Warm Me Up

It's another Bella/Alice fic! Yey! This story has been in my mind for a long time now and I just had to let you all read it.

I loved your reactions and comments on my first Bella/Alice fic, My Happily Ever After, and I wanted to do another one. This will be more steamier than MHEA as the chapters go by.

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Come closer to me baby
I've got everything you need
To feed your hunger pangs for tonight

'Warm Me Up' by The Audition


Oh. My. God. I'm so nervous right now. Currently, I am sitting here anxiously waiting for Isabella Swan to arrive.

Isabella Swan or Bella for short.

She's the most famous model/actress here in the biz. She started modeling when she was fifteen and added acting to her many talents when she was 21. She posed only in clothes for famous fashion designers when she started modeling but now, she already posed for playboy, maxim and all other kinds of men's magazine, other magazines like vanity fair, in style, entertainment weekly, nylon and the like and also in billboards. She even have a picture in only her underwear and no top. Just her hands covering her boobs, standing in front of a white wall like it was so usual to do that. It was so hot.

She's one of the sexiest models, if not the most. But besides modeling, she's also an actress. Bella has acted for some indie movies, some extras in top movies and some in commercials. But that was just her gigs. Her top priority is her modelling.

And that's what brought me here. A photoshoot with Bella Swan herself. GAH! I wasn't a supermodel like her but they said she personally chose me to do this shoot with her. Exciting as it may seems, I am beyond scared to work with a professional like her. I just started a year ago but my manager said this could be my breakthrough. A picture with the famous Isabella.

I was fidgeting and shaking and biting my nails when I heard an "I'm here, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Oh God! She's here. Okay, be cool Alice. She's just a human being like you. OH! Who am I kidding!

"Ms. Brandon? Are you ready? Ms. Swan is just retouching her make-up and changing her wardrobe then we're starting." Alexa, the assistant photographer, told me. I nodded then she went away. I waited for another ten minutes for the go signal then Laurent De Luca, an Italian photographer and one of the best photographers in the country, called me.

"Alice, dear." He reached for me and looped my arm in his. He guided me to the studio where the photoshoot will be held and where Bella Swan was standing. Fuck! She's so beautiful... and so sexy. She was wearing a black silk mini dress with a deep V, halter top that ties on the back of her neck. The dress was cut super short and had a fitted skirt that barely covered her southern goods. You can see that she wasn't wearing any bra with how she wore the dress. Then on her feet were black pumps.

"You must be Alice Brandon. Hi, I'm Bella Swan." She suddenly cut through my ogling and offered a hand and a beautiful smile.

"Yes, nice to meet you Ms. Swan." I grabbed her hand and shook it lightly.

"Please, we'll be working together for maybe three days, just call me Bella." She gave me yet another smile that made my knees weak. Fuck, what was happening to me? It's not normal for me to be attracted to a woman. Maybe for Bella, it is normal... Oh wait. I forgot to tell you that...

Bella Swan is a certified lesbian. Yup, the gorgeous, sultry model that every guy wants is a pussy licker.

"Okay then, Bella." I said then bit my lower lip.

"Shall we start?" Laurent said. Both of us walked over to the room where a club was put up. The theme is supposed to be girls who were living free or something like that. Bella and I are required to have some sexy positions and maybe some kissing. All are professional here... but I doubt that my calm will remain if and when that time comes.

"Okay girls," Laurent started. There was some sexy music that was playing in the background so we were like in a real club. It was kind of dark and only the green and blue laser lights were on. "Bella, I want you to put your hands on either side of Alice's waist." Laurent instructed. Bella turned to me and did what she was asked then pulled me closer to hers. "Good. Alice, I want you to not look at Bella, your arms only on your sides. Bella, your face must be inches away from her neck, like you are trying to kiss it." I looked away from the sexy woman in from of me while she leaned closer to me. I can feel her hot breath on my neck as my heart was rapidly beating, my breathing was uneven.

"Alice, just relax." Bella told me, feeling my uneasiness.

"Yeah..." I trailed off. It was so hard to relax when Bella Swan was touching all over your body. We did more poses like the first one, it was making me feel light headed. Like that one where I put my right leg on her waist and the other on the floor, my arms were around her neck while her hands were either on my neck, ready to kiss me, and the other on my ass! That was by far the hottest position we have done besides the one where she actually kissed my neck with her wet lips.

"For the last position... Alice, don't freak out okay..." Laurent told me. I was confused for a moment then realization hit me. "I want you to push your back on Bella's chest, rest your head on her shoulder. Bella, bow your head down into her." We did what we were asked to do, just waiting for the last instruction to come which I was dreading for and anxious at the same time. "Alice, put your left hand through Bella's hair like you're going to push her into your face. I want your other hand on her ass." Oh God. I beg to differ what I said awhile ago. This was the hottest position ever! "Bella, I want both your hands on her boobs." Fuck! "On my go signal I want both of you to kiss each other. If you're not comfortable with the full make-out, you can do the touching or brushing oor whatever you want. But please find a way to make it look like real... okay?"

"Yeah." Both Bella and I breathed at the same time.

"Are you okay with this Alice? I can ask Laurent for another position if you're not comfortable with this." Bella said. Her hands were already on my boobs, I can tell that she can feel my hard nipples through my sequined bra-like top.

"It's fine with me." I told her. And the truth is, I really want my lips to touch hers. To feel her.

"Ladies, start now." Laurent gave us the go signal then our lips touched. At first, she was just brushing her lips to mine. And then, all of a sudden, there was a part of me that wanted more of her and I pushed her head into mine further until our lips were moving in sync.

She tasted so good. She had lipgloss on that tasted so good. With tha addition of her strawberry sent, my body went into overdrive. I can feel my vagina heat up as she started squeezing my breasts. Her tongue came out and licked my lower lip, asking for entrance. I granted and let her tongue explore the inside of my mouth. I was sucking on her tongue and squeezing her ass when I heard Laurent tell us to stop and the shoot was over.

I pulled my face away from Bella's and looked into her beautiful brown eyes. We were both breathing deep and hard.

"Uhm..." She breathed as I untangled myself from her.

"Good job, ladies. Tomorrow we will shoot outdoors. You two will still be looking like you are a couple but out and about on the streets. So, get your beauty rest and I'll see you tomorrow." He walked over to us and gave us both a kiss on the cheek.

When Laurent walked out of the room, I turned to look at Bella. She really is beautiful even in the dark.

"I'm sorry about earlier. I knew you were not used to this but I still went for it. I just want for the picture to look real and to do that, we had to do the real thing. And I'm sorry..." She apologized but I cut her off.

"It's fine, Bella. No harm done." I told her honestly. I wanted more. I want to taste her more. But fucking Laurent had to stop us.

"Are you sure. I really am –" She started again.

"Bella, it's fine, really." I gave her a smile and kissed her cheek. I walked out of the dark room and into the dressing room. I changed into my jean skirt and pink tank top and over it was a white jacket. I finished it off with my pink heels. When I walked out of the door, I found Bella in front of me, also out of her dress and in a tattered jeans, a black shirt, black Converse and sunglasses on top of her head.

"Hey, Alice, do you have plans for dinner?" She asked, not meandering on her words.

"Are you asking me out on a date Ms. Swan?" I asked back, being confident, but inside I was a mush. I didn't know what was happening to me. I am not into girls. I love cocks! But after kissing Bella, all of that changed. Now, I wanted to kiss her again.

"Uhm, sure. If you want it to be, yeah. So, what would it be Ms. Brandon? Yes or no?" She asked back giving me a serious stare but you can see the sides of her mouth twitching, betraying her.

"Yes" I said simply. Her face turned soft and gave a smile. She reached for my hand and we walked out the door. Bella guided me towards her car. It was a blue 2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1.

"Wow, this is a nice car." I told her.

"Thank you." She opened the door of the passenger seat then I got in.

"Where are we going?" I asked her as we backed off and started our drive.

"I know this great diner not far away. It's a secluded one so it's pretty private and the paparazzi can't annoy us while we eat."

"Well, I can't really say that they're that annoying. I'm not as famous as you." I told her. That was so true, every week she has a new picture from the paparazzi with a new girl or out in a club or just walking on the streets.

"I'm not that famous." She argued. I rolled my eyes at her and continued staring out the window. She drove for about fifteen more minutes until we arrived at the diner. We got out of the car and went inside.

"Hey Claire." Bella waved at the waitress who opened the door for us.

"Hey, Bella. Long time no see." Claire hugged Bella like an old friend then guided us to our table.

"Yeah, work is hectic."

"Well, it's good to see you're here again." She gave her a smile and looked over to me. "I see you have a friend here, care to introduce me?" Bella gave out a small laugh and introduced me to her.

"Claire, this is Alice, another model. We're working together in a photoshoot." She informed her. "Alice, this is Claire. She became my friend when I started coming here three years ago." She then told me. Claire excused herself after telling us to call her if we were ready to order.

I picked up my menu and started scanning it. My forhead scrunched up, not knowing what food to choose. I looked over at Bella to ask for help, finding her already looking at me.

"What?" I asked, not knowing why she was staring at me.

"Nothing." She said then looked back at her menu. She called Claire back and started ordering our food. When she was finished talking to Claire, she turned to look at me again.

"So Alice, tell me about yourself." She said.

And so it began

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