The Omen and the Actor

So, here's a nice one-shot for you, featuring a drunken kiss. Slash, just let me warn you of this.

You know that it's a mistake. You wonder whether there should be some law against this and you don't know whether to pull away from him.

His black hair frames his almost perfect face. You can feel his eyes on yours, even though they are both closed. His face swarms your mind. He's all you can think about now.

Your hands caress his neck, he moans slightly as you rub the skin.

He moans out your name, then this makes your stomach convulse.

You know she will not approve of this. She matters not know. She is another statistic, another woman caught out upon.

You would stand her wrath for in this moment, he is yours. All yours.

His tongue caresses yours, you tighten your hands against his waist.

This is wrong, so very wrong. When you were a boy, your parents would warn you against this. This is the very reason they don't want you to be an actor. Or rather, he is the very reason they don't want you to be an actor.

You can't act around him anyway.

You learned at a young age that you would go under for your choices, but being with him, you don't care.

Nicky isn't anything like his brothers, but he's the one who ignited the fire and watched you descend into hell.