Last Chapter! Hope you like it, sorry that it took me so long.

New Year

Eric and Calleigh did not come to the New Years Eve Party. They wanted to celebrate it alone, and that was fine with me. But of cause they agreed to join the family for the dinner on New Years Day.

While my husband was setting the table and Eric's sisters were out in the backyard playing with their children, I was in the kitchen as usual. I love cooking.

Suddenly I heard someone stepping up behind me and I turned around.

Of cause it was Eric. And he had this big smile on his face he always had when he told me, that he was in love.

"Happy new Year." I said while hugging him.

"Happy new Year, Mom."

"Where is Calleigh?" I asked fearing that their relationship was already over.

"In the backyard, presenting her ring to her future sisters in law." He said and then: "Mom…. I'm getting married."

The End