You know you're a Juliet Marillier fan when...

1. You have/want a pet frog

2. You know suitors come in two's (simon and red, bran and eamonn, aidan and cathal, duarte and stoyan, cezar and gogu)

3. Your friends and you call eachother by animal names and spend your science lessons drawing tatoos on eachother in highlighter

4. You secretly want your brother/brothers to turn into a swan

5. You find incest weirdly romantic

6. You hired a bodyguard and was disspointed to find he wasnt Stoyan

7. You studied herb lore

8. You know your Celtic mythology back to front

9. Whenever you look in a mirror you try to change your nose by applying Glamour

10. Whilst babysitting you ignore the baby for five minutes then check it to find out that (sadly) it hasnt been turned into a pile of ungrateful twigs

11. You try to make your cousins play King of the Land or Lake and always choose to be Queen on the Fairies