Haunting Ground II

By DementedDebi

Note: I do not own Haunting Ground or the lead characters Fiona and Hewie. This is not official, this is just how I imagine the story continuing. It picks up from Ending A but with slight alterations throughout. Enjoy!

Part 1.

'Nonne amicus certus in re incerta cernitur'

"Thank God" Fiona whispered breathlessly as made her way across the bridge, the soft pad of Hewie's paws reminding her that she wasn't alone anymore. She fumbled for the key she had taken from Lorenzo, the elderly and deranged overseer of Belli Castle, an estate she was told she inherited after her parents were 'accidentally' killed in a car crash. At last she found the key and with one shaking hand jabbed at the lock, each time the key sliding out and away. Fiona's breathing quickened. A soft bark drew her attention. She turned to Hewie, his brown eyes staring at her, his long canine tongue dangling from his mouth. "Thanks Hewie" she said with a smile as her hand steadied and in one smooth moment turned the key, the door unlocking with an audible click. She pushed the heavily weathered doors open and for the first time since her being in Belli Castle, she felt free. Tilting her head towards Hewie she said cheerfully "Come on boy..."

They walked out onto the bridge, a cold wind flowing up Fiona's medical gown. Hewie pressed on, Fiona's steps slowing as she thought off her parents. 'Mummy...Daddy...' Her stomach lurched at the thought of them, they were gone and now she was alone in the world. 'But I'm not alone, not anymore.' She smiled as she called out "Hewie, wait for me!"

They reached the bottom of the bridge when Hewie barked. "What is it boy?" He panted and looked off into the distance. Fiona crouched and gave him an affectionate pet as she whispered "Don't be so silly.." However she seen what he saw, in the distance there was smoke billowing from a lone hut and past that was a village. "Good boy" she cried as she picked up the pace to a jog, running down the hill as quickly as she could. Hewie bolted on past, his head turning left and right, keen to sniff out any danger to his new master. At last Fiona stopped, unable to run any farther. 'No point in killing myself' she thought as she breathed hard, trying to catch her breath. She sat down on the dirty forest floor, carefully arranging her medical gown so that the bloodied and soiled garment would protect her from dirt. It was eerily quiet and Fiona was acutely aware that it was getting darker by the second. She covered her chest and called out "Hewie!" He didn't run back to her and she didn't hear him bark. "Hewie" she cried out louder, her voice cracking from panic. At last she seen his pure white coat in the distance, sprinting back towards her. He dropped the remains of a rabbit in front of her and nudged it towards her. She grimaced in disgust but politely said "No thank you, I'd rather wait till we get to this village." Hewie tucked into the beast as Fiona sighed, closing her eyes.

Fiona awoke with a start as Hewie barked wildly. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes she grabbed hold off him whispering "It's alright, its alright..." Was it though? The forest was enveloped in darkness, and Hewie had a better sense for danger than she. He'd proved that many times over in Belli Castle. He made a low growl as he continued staring off into the distance. Fiona squinted and strained her ears keen on picking up any oncoming danger. A low clop of hooves sounded in the distance. Fear overtook Fiona as she held onto Hewie, what if it was danger? What if it was some psychopath stalker who wanted something from her. The sound of hooves drew closer until at last it halted in front of the pair. "Are you alright?" a deep voice called to her. Whoever it was had seen her, but did they mean harm? "Yes, we're fine thank you," she muttered. She heard a low sound as if this person was thinking.

"You'll catch your death out her on a night like this, if you come with me I'll get you a nice place to stay." Fiona didn't know what to do, on the one hand he seemed to be genuine, but she had thought that about Lorenzo and he ended up wanting to kill her! At last she made her decision, "Alright, I'll come with you." She walked towards the person, a cart appearing in front of her. "Hop in the back" the man said. Fiona turned to Hewie and said "Come on." The dog did so, however Fiona noticed something was wrong with him as he whimpered. She patted his stomach and whispered to him "It's fine, I'm here."

They approached the hut, the light pouring outside to greet them. "You'd best stay the night," the man said, "you and your friend I mean." He gave a chuckle and Fiona smiled weakly. She still wasn't sure about this. As the cart stopped the man said "You two head on in, I'll be with you in a sec." As Fiona slid off, Hewie pouncing to her side the man yelled "Catrina we have guests." Fiona walked up to the door of the hut and knocked, the door flying open instantly. Fiona was greeted by a pair of light purple eyes staring coldly at her, the woman's face picturesque and beautiful. Just as she was about to let out a scream she realized that this face looked much older, the hair a different colour completely from Daniella, the machine woman. The woman Catrina's voice contrasted her face completely, her voice warm and full of concern, "My God look at those clothes! Come in come in and let me fetch you something else to wear." The woman fretted around her, asking her size and generally buzzing around the spacious hut. Fiona was uncomfortable with the situation as Catrina pulled various items of clothing seemingly from nowhere. As she handed Fiona some clothes she looked at Hewie and said rather coldly "I suppose I'll make your friend something to eat as well." She turned back to Fiona, her voice reverting back to its previous warmth, "Excuse the clothing but these used to be my..." Catrina's eyes filled with tears forcing her to turn heel and quickly say "Dinner will be ready shortly."

'She looks so familiar' Fiona thought to herself. Fiona slid out of the medical gown, flinging it to the corner in disgust as she reached for the clothes Catrina provided for her. She pulled the thin silk like shirt over her frame as well as the deep tan coloured tunic to pair with it. Fiona picked up the skirt and was shocked to see it shared similarities with the mini Daniella provided her with in the Castle. 'Must be a common style around here' she tried to tell herself. When she put on all the clothes she stood back and looked at herself in the mirror, her heart beating quickly as she seen that, apart from the dark tan tunic, the collection of clothes she was wearing could have passed off for what she was wearing at Belli Castle. A rap on the door set her heart off, her eyes darting to Hewie. He was sitting on the floor, staring at the door. "Are you alright in there?" the man boomed. He must have came back. "Yes I'm fine," Fiona stuttered, "Thank you." She went to the door, Hewie following. Fiona's eyes darted to the man's head and her heart jumped yet again as she seen his hair was a light violet, an unusual hair colour Fiona had only ever encountered once. 'It can't be...' she thought as she sat down at the table, feigning a smile. The meal was the quietest one Fiona had.

"Dear, you haven't told us your name." Fiona's head darted towards Catrina as she stared at her, almost as if she was demanding an answer. "Yes, I'm quite curious as to what you were doing out there dressed like that." Catrina's eyes darted towards the man as she scolded him, "Daniel don't be so forward." Fiona squirmed nervously as she looked to Hewie who was now growling lowly. "Now Miss, what's your name?" the woman asked again. "Fiona Belli" she replied. She seen Daniel and Catrina's eyes harden, as Fiona spied the portrait hanging on the wall. It was the pair standing with their daughter, the spitting image of her mother but with her father's eyes.