed straight to the bedroom.

When he saw the bed he only wanted to lie down and fall asleep right away. He sighed when the man dragged him into the bathroom. Ryuichi undressed him and after getting out of his own clothes turned on the shower. The man made him step in and stand under the hot water.

The man joined him quickly. He turned around and let his head rest on the man's chest. Quickly strong arms wrapped themselves around him and he smiled. Ryuichi could be so sweet sometimes. Especially at these times. And he enjoyed it immensely. Also he was sure that he wasn't the only one.

When they were done, he was quickly dried of and carried to their large bed. Ryuichi softly laid him down before getting in beside him. He moved closer to his lover and instantly felt arms around him. He snuggled closer to them man until they were chest to chest.

He sighed happily. He was slowly getting used to this side of Ryuichi. He knew he wasn't the only one who was still not used to their new relationship. He kissed the chest where his lips could reach before wishing his lover a good night.

But it didn't seem the man let him off so easily. Ryuichi lifted his head up and he was greeted with two golden eyes he knew so well. His lips were captured in a slow and sweet kiss before the man released his lips. ''Sleep well, my Akihito.'' Ryuichi whispered before giving him one last kiss. A moment later he was already asleep.

The End