Drive By

This time they were actually going to do as Larry had requested. It was time to work together! The three old men – their former guards – were trying to rob the Museum and were gonna blame it all on Larry.

But worst of all…they were takin' away the Tablet and their nightlife! Jedidiah and Octavius were more than willing to set aside their differences to preserve their existence.

And, of course, to get back at them ol' codgers fer lockin' 'em up for so long! Keepin' 'em apart an' all.

At that thought, Jedidiah stole a cursory glance in the Roman's direction just as he unsheathed his sword. "It is a glorious night for victory, Jedidiah!"

"You're darn tootin'!"

Baffled, Octavius lowered his sword. "I'm not tooting a thing."

"It's an expression," the cowboy explained.

"Ah. Does it mean that you agree?"


"Good!" His sword was sheathed as the general began marching forward, but he was suddenly slammed to the ground, a warm body atop him. "What are you doing?!" he demanded, shifting his helmet to look up.

But then he blinked, finding himself eye to eye with the cowboy. His delightful blue eyes were full of worry. "You hurt? Looks like Rexy kicked that car there and it nearly killed ya."

"You mean you…rescued me?"

"Well, sure I did. Cain't let somebody die right in front o' me. That goes 'gainst mah honor code." He looked down at the Roman, surprised to see his cheeks had pinkened. Prolly jes the excitement, he decided, blinking.

"You've a code of honor?" Octavius asked quietly.

"I… 'Course I do." Abruptly, he realized that he was starting to lean his head a lot closer to the Roman's pretty mouth. The cowboy rose quickly, held out a hand. "Now, c'mon. I got me an idea."

Octavius took the offered hand, finding it to be very warm, the grip strong, yet gentle. His blush further darkened his cheeks. He got to his feet and quickly let go. He crossed an arm over his chest, bowed. "Many thanks, Jedidiah. I only hope to one day repay the favor."

"Wasn't no trouble."

They started to walk, quickly coming upon the vehicle which had, miraculously, landed on all four wheels. It had a bone attached to the end by a string that had both men grinning. "Rexy," they said in unison, and the T-rex bounded up, tail wagging.

"I'm thinkin' my plan just got much better," Jedidiah bragged. "So hop along, Cassidy! Let's ride!"


Jedidiah blinked. "What? Just get in, Octy!"

Still confused, the Roman nodded and started into the driver's side. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's my side, partner."

"These are where the controls are located. I believe I should be in control."

"But it's my plan!"

"I'm older," Octavius pointed out. "It only makes sense that I should control."

"Heck naw! I'm drivin'! My plan!"

The Roman shook his head, dropping down. "You have quite the temper, Jedidiah. It's likely that you shall crash us."

"Crash?! I ain't never crashed one of these here vehicles!"

"Have you ever even driven one before?"

Never. "'Course I have! Have you?"

"No," he admitted.

"Well, there ya go! Jus' let Ol' Jedidiah here take the wheel and we'll be helpin' Gigantor out before ya know it!"

Octavius nodded and climbed into the passenger's side. Jedidiah jumped into the driver's seat and stared at the steering column for several minutes, trying to figure out what he was doing. "Are you confused, Jedidiah?"

"'Course not. Jes…the last car I drove was a lot…different." He grabbed the gear shift and hesitantly put it to the D setting. D stood for Drive, after all. Though he couldn't imagine was the N and the R were for.

He glanced down at the pedals, pressing the one on the left. Nothing happened, so he went to the other one. They shot forward, tires squealing.

Slammed against the seat, Octavius barely managed to look at the cowboy. "This contraption is entirely too fast!"

It was sure faster than any horse Jedidiah had ever ridden on. He tossed his hat up, grinning widely. "Yeee-haw! This is my kinda ride!"

"You're going to crash us!"

"Have a lil faith, Octy!"

"I think I shan't, Jeddy!"

He slammed the other pedal and they spun to a stop. "What'd you call me?"

"You insist on calling me 'Octy' so I called you 'Jeddy.' Is there a problem?"

"'Course not," he mumbled, speeding forward again just as Rexy was catching up. "No problem at all." It was just…embarrassingly cute. He didn't mind the little nickname, especially when it flowed from the Roman's mouth. That accent of his sure was fancy…

"Jedidiah!" Octavius shouted and they were suddenly soaring through the air.

"Whoo!!" As if he'd planned it, Jedidiah grinned widely. "Come on, Octy!"

They landed in the snow, stopping inches away from Larry, Sacajawea, Akmunrah, and a split in two Teddy Roosevelt. Octavius pushed back his helmet to peer through the windshield at them.

"At your service, Gigantor!" Jedidiah exclaimed, grinning.

Octavius was grinning as well. For such a wild manner, the cowboy seemed to have quite a handle on this driving thing. "How can we be of assistance, my liege?"