Chapter four: Outrageous Request

Ding, dang, dong.

Ears twiched slightly, stimulated by the sudden noise. Then nothing happened.

Sluggishly, as if she was carrying the whole world on her back, the female moved her torso a little, bringing herself closer to the pillow of the outdated couch. That annoying device, officially named a doorbell, had just interrupted the flow of her dream; the thought had just been formed somewhere deep in the boundless chaos of her mind. Too bad it got lost almost immediately after its birth. Sad end for a thought to have, but the sleeping rabbit only hoped-and, obviously, cared-for five deplorable, humid, and certainly not enough minutes to keep her eyes shut and live just a little more in a world where no child tormented her with its demands, constant needs and, unfortunately, curious, naughty nature.

But the visitor, whoever it was, automatically made it clear that they weren't willing to give up from the first try. The ringings gave their place to repeated, unrythmical knocks. A cheerful voice chirped, overflowing with impatience and enthusiasm.

"Miss Vanilla..! Are you there? Is Cream home?"

And no jumpy happy friends, she mentally added to the list. Yawning complainingly one last time, the young woman grabbed with both hands the side of the couch, struggling to make her reluctant body stand up. Holding the perished piece of furniture, she managed to raise herself some centimeters above the comfortable surface. Then, unexpectedly, she fell back onto it. Arms stretched lazily up to meet nothing but air, then headed for her half-closed eyes, rubbing them.

"Miss Vanilla? It's Amy!!", the voice went louder, urging Cream's mother to stop lingering and return already to her secular, routine-filled reality. Vanilla rolled her huge, shiny orbs and sighed deeply. "I am coming", she monologized unwillingly and put her bare feet into her comfortable flippers, finally standing up. She trudged her way to the door and opened it, to find a familiar, pink, physically small female hedgehog standing eagerly in front of her. No. Not again.

"Amy" the three letters came out of her lips almost lifelessly. This obsessed cute young friend of her daughter was a nice girl and all, sure, but she seemed to go for the most unsuitable moments, and most times for literally no grave reason. Ugh...what a pain.

Sonic's fanatic self-proclaimed girlfriend smiled kindly as she faced her. "Is Cream home?"

Cream is the name of my daughter. Mine is Vanilla. This girl is my daughter's best friend and sidecick and I am still sleeping. Wake up, woman!

The poor parent scratched her nose distracted. Then she turned her attention to the erratic teen again.

"Ummm..yes, she is. Do you want me to tell her someth-" the statement was savagely interrupted by the deafening scream of a child uttering the same three letters, just far more enthusiastically, "AMY!!"

The patter became louder as the yellow-dressed hurricane strided towards them. Only a light-colored blur indicated to Vanilla that her beloved offspring had just passed in front of her, almost sprinting. Forgetting to decrease her pace, Cream bumped into Sonic's ever-famous number one fan wrapping her arms around Amy's waist.

"Please, take me with you!!!", she begged, "I wanna join the team this time! I am seven! I can come, can't I?"

"Hay, Cream, wait a sec!" the hedgehog exclaimed, "I was just trying to ask your mum..."

Two pairs of luminous eyes penetrated the older rabbit. Just a look of theirs seemed to cry out "Pleeeeeaaase?"

Vanilla's jaw dropped with the statement. Crossing her arms before her chest, she gave the two girls a strict look, from which one could infer she was about to somewhat interrogate her daughter. No, she wasn't overprotective; just naturally concerned about the only person on Mobius that was capable of bringing the smile to her lips, no matter how blue she felt or how bad a day she had had. The woman opened her mouth numerous times, and just the moment she was about to actually speak, Amy took a deep breath and begun explaining.

"Tails phoned Cream to tell her that Team Sonic would leave for a mission to a forest, or something like that", she and Cream exchanged a quick glance, "And then she called, to inform me and I errrr, consider it my duty to help Son-ummmm, my friends", her cheeks became a darker pink, ready as she was to get to the point. The adolescent nervously played with the fabric of her red dress. Her brain worked vigorously, skimming through entire mental lists of options. How will I tell her?

Eyes froze bashfully on the planks of the floor. Lips parted, trembling, to let the outrageous request escape them. A slight murmur tickled ears, but never made it to the brain.

"Amy? I am afraid I didn't hear you", the blissful smile was the one of blatant unawareness. What a priceless good.

The rest happened in an elusive flash. Rapid, grueling, painful, the succession of facts became a jumbled mess of images and voices in Vanilla's brain; she fell back, and the next thing her perception allowed her to discern were two indefinite shadows, a yellow and a rosy one, leaning over her. Concerned looks. Screams from somewhere afar, uttering her name.

Too bad she wouldn't answer, not that very moment. Because the female had fainted, and nobody, not even her precious daughter, could prevent her mind from repeating again and again the same question. The one that had brought her to that state of vulnerable balance between nightmare and reality.

"Can Cream join us?"

Adrenaline filled their senses, vertiguous like an intoxicating drug, pace increasing with every step forward. Muscles burning from the intense sprinting, two young girls were running their way across the dense woods. Colors filled the surroundings, bright as though they had escaped from the pages of a fairy tale. Strong, aggressive, but restoring, the wind smacked their faces while flirting with the dresses like a playful child.

Decreasing the speed to a complete halt, Amy rested her hands to her knees, breathing heavily. A cute, huge-eared kid followed her, mimicking her moves.

"Amy, are you sure what we did is right?" loud and cheerful, Cream's voice made the hedgehog turn to face her, clenched fists resting on her hips.

Eyes rolled.

"Your mom will be okay, sweetie...", murmured the girl, distracted as she was by looking around, a concerned look on her face. A daunting thought crossed her mind, making Amy bite her bottom lip upsetly. She shouldn't have taken this child with her, in that hazard-fuelled frenzy. A strange noise had just sounded, and the amorous teen doubted if they would make it to their destination. Not because her love instict wasn't right; it always was, but Amy would bet her beloved, ever-famous red boots that Egghead was everywhere, always, and his obnoxious inventions would get in their way, sooner or later.

A deep sigh.

"Cream, there's a mere problem I need to take care of" she stated bravely.

Cream, a happy-go-lucky, innocent, cheerful girl she was, didn't seem to have noticed whatever was going on.

"I know, Amy. Mom will be very angry at me when she wakes up"

"Cream" the voice had a hint of seriousness now.

"You mustn't blame yourself. I will tell mom it wasn't your fault, that I just wanted you and Mr. Sonic's friends fight and-"

"CREAM!", Amy's shouting voice interrupted her, making the tiny creature lose her train of thoughts, "I wasn't talking about this"

Blink, blink, blink. Shimmers of curiosity in the eyes. Pupils went wide.

"So, what's the matter?"

"I think we are lost"

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