Insert disclaimer here: I do not own Yugioh or any of the characters. I do, however, own a wonderful recipe for cream puffs.


Ryou sat down on the floor next to his yami. In his lap was a small plate, and on it, the last cream puff. That action, in and of itself, didn't surprise Bakura. What surprised him was actually what Ryou wasn't doing.

"Aren't you going to eat that?" Bakura finally broke the silence.

"Oh?" Ryou looked up. "... what?"

"Eat it. The cream puff. They're your favorite."

"...Oh!" Ryou blushed. "Sorry... I was just... well, cream puffs are my favorite food. But it's... it's because eating cream puffs makes me think about something else..."

Bakura raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

"Well, Yami... they make me think of you!"

Bakura glared down at his lighter half. "I am not a cream puff." He grumbled under his breath.

"I think you are." Ryou looked up with a cute smile.

"Cream puffs are sweet. They're dainty. They're soft! Nobody calls me soft and lives to see their next birthday."

"Yami... There's a lot more to cream puffs than that!" Ryou leaned against Bakura. "You see... cream puffs are sweet inside, but the cream... it's hidden inside a tough, strong shell. And you can't taste the beautiful flavor inside until you've nibbled through that shell."

Bakura was quiet. Ryou picked up the cream puff and nibbled a little on the flaky exterior.

"It's a slow process..." Ryou whispered softly. "But you don't rush it. You take it bite by bite... just let it happen naturally."

Eventually he bit through the top of the puff shell, exposing the fluffy white cream inside.

"When you finally see the cream for the first time, you take a moment to admire it. Then you squeeze it... just a little bit. And you taste it ever so gently with your tongue. You're careful at first, because you're not exactly sure what the cream is going to taste like. Every single puff is different, and even fillings that look alike can have very subtle differences in flavor and texture..."

Bakura nodded, watching Ryou bite into the cream puff.

"But it doesn't take more than a single bite to know you love it. And because you love it... because you love everything about it... you enjoy the two parts together. The sweet gentle cream and the hard protective shell... all in one perfect, delicious bite..."

In a few minutes, the cream puff was gone. Ryou looked up at his yami and smiled.

"Now do you understand?"

Bakura was quiet. He leaned in slowly, licking a small drop of cream from the tip of Ryou's lips. He savored the flavor and then deepened the kiss. Ryou did the same.

"I think I do, hikari." Bakura whispered, holding him close. "I think I do."