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It was almost midnight, and Octavius was peering into Jed's tent, having not seen him all night. He had just begun to worry when he found Jed huddled under his blanket, asleep, and muttering to himself. It appeared he was having a nightmare.

"Jedediah," Octavius muttered, shaking the cowboy in an attempt to wake him.

Instead of awakening, Jed jerked away from Octavius' outstretched hand, frenzied eyes roaming underneath his eyelids.

"No! Please don't eat my brains!" he yelled, covering his head with his arms in protection.

Octavius rolled his eyes.

"That's it; no more zombie movies for you."


A/N: Yes! I was finally able to write something that's exactly 100 words! *dances*
Inspired by XTheAuthoressX on DeviantART.